Friday, October 30, 2009

Seawolves 1 - Gophers 5

If I'd written this with 4 mintues left in the game it would be substantially different.  But I didn't.  So here it is.  With that preamble I'm sure you'll guess I'm going to talk about the end of the game first.  Chris Crowell comes across and puts a clean hit on Carman.  Turns around and finds himself bum rushed by Seth Hegelson.  And Crowell gets the misconduct?  Helgelson gets nothing but a roughing?

It wasn't the first time during the third period that a 3rd Gopher player bum rushed a Seawolf player after a clean hit.  Just minutes before on a Gopher 5 on 3 power play when the physical stuff started there were two Gopher players that were defacto third men in.  There was a focus all night by the announcers on Gopher players sticking up for each other.  A WCHA review of the last 5 minutes of this game is definitely in order.  Helgeson should be tossed.  And maybe a couple of other Gophers too.  I have no doubt that such a thing won't happen though.

So since it won't, I'm left to hope that some Seawolves decide on Sunday that they're going to show those Minnesota boys how men take care of business.  I'd bet Shyiak warns them against doing so.  I wouldn't if I was the coach.  Lucia encouraged his players in between the 1st and 2nd to goon it up.  I honestly can't think of a reason that the Seawolves shouldn't give them a serious taste of the same thing.  Now for some game recap.

This game wasn't necessarily over when Daniel Naslund passed the puck to Tony Lucia during a Seawolves power play and never had a hope of catching him before he buried a shortie.  Daniel's skating is brutally substandard.  I don't want to ever say something like that.  I can only hope he is in the middle of some growth spurt and still finding his new legs.  Because if he isn't, I'm not sure he should be playing Division 1 hockey.  I'm pretty sure that's the harshest thing I've ever said about a Seawolves players skills.  Sorry Daniel.   I hope he finds a way to overcome it.  He's got a good set of hands.

The game wasn't necessarily over when Wehrs scored on a wrist shot at 14:49 of the 2nd.  Bryce Christianson got a piece of of it.  It was a soft goal.  But being down 3-1 didn't put it out of reach necessarily.  The 4th goal at 16:26 ended the game; I think the play should have been whistled dead before it got scored but whatever I guess.  After it the Seawolves just weren't as interested in playing. 

Refs can miss a call here and there and for most of the night (other than the end of the game) they did an ok job.   Early in the third, once again the Seawolves power play gave up a shortie.  This one though via an assist from the referee.  Tony Lucia clearly hooked Curtis Leinweber just inside the Gopher blueline and rushed up the ice for a 2 on 1 and his second shortie of the night.  From there on out it wasn't really a hockey game.  I had to laugh later listening to the omg carping from Doug and Rug about how a waved off near goal for the Gophers should have been reviewed. 

So anyway, in some sense you could rationalize that it was really a 3-1 loss instead of a 5-1 loss.  Such distinctions really don't matter on fucking bit though.  It was a loss.  I don't know if the day off will be a good thing or not.  Hopefully, it gives the guys time to reflect and redouble their efforts.

I don't think they played badly but the overwhelming focus on defense never gave them much of chance to get anything going up the ice.  I'm not sure what happened to making the other team go 200ft.  It changed to deny them opportunities in the last 75ft?  I don't know.  It was perhaps a lot to hope for the Seawolves to be able to overcome.  The Gophers were hadn't won a game yet this year.  They were damned hungry for it.

That's it; before I say anything else I'll regret saying.  I won't be hosting a chat on Sunday or doing any sort of preview.  I won't be writing tomorrow.  I'll post a recap after the Sunday game.  And after that don't expect anything until Wednesday.  Seriously, I've got plans.  I won't be writing.

Let me again say I'm sorry for screwing up the chat room thing earlier today.  Stuff happens sometimes.


ZZzzz said...

Regardless of a few ifs, ands, or buts, the bottom line is the Seawolves could only muster ONE goal against MN. Even with several powerplay opprotunities they were only able to score once yet they gave up TWO shorthanded goals. End of game...

I think there is a real question that has yet to be answered (or maybe it has been and I just don't like the answer) - who is going to replace the scoring that was lost with the departure of Paul Crowder?? At this point, not only are we missing the goals that Crowder himself put on the board but we're missing some of the scoring that Tommy Grant posted as a result of playing with Crowder... To me this is a scary situation for the future as none of the freshmen (forwards especially) appear to have made a "quick" jump to the college game in terms of providing scoring. You can say what you want about their contributions and adjustment to the college game but by now if they were dynamic impact players they would be putting up some points, as we saw when Lunden, Clark, and Crowder were freshmen.

Clark, Grant, and Lunden can't realistically provide all of the scoring for the forward lines. Unfortunately, even of the returning forwards only Parky and Haddad have put a goal on the board (they each have 2). This is not a team that is styled around a Talafous type defensive system (thank God) capable of shutting-out opponents so in order to win we need to find some scoring!

Reunite the WHiP line and FREEEEE SELBY....

Anonymous said...

Where to start?
1) The 6th goal by the gophs should have counted as it was clear Barribal was interfered with and pushed into the net. UAA was lucky they didn't receive more pentalties for this infraction since it seems like it is the only defense the D seem to know. Puck in the zone? Push the net off.
2)The hit on Leddy was clearly an elbow which should be reviewed today and result in a game misconduct for intent to injure.
3)While UM has a poor power play, UAA's is far worse, giving up two shorthanded goals.
4)Whoever #17 is for UAA, he was due for a misconduct - probably should have recevied it in the first period for late hits on Schroeder. You are calling that last hit "clean" at the end of the game? Maybe you were watching something else. He was looking for a fight, and he got it.

UM is having a terrible year, but we're still worlds above UAA.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:05, couldn't agree more. #17 for UAA is a punk. He is the definition of goon hockey. Helgeson was responding to #17's dirty hit.

Also, the score was 6-1. Even if you're biased you have to be just stupid to think that wasn't a goal, and even dumber to think it shouldn't have been reviewed. I don't understand why they even have review if they aren't going to use it, to not even give it a look is inexcusable.

GoSeawolves Guy said...

Typical cocky Goofer fans. You win 5-1 and still complain. I was at the game...there were dirty hits on both sides. Yes, the goal should have probably been allowed, but for once UAA got a gift on a replay. Hoping for a cleaner game Sunday. Wolves need to skate better though...looked slow. Also need Clark, Lunden and Grant to come up big. They were rather silent Friday.

Anonymous said...

Why was clark, lunden and grant silent on friday. Clark is playing second line powerplay unit, makes no sense, his units scored. Naslund is no where near ready to play on either power play unit. Secondary scoring may not come from the rest of the team. Need goals on the powerplay. Watch minnesota sames as und, top five players out there. When is shyiak going to put the pressure on the upperclassman to perform, game in and game out. Backstrom and hunt will slowly imporve the back end.
The second game will be a better showing. Minnesota had to win this one, yes the refs helpe minnesota out, but we still have to score and never quit.


Anonymous said...

to: Donald

Don't give up on the team, it is tough to play in minnesota.
Yes Daniel Naslund is not playing well, but we have catered to him. Plays on top two lines, and top power play unit, 1st year player.
We have some top six forwards, clark, lunden and grant, 1st unit.
Parkinson, haddad and who ever is hot.

Anonymous said...

The hit on Leddy was clean.It was all shoulder.You skate across the middle of the ice like that with head down bad things are going to happen.Hope he is okay.Rumor has it he broke his jaw and had a slight concussion.

ScoobyDoo said...

About the Helgeson hit towards the end of the game. The hit on Carman (check I should say) was clean. But the Seawolves player decided that wasn't enough and pushed Carman in the back. Helgeson came in to protect Carman. Thus, I think the bum rushed comment is not accurate.

As for the hit on Leddy, it's Leddy's fault for not keeping his head up, but instead of hitting him clean the player decided to go for max damage by clipping his head. Pretty cheap I'd say.

Anonymous said...

Helgeson took down both #17 and the ref. He should have been given a game DQ. He still might if the league reviews it. He had one thing on his mind, fighting.

alaskana said...

Just a few observations:

First off, despite scoring first, this was about as bad a game as the Seawolves can have. They just had way too many WTF moments. It was horrible.

Now for what I think happened. I think the Seawolves (and who can blame them) let themselves get a little too confident with their Saturday win over ND. Also, I think the Gophers' poor performance so far this season only added to it. I think the Wolves' managed to carry a little bit of last Saturday's momentum into yesterday's game, but clearly the tank was just about on 'E' and finally ran out.

Irregardless of how shitty the Gophers are this year, lets not forget that road games in the Marriucci are always tough no matter the circumstances. I'm not saying the Seawolves were expecting to just walk away with the game, but it seems like many were pegging the Gophers as the underdog in this game, which I for one knew was certainly not the case.

And for those crowing about how this finally proves that the Seawolves don't belong in the WCHA etc etc, don't forget that the Seawolves beat UND, the #2 ranked team in the country. Yeah, it wasn't a blowout, but it was still a win, not a loss or a tie. That was not a fluke, no matter how much Sioux and Gopher fans try to paint it that way. And it's something the Gophers CAN'T brag about doing yet this yet this year.

The Seawolves have alot of soul searching to do, IMO. (And careful analysis of what exactly went wrong, and how to remedy their weaknesses). That's the coaching staff's job, of course, and I think they are capable of doing that.

Tomorrow is another day. Fight on Wolves', fight on.

Anonymous said...

Clark is getting screwed again this year on the power play, starting on the defense at the start of the year, now second line power play, lead the team in power play point last year. Nothing is happening on the power play, why is he not out here creating opportunties for out team.
Shyiak is something. His unit got the only power play goal yesterday.
Same old thing every year. Stuck in 8 th place heading for 9th or 10th. Denver next weekend, sundays game is critical to maintain a 500 average in this league.
All the best to the seawolves sunday.

wolfman said...

Ah, 5 max fans???...dude where you from?

Wolfman from Louisiana..

Zzzz said...

Anon 1:32 - Donald's blog has a great following here in AK and elsewhere. You're the looser that has nothing better to do than lurk around another team's hockey blog. Get a fucking life - somewhere else...

Anonymous said...

typical goofer fans last year when I went to the games in MN was the first time I actually got physicaly ausalted. 3 members of the student body walked by and threw elbows and on threw a punch. I have been to many away games and I must say UM so far is awful when it comes to sportsmenship. Other teams yell and make fun of visiting fans but at the end of the games have invited our group for beers and even on campuse parties. UM can go to hell

Donald Dunlop said...

Scooby and Gopher fans:
I'm sorry. You're just wrong about Crowell/Carman - Helgeson incident.

Your coach disrespected and insulted the Seawolves by throwing out his #1 line on a bogus 5 on 3 with less than two minutes to go in a game he was already winning 5-1. That sort of thing is acceptable in the NHL I suppose ... or in Grand Forks. But in amateur sports it is clearly a cheap and shitty way for a coach to act.

Only moments before the incident in question 5 Gophers ganged up on 3 Seawolves. In two of those three get togethers there were 2 Gophers on 1 Seawolves player.

Both were direct contributosr to the event which I'll describe accurately now ...

Crowell wasn't happy. He went looking for something. He hit Carman clean and then turned to see if he would respond. He didn't push him. Such inferences are a LIE. Carman knew he hadn't been cheap shotted and turned away. To be frank ... Chris Crowell is probably future Captain material. I'm happy he's got 3 more seasons after this one to show these very same attributes to you.

That's when punk BOY Helgeson bum rushed him. In a sense, it was what Crowell was looking for. I'm sure if Helgeson actually wanted to man up with Crowell at any time that Crowell would be more than willing to.

Your biases are cloud your judgements. I know you're happy to have finally won a game. It's a shame that such fervent enthusiasm allows you to be blinded to reality.

As to this blog. It typically gets more traffic and commentary than the weekly game related threads at USCHO or GPL.

And just so you know ... I delete comments here from opposition fans that aren't substantive. In other words if you're purpose is nothing other than to insult me or UAA then your comment will be deleted.

Anonymous said...

The seawolves will make postive changes tomorrow and come out firing.


Anonymous said...

I am sure selby will be playing tomorrow. Denver will be without there top goalis next weekend.
Let's get firing on all 8 cylinders tomorrow.

jojojo said...

Donald your blind if you think those were clean hits. The uaa players were looking for a fight and playing goon hockey, because they don't have the skill to play with a real wcha hockey team.

Donald Dunlop said...

Because you've taken the time to differentiate yourself from the average anonymous comment, I'll leave this here.

The quality of my eyesight is not the issue here. I see just fine.

Why shouldn't the UAA players have been pissed off? Let's see ...

First the Gophers freak out after Golden Boy Schoeder takes a tumble and bum rush UAA players.

Then Lucia tries to run up the score by throwing his #1 unit out on a 5 on 3 with less than 2 minutes to go when he already has a 5-1 lead. During that impotent power play (note here .. the Gophers are 0-25 now on the PP) 5 Gopher players gang up on 3 Seawolves. Tony Lucia goes after Jared Tuton until Jared gets sick of his fag bullshit and drops the gloves upon which Faggy Tony runs away.

The Gophers then continue with the whole ... "We want to score 6 goals" bullshit and Chris Crowell objects and gives the well known to be a punk asshole Carman a wake up hit resulting in Helga bum rushing him.

So ... now listen carefully. If you want to add something other than "UAA doesn't belong in the WCHA" feel free ... but if you respond with anything like the above weak bullshit it won't see the light of day here.

ScoobyDoo said...

I'm going to disagree with you on the disrespect angle that you're touting just because Minnesota was trying to score more goals. Minnesota has a team that can't score very well right now so they're not going to stop trying to score just because they've got the game won. They need the practice. There was definetly no disrespect involved. But if the Seawolves want to take it that way and cry about it then maybe they shouldn't have let them score that many in the first place.

Donald Dunlop said...

I didn't see any Seawolves crying. Because I point out what a jerk tDon is doesn't equal Seawolves crying.

That's a ridiculous attempt to tie one actual thing to a fictitious thing. That sort of thin BS might go over well when you're talking to braindead UND fans at USCHO ... but not here.

So because Minnesota has sucked at scoring goals before this game then it's ok to try to run up the score? Is that what you're saying? If so, that's fine. I just want to establish your mindset here.

Anonymous said...

Just a note to say I am enjoying your blog. It is a great alternative to Doyle Hard-on's pointless, umimaginative writing in the Anchorage Daily News. Your homer slant is a bit strong however, though if you live and mostly die with the Seawolves you need something to keep yourself from drowning in Shiyak's puke bucket.

Donald Dunlop said...

Doyle is a journalist. I'm a fan. I think that accounts for the main difference.

I feel sorry for "sports journalists" in general and specifically those working in the print media. Their "profession" demands rigid objectivity. And while that's fine for the "news" and necessary for covering a whole league it doesn't give local guys like Doyle any sort of outlet to explore their own "fan" nature.

I could write a better WCHA blog than anybody currently doing it. But I wouldn't be objective enough in doing it. So long ago I gave up that idea.

People get into sports journalism because they love sports. Part of loving sports is having that unadulterated love for "your' team. Doyle doesn't get to express that side of his nature; if it exists.

For me ... that side of my nature is the entire reason for being here. It's my point of view here entirely. I always try to remember my audience and relate to them but expressing myself is the reason I do it.

puckdangler said...

I'm positive UAA will be flying on Sunday. Pickup that first goal, just like on Friday, but this time run up the score on the Weasels. Even tho it hurts that Paul Crowder left, and secondary scoring is still suspect, I really believe that with responsible defensive play, and career seasons out of the stars (Clark, Lunden and Grant) a breakout WCHA season will happen. Come out firing Seawolves!!

akhockeyfanatic said...

The weekend is not over. The Seawolves will come out with a huge "W" tomorrow. Deja vu.

Hold on to your hats Gopher fans. You ain't seen nothin' yet.


Anonymous said...

I do not know how UAA will respond come sunday. We saw two very different UAA teams last week. Will this Friday's team show up, or will the team that beat the #2 team in the nation show up?

As of yet, I do not know of any suspensions that was a result from Friday's game, so I am interested to see that.

Like mentioned before by other bloggers, scoring must come from lines other than Clark, Lunden and Grant. Those sole three cannot carry the entire team throughout the year.

Who starts in goal? With one senior and one junior, who at this point seem to be almost identical with win percentage, which one is better? I know we can look at Bryce as the superior goalie from last year, but that was last year, not this year. We need a goalie to step up THIS year.

Leadership. As mentioned previously with seven seniors, are the seniors really showing up. Clark and Lunden, yes. Hunt and Backstrom, injuried, so hard to really gauge. Jonny O. I would say not. Selby has never really had a chance to play at UAA, no doubt about that. Finally...Tuton. I do not consider him to be a goal scorer, but since he wears the C, 5-0 and 5-1 losses early in the season can reflect on him motivating the team to put points on the board.

In conference play, we have gone 0-5, 2-1, 1-5. Three goals in three games. A goal/game average in the WCHA will not cut it, regardless of team. I do not see many 1-0 wins in the future for ANY wcha team. Our inability to score goals cripples us. We need to score goals to help the goalies be put in positions to steal and win games.

If I was to receive a paper-cut (like in the NFL commercial with the Green Bay Packers), I would bleed Green and Gold. However, being a fan means that you should be able to recognize your teams weaknesses in order to see improvement.

We need to show up to every game for every minute. I understand we will have some games that we will have difficulties doing so, but if the goal is to host home ice during the playoffs, we need to start with taking the second game away from Minnesota. Our next series with Denver at home and on the road with Wisconsin do not look promising since DU is a hot team and last year we did not have any luck taking any points way from the Badgers.

Score more goals=ability to win more games. That is by far the biggest weakness of our team. Fix that, we can start contenting.

Anonymous said...


Ogie said...

Always slow on friday...I just picked up my #16 jersey and will be wearing whilst I sit on my leather recliner and watch the Seawolves split this series with the ever classless Gophers...Every year I forget why I hate these guys and after seeing those comments by Anonymous at 2:55 I'm sitting right behind that crowd of Minnesota fans that infests our Rink every year and plan to outshout every one of them...GO WOLVES GO!

Anonymous said...

Portwood's hit was clean. If anything he backed off as he could hase taken the little Gopher's head off. Both coaches agreed after the game the little gopher had better learn to keep his head up--this ain't minor hockey in Myparentswerehonestimmigrants, MN. As to the score, the Gophers were done until Seawolves couldn't cash on the PP (again), and the home town got their first shortie gift. They were a desperate little Gopher team this night and were threatened with losing their peronalized team scooters if they didn't win. Good on 'em. -30-

AK Millers said...

Anyone know if todays game will be televised live in Anchorage?

A Seawolves Fanatic said...

Live, GCI channel 1, and FCS channel 301, that's only for GCI, if you've got satellite........don't know.

Cmon, Seawolves spank those "golden" gophers.

Right from the drop of the puck, get our cycle game going, finish your checks, make smart descions, fire some rockets at Kangas, spray some ice, DO NOT RETALIATE to those pussy Gopher advances-what they call physical hockey, if somebody gets ahead of our defense-get right behind him and let him know your ready to make him

a freaking gopher

Donald Dunlop said...

It amused me to no end to read Gopher-based accounts give credit to a Gopher player for an assist on their first shortie.

Daniel Naslund won the puck at the blueline to keep it in ... turned and passed it directly to the sullen product of tDonnie's fetid loins who skated directly down and scored. There should have been no official assist given.

Their blew their chance though to give Lucia the 2nd assist on his ill-gained 2nd shortie.

Anonymous said...

if you watch the play. Naslund turned it over to Taylor Matson who then advanced the puck to Lucia for the breakaway.

Anonymous said...

That hit wasn't clean at all; any time you hit a guy in the head it is not clean... It was ok to check hin there sure; but not a shoulder to the head! Lucia should have never said the hit was ok... because it was not!

The rule states:

Rule 6: Playing Rules
Contact to the Head
SECTION 8. A player shall not make contact with an opposing player’s head or neck area in any manner.
PENALTY—Minor or major or disqualification at the discretion of the referee. Contact to the head shall be assessed in front of the infraction (i.e., contact to the head – elbow).
Note: The rules committee instructs officials to use a zero tolerance policy in this area.

Anonymous said...

It was a hit to the head no doubt - look at the picture from the below link. Should have been called.

Anonymous said...

Lucia has to stick up for Leddy on that one; it might be time to send him packing after this year. You guys can take him back.... can't be any worse than your coach.

ScoobyDoo said...

If you call trying to score when you're up 5-1 "running up the score" and "bad sportsmanship" then I do truly feel sorry for the Seawolves. What do you suggest they do during a hockey game? Figure skate?

Donald Dunlop said...

Nothing out of line in the Portwood hit on Leddy. A hockey player is responsible for himself on the ice. Portwood's hit came within a timeframe to make it nothing other than a play you'll see at least a dozen times in any hockey game ... it's called finishing your check.

If Minnesota High School boys aren't taught to keep their heads up then they'll learn it when they get to the next level.

Don't think I haven't seen all the hyperbole regarding this hit. What should be investigated is Donnie's "call to thuggery" between the 1st and 2nd period because his rookie made the mistake of not being aware that there were opposition players on the ice with him.

It isn't the first time a Gopher coach has instigated such events with that sort of despicable tactic. He knew Leddy's jaw was broken. He knew it was a clean play but incited his players to stand up for one another. It didn't take long for their overreactions to show up. Schroeder falls over his own guy while taking another clean hit (confirmed by your own homer announcers) and Gopher players bum rush the Seawolf who made the clean hit. That was the beginning.

The Gophers have no stomach for clean physical hockey. Prima-donna's rarely do.

Lucia almost NEVER speaks truth to the media. Instead, he manipulates them. GPL's own moderator (Jupiter) confirms this by admitting he also knew between the 1st and 2nd period that Leddy's jaw was broken. Jupiter even confirms it was Gopher staff that told him.

Yet Lucia pretended he didn't know. He didn't say ... "I'm not going to disclose his injury due to privacy reasons" ... Instead he just didn't say. That's because Lucia knew if he'd admitted to it that it would become obvious that he incited retaliation by his players.

AFter the game he made a point of saying something along the lines that trying to run up the score wasn't meant as a "disrespect". Bullshit. It most certainly was. He wanted to stick it to UAA anyway he could. He was burning up with anger inside that was obvious to anyone watching his post-game interview.

Unequivocal sleaze in the Gopher program becomes obvious once again. It's pathetic because it's nothing other than Lucia responding to a weeks worth of pressure from his win at any cost bloodthirsty fans.

It's all pretty sickening but par for the course.

Donald Dunlop said...

I don't expect anything but exactly what I saw. There is "trying to score" and "desperation to put a nail in the coffin". The Gophers were all about the latter due to the reasons I've stated above.

The desperation to get #6 especially after a bullshit 5 on 3 call (and plenty of Gopher fans recognize that the 2nd call was bullshit) wasn't going to result in anything other than happened. Seawolves players have pride ya know ... they weren't going to stand around while the Gophers tried to punk them. I'm proud that 3 Seawolves were ready and willing to fight 5 Gophers. But I'm not going to stop short of calling the Gophers out for at least three clear instances of "3rd Man In" action throughout the game. It was typical chicken-shit action from a program lead by a couple of chicken shit pussies.

Donald Dunlop said...

And oh yeah ...

Did they score #6?

Donald Dunlop said...

Gopher fans:
Once again ...

Be substantive in your comments ... differentiate yourself somehow from "anonymous" ...

Do neither or just post an insult and your stupidity will be deleted.

Donald Dunlop said...

9th ignorant Gopher fan's post deleted because she/he was too illiterate to understand my warning.

Anonymous said...

Is there a free audio feed for the game available on the internet?

Donald Dunlop said...

I think there is a link to a Gopher feed that is free.

I'd follow the USCHO score updates thread before I'd listen to the well-known biggest homer's on the radio Wally Shaver and Glen Sonmor.

UAA's internet radio feed is pay per ...

Donald Dunlop said...

If you want the free Gopher feed ... check GopherPuckLive ... there's a UAA thread there that lists it ...

AK Millers said...

donny...luv the seawolves, but dissing Shaver and Sonmor is going overboard, They are hockey legends! Get a grip and take your meds or turn on your SAD light. Let's play some hockey!

Donald Dunlop said...

Now the count is 14 idiots from Minnesota who don't understand the word substantive.

Donald Dunlop said...

Shaver and Sonmor get widely dissed as being homers by the Gopher fan base.

And you're really going to use some lame "outsider" BS line to razz me? Seriously? That was W E A K.

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