Saturday, October 10, 2015

Seawolves Nab OT Win 3-2 On Brad Duwe's Nice Finish

Here's my impressions of the win ... written as the game went along. 

1st period ...
First 2:30 was mostly feeling out ... getting everyone a shift ... no chances for either side. The 1st line's 2nd shift generated a couple of chances  which weren't really threatening.

1st line looked dangerous again on their 3rd time out ... Luedtke showed smarts on a rush on the right by firing a shot right on the goaltenders pads which he knew would have to be parried wide to Tatchell who was coming down the left

Killed their penalty pretty nicely though ASU did themselves no favors ... then we pretty much killed our power play ouselves with multiple offsides, poor entries and otherwise sloppy play.

2nd power play started just as badly as the first but after bringing the puck down and getting a good entry they moved it around nicely and Sean MacTavish smartly got the puck to the net where Brad Duwe and Mason Mitchell had the numbers advantage and Mitchell jumped on the a loose puck in the crease to score his first collegiate goal.

MacTavish his the post at around the 3 min mark on a nice 3 v 2 ....

2nd period ...
Pretty uneventful first half ... UAA failed to convert on power plays but killed the one against them. 1st line continued to generate some offense but Azurdia, Anholt and Hubbs have also done good things in the ASU zone.

Not what I'd call a physical game nor has it been about running and gunning. The Seawolves are clearly trying to push the pace when they have the opportunity. ASU is trying to play a good defensive game but they aren't really shy about trying to rush the puck.

A slow change by UAA's Tatchell and Kozun almost cost UAA a goal. Maybe their legs were tired. 

They'll have to play better tomorrow than they've played this first two periods. And as I type that they allow ASU back into the game.  It's been several minutes with ASU building some momentum and possession in the UAA end and some Seawolf forwards seem to have cement in their boots. 

3rd Period ...
Seawolves had the momentum over the first 4 mins of the period but didn't generate a single shot that counted. They generated chances and had possession in the ASU zone but nothing got to the net. Even a nice 2 on 2 rush with Tatchell and MacTavish for a tip in fron to the net didn't get a shot. 

Then on ASU's first real foray into UAA's zone they come up with a goal to go up 2 to 1 as Mantha got beat over his right shoulder on a shot about 10ft away between the left circle and the crease.

A Seawolf player finally did something smart after carrying the puck in during 4 on 4 play. We saw several blown chances when guys went deep and ended up getting shut down by traffic. But Chase Van Allen smartly held up above the circle after a transition into the ASU zone and found Wyatt Ege coming down the slot late. Ege buried his chance in the top corner from about 35 feet (prettiest goal of the season for UAA).

Free Hockey ...
In OT it was sorta the same story as the Seawolves continued making less than good choices after gaining the zone. But Brad Duwe finished a play that was full of patience as Anholt brought the puck from behind the goal line and held it just long enough (a 2 or 3 count) for someone to find themselves open. Duwe was in tight on the backdoor and Anholt gave him a perfect feed. Duwe had to snap the puck high for the finish and made no mistake.

Analysis ..
I think the forwards just pressed too hard when they had chances. There were lots of clear scoring opportunities throughout the game that went wide or high or right into the goalies chest. They looked desperate more often than relaxed but when they manged some Zen they scored.

Good game for the freshman with Mitchell and Ege both getting goals. Luedtke looked good. He can scoot and he handles the puck very well. Sean MacTavish had more than a couple of chances that I'm sure he'll be wishing he could have again. Mitch drilled a guy on his first shift. 

Alex Jackstadt was a lineup inclusion that surprised me. He played well enough and got some time on the PK.  Thomas shortened the bench late in the 3rd and we didn't see much Alex or Luke McColgan. Luke had good moments but I need to see more of him before I pump his tires.

The D played well but I think we lacked some backchecking at crucial times. Mantha was everything he should be.

Tomorrow will be a completely different game. I'm betting on a slightly more veteran lineup and perhaps more focus on backchecking?

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Anonymous said...

ASU came out looking for the win, I was pleasantly surprised by them. We got the win, and in a perfect scenario you want your team to get stronger and better as the season progresses.

The arena looks alright, still wish we had a new building. There's light out in the concession hallways, that's the first thing I noticed. Piss throughs are still there. Arena is lit nice, ASU had an early puck jump, player goes up to grab it, hits the glass, and it ripples perfectly, very pleasing to the eye, oh and you can see through it! Seats are better, heard the padded seats are comfy as hell. Net is lower, poor girl almost got nailed but she wasn't paying attention while walking by.

Hope we can stick it to our old foe St. Cloud.

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