Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Kendall Tournament Preview: The ASU Sun Devils

What's a Sun Devil? Clap, clap ... clap clap clap. You'd think such a question would find a bevy of Google reponses. Alas, it takes more than surfing a Wikipedia article or two to get the answer. And yeah, I still don't have the answer after 15 mins. 

Their mascot is Walt Disney with horns and is every bit the equal in ridiculousness to DU's absurd mascot Boone. Seriously though, Walt Disney is their mascot. With horns. WTF?

ASU played UA last weekend. Not UA_ obviously but the University of Arizona ACHA club team.  They won 8-1. I guess all-time against Arizona they lead the series 2,877 to 2. So that's something. This Friday night's game will be the 2nd time UAA has hosted a brand new Division 1 team for their first "real" game. The first was Penn State.

So what's the deal this weekend? Well ... UAA assuredly  isn't going to lose to ASU by 7 goals. Have no fear of that. But that said, don't you dare for a second think that this is going to be some sort of walkover for UAA. The Sun Devils have a roster full of players with decent resume's and more than a few look like top notch players with just as much experience and talent as most guys we'll see on other teams this season.

Here's a quick rundown ...
Joe Lappin #8 -- father played for the North Stars in the 70s, Uncle is Joe Sacco. Played 3 years of juniors finishing in the USHL.
Jack Rowe #11 -- 4 year USHLr ... gold medal with Select 17 at Five Nations Tourney ...
Dylan Hollman #12 -- transfer from UMass-Lowell ... captained Team Canada West in 2013-14 World Jr. A Classic and lead it in scoring with 4g-3a in 4 games.
Wade Murphy #15 -- NHL draft pick (Preds 7th round) ... transferred from UND ... Penticton Asst Capt in 2012-13 and scored 70 points that season.
Ryan Belonger #16 -- transfer from Northeastern U.
David Norris #21 -- AIC transfer
So you see? Not scrubs.

This is not a game to overlook or to be unprepared to play for the Seawolves. Thankfully, it's our first game of the year and there can be no question about the high heffort we'll see from our guys on Friday.


A Seawolves Fanatic said...

Press conference, talkees are Matt Thomas & Blake Leask


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