Wednesday, October 28, 2015

They're Just "Facts"

I saw mention over at the ADN that UAA's 4-1-1 record was somehow less than significant because the team's it has beaten have a collective record of 3-11-0 against other opponents (I agree that we haven't played anybody yet). But the statement was made in reference to the difficulties of this week's opponent (Bowling Green) because they were ranked #12 in both national "polls". 

Here's the paragraph ... from this post.
The Seawolves (4-1-1, 1-0-1 WCHA) are off to a strong start. Still, the work gets heavier this coming weekend, when UAA enterains Bowling Green on Saturday and Sunday afternoons at Sullivan Arena. Bowling Green (3-1-1, 0-0-0) is ranked No. 12 in both national polls. And while UAA is 3-0-1 in its last four, it is worth noting that the teams it has beaten this season are a combined 3-11-0 in games against other opponents.
Yeah ... I put quotes around the word poll to demean it's validity as any sort of reasonable metric by which one might measure an opponent. Polls are meaningless "facts". Here's a fact that didn't make Doyle's journalistic editorial cut .... The teams that 12TH RANKED!!!!! BGSU has beaten or tied this year have gone a combined 1-9-0 against other opponents.  Isn't it interesting how choosing which facts to publish can change the tone of a post.


I'll have a full weekend preview Wednesday evening. Fact.


Unknown said...

Excellent points Donald! Woody is an idiot!

Anonymous said...

Ooohhh burn.

3/14= 21.4% win per.
1/10= 10%


Donald Dunlop said...

Yeah um ... Doyle isn't an idiot. His subtle digs at the team do turn up regularly. This isn't the first "fact" he's presented this year that couldn't have been stated in a positive manner versus the negative tone he sets. It's not like it's anything new and it's not like he's going to change.

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