Thursday, December 01, 2011

... And The Horse You Rode In On

You other fans have no need for me to discuss exactly what being a fan of a team means.  It's a bit different for everyone.  One aspect of being a fan of a particular team often might mean that you hate another team.  The word hate scares a lot of people.  Not me.  What follows is a description of my hatred of UND's Fighting Sioux hockey program.  Don't even click the read more below if full use of language offends you.  

I fucking hate the fucking UND Fighting Sioux hockey program.  I fucking hate every fucking thing about them.  I've spent more than a fair bit of time over the years writing this blog deriding and insulting those fuckers.  So for me, every time my beloved Seawolves play against these cunts I want to see my guys metaphorically fucking rip their heads off and shit down their necks.  That means I want UAA to beat them 10-0 on Friday night and on Saturday I want my guys to score 7 touchdowns and win 49-0.

So first ... I HOPE WE NEVER HAVE TO SEE THEM IN THE REGULAR SEASON at the Sullivan Arena.  If the UAA program EVER invites UND to play here after they leave the WCHA then I'll stop this fucking blog on the spot.  Seriously, there is no reason for them to ever visit the Sully again after this weekend.  These cunts have made about 4 million dollars over the last decade by receiving the Alaska Exemption and playing extra home games at their rink (funded by the gambling proceeds of a casino owning fucking Nazi pig).

So I hate them because they made money?  Not at all.  It's their overall attitude towards UAA that bugs me.  These fuckers were happy to make that money but at the same time their fans, bloggers, newspaper reporters and athletic department personnel shit on UAA at every opportunity.  I'm not going to go through tons of examples of all that shit; but suffice to say if one of their athletic directors, coaches or media people even once acknowledged the truth of the financial benefits of playing against UAA in conference then it may have mitigated my hatred a bit.  But I cannot recall a single instance where anyone associated with that program said anything like that.  So fuck them ... in their ear holes.

I'm just jealous of their success ... right?  Wrong.  I could give a shit about titles etc.  Sure I'd enjoy seeing my team reach those goals.  But I don't resent other teams that have achieved those things.  But I sure as hell hate fuckers that have that success and turn around and do everything they can to shit on other programs.  Just one example here ... there was a time in the WCHA when programs held luncheon's much more often.  It was pretty much standard procedure for opposition coaches to attend these events.  But then tDon, Gwoz, Eaves and Haxtool all got to be too big for such things.  How fucking awful that they be asked to spend a couple of hours on game day getting fed a nice lunch and tell a story or joke or two.  

Ok .. why should an opposition coach support the luncheons of opposition teams?  Only the booster clubs holding those events really benefit from it ... right?  I'll happily stipulate that.  But when every one of those fucks that I just named moan and bitch about two fucking hours of their time after my program has paid the majority of their team's airfare?  Nope .. fuck them.  That's just selfish and trashy. Then they fly home on UAA's dime with a couple of extra home games that make their school half a million dollars or more?  Yeah .. fuck them in their eye-sockets.  Know that I think my following assessment is actually a stupid one to make in regard to sports in general and especially in hockey but acting in that manner is completely CLASSLESS.

Now onto another specific example of why I don't like this weekend's opposition head coach.  A few years ago a fan of MTU was in the stands at MacInnes during the warm-ups and was yelling stuff at UND players and coaches.  I don't remember what the guy said (my memory sucks lately) he was saying but it was just some razzing and shit like that.  Next thing he knows either some players or assistant coach (sent by Haxtool) confront him in the stands.  WOWS.  Nothing resulted from the confrontation ... I'm sure they were proud of themselves for intimidating some fan to shut up.  What fucking balls that is ... fuck them in their other fucking eye sockets.  A different result would have prevailed if that shit had happened to me.  And oh yeah ... I just don't like the way the dude looks.   Sometimes you just see someone's face and that's enough ya know. 

I could sit here for a while and provide other examples of why I hate UND but you should be pretty much getting it by now.  So dear UAA Seawolves players ... go out this weekend and play up to and exceed your potential.  Look at the guys around your locker room and be there for your teammates this weekend.  Play for each other like you did at the end of the season last year.  Give it up for your goalie and stand up for your teammates.  Beat these mother fucking flatlander twats down hard.  I promise you that you'll love doing it just as much as I'll love you for doing it.


Anonymous said...

DD when are you going to tell us how you really feel about ND?

Donald Dunlop said...

I know ... right?

Anonymous said...

That is definitely some red meat there.

Scott Haider said...

First, I just want to say that I love the irony of your warning regarding comments: "If your only intent is negativity, then rethink your submission or rephrase your criticism. . . ."

Cheers to you for spending a substantial amount of your time "deriding and insulting those [people]." I'm not sure what the root of your negativity is, other than the possibility of some sour grapes. I have never - not one single time - met a fellow Sioux fan with anything remotely bad to say about the Seawolves (other than referring to them as the "Sea-pups").

Is your anger rooted in some sort of geography complex? Fortunately for schools in the lower 48 (and apparently unfortunate for you), the NCAA allows teams to play 2 extra games if they travel to Alaska. So what? And yes, UND gets to play those 2 extra games at the nicest college hockey rink in the country. Why the hate?

Further, I've never heard anyone in the media/coaching staff/personnel mention any sort of negativity towards UAA. Obviously you beg to differ by so eloquently stating they "shit on UAA at every opportunity." Are you plugged in to the Grand Forks/Sioux media/coaching staff/personnel? I'm just wondering what the basis is for these irrational conclusions you so brilliantly reached.

I know Brad Schlossman has mentioned - on more than one occasion - the benefits of playing UAA, so save me the crocodile tears. You also feel that UND does "everything they can to shit on other programs." How so? Because they no longer do a luncheon with UAA? Grow up.

So you don't like Hakstol. Take a number. I hate to break it to you, but you are one in a lengthy list of Hakstol-haters. And Lucia-haters. And Eaves-haters. Success breeds hatred (See Roy Williams, Mike Krzyzewski, Les Miles, Nick Saban, etc).

"I could sit here for a while and provide other examples of why" your 'arguments' have zero merit whatsoever and blow holes through each and every assertion, but as you (once again) stated, "acting in that manner is completely CLASSLESS."

Donald Dunlop said...

It's clear you've read me once. You don't understand the milieux. It is what it is ... my feelings as a fan. It isn't intended in any manner to be rational. Unless of course you're so high and mighty that you believe "fanaticism" means something other than it does?

Lastly, I write for an audience of UAA fans. Nobody else. So get back on your horse and ride on outta here. Thanks in advance.

Scott Haider said...

Not my first visit to the good ole' UAA Hockey Fan Blog. I stop in every now and again. And I agree, the audience should always be in a blogger's considerations. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for irrational sports rants. I just thought all of it was rather ironic. Further, I don't know if there are more irrational fanatics than UND fans. There are a bunch who give everyone a bad name (like all sports teams have). I just wanted to throw in my two cents. I will politely get back on my horse, take 4 points this weekend, and return to the palace on the prairie. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Brad Elliot Schlossman has definitely explained the advantages of traveling to Alaska numerous times. Both on live chat and in his columns. Very entertaining though Good Luck this weekend.

Anonymous said...

UND would be smart to continue traveling to UAA to play the Seawolves.

Anonymous said...

*Phew*. For a second there I thought it was 'THE' Kurt Haider sending you to stand in the corner.

arcticfox said...

The only one I'll hate is the muni DOT if they don't gravel the Sully parking lot before the game tonight! :p

With all the snow we had in November followed by all this melting, that parking lot could be interesting.

I'll throw the ice-cleats in the vehicle just in case though. ;0)

Anonymous said...

After this post I'm glad DD is back in Full Force! Missed ya man.

Anonymous said...

We fighting Sioux have no issues with the SeaWolves. In fact, we are glad they sponsor a D-1 hockey program. Best of luck to them! Except of course, when the Wilves play North Dakota. Go Sioux!!!

Anonymous said...

"If your only intent is negativity, then rethink your submission or rephrase your criticism. Negative personal comments directed at the blog owner will be deleted."

Definitely a simple minded Alaskan. After that garbage I cannot wait to see your beloved Seawolves manhandled in Fairbanks. Go Sioux!!!

Anonymous said...

I am all for fans being totally irrational and hating teams, as I do with the gophers. But your dig against Hak saying he won't go to luncheons just isn't true, we have our own luncheons every weekend and some coaches show up if they do not have a previous engagement with the team as in a lunch or a practice. I know it is the same for Hak if he is invited by the boosters hosting the lunch he will show up if it doesn't have practice or a meal already scheduled. So that is just one thing you are wrong about. Enjoy the games this weekend and GO SIOUX.

Anonymous said...

@ the comment posted at 1:47. Don't say that Sioux fans have no issues with the seawolves. Most of us hate when the Sioux have to play them, not because they are good but because their style of play is so boring. If I was a member of the WCHA or NCAA I would do everything possible to keep the Seawolves from being shown on TV. If some random person who had never watched college hockey happened to stumble on to the channel showing their games, they would almost certainly be turned off of college hockey forever. I can't wait for the start of the new conferences so us fans won't have to watch UAA, MTU, and BSU trap/clutch&hold/dump/repeat every year. Good riddance.
The Sioux get two extra games from traveling to Alaska, but another way to look at it is these games don't count against the total games that can be played. I would rather watch 38 games a year than 40 games with one series being up in AK.

Donald Dunlop said...

Idiot@255 (Goon):
Yeah? Well you'll only be seeing 34 a year in a conference without UAA. So there's that. Perhaps someone should be asking Faison what he plans to do to make up the lost revenue (easily 500,000 dollars) from the extra home games you'll no longer have?

Style of play so boring? LOL ... You really have no fucking idea about hockey do you?

Goon said...

Donald, just to be on record and I don't mean to butt into your UND love feast, but I didn't write that post, I am all for continuing the Rivalry. If you’re unhappy about the WCHA blowing up you might want to focus your anger at the AD’s in the NCHC.

The people I hang with don't have a problem with the Sioux playing the UAA Seawolves. I know that UND benefits from coming to Alaska and playing hockey against UAA and UA.

I also heard that UND is coming to Alaska to play in one of the preseason tourneys I think its the one in Faribanks, AK.

Alaskana said...

Goon, just wanted to say that was am impressed with your well mannered response to Donald (and this post) at 4:26. I'm sure you could have said some choice things about the Seawolves in response but you kept it cool and respectful and for that I just wanted to thank you. (And I'm not saying Donald was being disrespectful in his post, either, I just think it's him being a fan and this is how he expresses it).

Just one thing though, I don't think Donald is necessarily unhappy about how the WCHA is changing.. I'm not saying he's thrilled but from what I have read I think he welcomes the new prospects for UAA to perhaps become a league contender with the new landscape. Of course, perhaps I should stop here and stop putting words in his mouth.

Oh and I'm a Seawolves fan but I do read both your and Donald's blog regularly. Best of luck to both of our teams, this series, I think, will be interesting (I should hope, as I'll be at both these games!).

PolishX said...

perfect post . I despise UND and Univ of Minn. I dont care if they were the last 2 programs on earth I wouldnt watch them on TV

Ketchup and Mustard said...

As a DU fan, I approve of all of that post. Not because I agree with it but because it was very fun to read.

Go Pioneers and for this weekend, go Seawolves.

Anonymous said...

Hey Donny D, a team that plays up in Alaska does not get two extra home games. The "Alaska exemption rule" just makes those games up in Alaska not count in the total amount playable. To keep it simple, let's pretend the Sioux can only play 4 games a year, so here is a made up schedule:
Dec 2 @ SCSU
Dec 3 @ SCSU
Dec 9 Minn
Dec 10 Minn

Now here is how it looks with the "Alaska exemption rule"
Nov 25 @ AA
Nov 26 @ AA
Dec 2 @ SCSU
Dec 3 @ SCSU
Dec 9 Minn
Dec 10 Minn

Technically, you get two extra games but those two extra are spent playing in Alaska. You don't get to play two games in Alaska PLUS two more games on top of that. So all this talk about how much money teams make on extra home games, etc is complete bs. Hasn't anybody brought this to your attention before?

Donald Dunlop said...

Latest Anon:
You would be right if the teams weren't in the same conference but they are so you aref wrong. Not gonna explain it to you though.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm glad I couldn't make it tonight. Let's hope we do better tomorrow.

People wonder why we can't pack the place like we used to. Well, let's see. We share an arena with another hockey team that just won their second championship, they lead the ECHL in points this year too, and they're on a 9-day trip and haven't lost a game yet with only 1 more to go before they return to the Sully. Sigh.

Disappointing to say the least.

Anonymous said...

The Aces are on a 9 GAME, not 9 day trip. Hey, that little earth that goes round & round on here shows me (Anchorage), 2 guys from North Dakota, and FOUR from Minnesota. I'm alone on here with a bunch of lurking lowlanders :-O


Anonymous said...

5-2 that's why i could care less if UND ever goes up to Alaska again more competition in the new conference. UND will no longer have to play the lesser teams. I will say that it says a lot about a team when they have another team footing most of the travel expenses to come play.

Suze said...

Just remember, in the slut conference there is going to be a bottom half, cellar dwellers who are used to winning. That will be interesting to watch.

Fairbanks Fan said...

For the UND fans that don't understand Donald or the Anchorage fans there are a few things you should know. We Fairbanks fans are used to thgeir type A behavior, it dates back many years to various hockey rivalries. If they don't get their way they quickly escalate into tirades, with veins bulging and profanities flying. Anchorage is like a Penal colony with a collection of attention deficit disorder refugees from around the US. Look at their crime rate, take your life in your hands while driving around their fair city. You should expect nothing less on this blog where DD, a perfect representative for Anchorage indulges his narcissism and if free to spew his thoughts and comments. THe blog is great entertainment, and so very Anchorage.

Anonymous said...

I've always felt that UND fans know their team is a step or two away from mediocrity and this breeds their insecurity. As a northern MN transplant in AK, I say good riddance to the upper crust. The new WCHA is going to be a funner place without them.

Anonymous said...

Perspective...At a critical juncture last Sat. with score tied at 1 apiece UAA musters 1 shot on goal in the 2nd period. Obviously the players are not responding other than to quit(McLeod & Larson). Recruiting philosophy (big & slow),goalies with save percentage under 90% and the Seawolves are headed for another season with the exception of the 10-11 season of last or second to last place under Shyiak.After 7 seasons the program has no identity and is not headed in a positive direction. Just some perspective.

Anonymous said...

"If the UAA program EVER invites UND to play here after they leave the WCHA then I'll stop this fucking blog on the spot."

Hope they invite us up soon

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