Friday, October 02, 2009

Pimping It: Kevin Clark is Twittering

I was pleased to learn yesterday evening that throughout his senior season, Kevin Clark will be twittering about the Seawolves to anyone that wants to follow. This is definitely "FAN"tastic for us Seawolves fans that simply can't get enough. Let's face it, a couple of hundred characters about Seawolf hockey and what Kevin is doing is more interesting than my Sunday Politicpourri junk. So much of what I post here is guesses and speculation (good guesses mind you) so info from Clarkie will be awesome. In an email exchange yesterday Kevin explained that the page,
...will have updates of what were doing on the road/ at home, some fun facts from time - time and could possibly hold Question/Answer segments. Or ask a Seawolf, something like that.
If you want to get the updates then it's simple to register at Twitter. I just did it and it must have taken like a whole 90 seconds. I've added a link to my "Links" section. Just click it and register and you too can be a Clarkie follower! Here's the link:

I'll be looking forward to all the great info Kevin is sure to provide. I want to know what dessert Nils Backstrom had during the team meal in Mankato. I'll be thrilled to hear which rookie had to loan Jared Tuton their iPod. Or how many extra laps some other rookie had to take at practice. Will we learn how disappointed Kevin is if he can't get gravy for his french fries and has to again settle for mayonnaise? Who watches Corner Gas just because they're in love with Lacey? How many players are asking Craig Parkinson for his sister's phone number? The possibilities are endless.

I'm sorry that I can't call it "Tweeting" as the Twitter Corpies would surely prefer. Twittering sounds much more like an actual verb than tweeting. Tweeting sounds too lispy somehow. I've never jumped on the Twitter bandwagon before this because I don't send text messages (I can and do recieve them). And of course I have this blog.

Good luck to Kevin with this. I noticed that Ari Gold (ahem .. Jeremy Piven), Terrell Owens and Mike Tyson are Clarkie followers! You can be one too. Go register. Do it now. Hopefully, he'll have 300 followers by the end of today!


Anonymous said...

Oh, please, no twittering!!!!

Anonymous said...

from what i am reading the WCHA schedule will stay at 28 games.

Donald Dunlop said...

That's because a proposal for the reduction in the number of mandated conference games hasn't actually been made during any league meetings where such things are discussed.

A 22 game WCHA schedule would benefit ALL of college hockey by increasing the number of comparisons used to calculate the Pairwise. It would help the accuracy and ensure that the most deserving teams get into the NCAA's.

There are 4 WCHA teams that would greatly benefit from such a change. UAA, Wisconsin, Minnesota and UND. The rest of the teams would be able to adapt with not too much difficulty. The simplest solution would be of course to continue to play other WCHA teams in non-conference games. Meaning that a change to 22 games would have ZERO effect on them.

Other potential benefits would be that MTU could increase the number of games it plays versus it's in-state rivals. CC and DU could play Air Force more than one game each per year.

WCHA teams could more easily participate in tournaments hosted by other schools AND/OR create their own tournaments.

Teams outside the WCHA would LOVE to get more opportunities to play against WCHA teams.

Not seriously considering this option would be foolish on the WCHA's part.

A Seawolves Fanatic said...

Now there is a reason to use my twitter account

Anonymous said...

i've noticed freshman mickey spencer is also on there following kevin for anyone interested in that.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Kurt Haider -- (not this thread but I saw his name a few threads back) ;) - does anyone know which radio station he'll be on this season? 550? 650? 1080?

Two seasons ago (according to the schedule) he aired the exhibition game in Wasilla live. :) Not last season though. :(

I scanned prior GCI press releases and it looks like they normally announce their television schedule around October 10th or 11th, so maybe we'll hear how many games they'll air live soon?

Donald: for those of us who can't make it out to Wasilla tonight, can you please post a recap on here? :D

Donald Dunlop said...

I will definitely have a write up tonight following the game.

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