Saturday, October 24, 2015

Seawolves Get 3 Point WCHA Weekend: Nothing At Which To Sneeze

3 points on the road is a good result in college hockey; especially in the meat grinder that is the WCHA where teams are as tightly matched as any league. Nothing wrong with that. Sure, I was a little disappointed with the Friday night tie. But that's the beauty of college hockey weekend series. You get a chance to redeem yourself on Saturday night.

The Seawolves redeemed themselves. They can have a pleasant flight home with 3 points in their pockets versus some lesser number which wouldn't have tasted as good. The 4-1-1 record looks pretty nice too. 

Sounded like both Friday and Saturday were very similar games with the exception that tonight our boys decided they'd win. Of course, it's more than just deciding you're going to win ... but you've got to have that decision made before you play the game in order to play the game as necessary to get the W.

Collective will is a thing in college hockey. A team that makes up it's mind that it's not going to lose goes out and plays that way and more often than not they come out on top.  Our boys need to learn this. Not losing this weekend starts to make that happen and as a bonus it shuts ADN's Doyle Woody up with his snide "facts" about how long it's been since UAA won on the road.

From here on out, it's one game at a time where the focus HAS TO BE to garner as many points as possible. For UAA at home that means 4 points every single weekend. We have a history of good results at home and must absolutely leverage that to build success.

The WCHA coaching mantra for success in the league has always been "Win at home and split on the road". Our players need to burn that into their mind this season.

Congratulations to the guys for a good weekend. Enjoy the rest of the trip and the warm weather. Have a good early week practice and then bust your asses preparing for BGSU this weekend who come to town after an off-weekend and sporting a 3-1-1 record that has pollster-types in a big tizzy giving them the fully unearned "ranking" of #12 in the country. Yeah, they haven't played anybody yet ... I'll get to that later in the week in my usual preview.


Anonymous said...

When you foil up for the whole game....... good stuff happen's
Nice win Seawolves

Anonymous said...

Tommy Grant on the cover of College Hockey News, even though the article about penalties declining

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Ollie for getting a well deserved WCHA defensive POTW!!

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