Friday, October 29, 2010

Game Day Post: Seawolves vs. Mankato

Friday, October 29th 2010
UAA Seawolves vs. MSUM Mavericks
Sullivan Arena::Anchorage Alaska
7:07PM (Alaska Standard Time)

Audio/Video Links
TV: GCI Channel 1 (10pm Delayed)
Webcast: GCI Webcast (Stream @ Game Time)
Local Radio: 550 KTZN (Kurt Haider)
Radio Stream: UAA SplashZone (Pay Per Listen)
***NOTE*** I'm asked to reiterate that GCI's Stream at the above link ( should be working properly now.  The "requirements" are Internet Explorer, RealPlayer and 512K worth of bandwidth.
Other Media Coverage
ADN: Home Opener vs. "Bulldogs" (Doyle Woody)
MFP: McKelvie Familiar Face (Shane Frederick)
GoSeawolves Release (Dallas Baldwin)

Yes.  You are seeing that correctly.  According to the ADN the Seawolves are opening the home WCHA schedule against the "Bulldogs".  Ok ... it's not beyond me to make a mistake ya know?  But as mistakes go ... getting the name of your opponent wrong is a doozy.  It'll be interesting if that made it into the print version.

And yes.  I know I call CC the "Black Bears". but that's intentional ya know?  Maybe Doyle thinks Mavericks is a really dumb name and the WCHA needs another team named Bulldogs?

All right.  I'm done having my little bit of fun with that.  But when the "lamestream" (HA!) media completely ignores you and you've been blogging longer than them and consistently providing more information (even when I didn't have the same media access) then I can be forgiven for sticking my tongue out at the ADN and Doyle once in a while.  

Earlier in the week a commenter on this blog post thanked Doyle for mentioning the promotions noting that last year they didn't know where to find such information.  Ouch.  That honestly made my shoulders drop a wee bit ... ya know?  I've only been doing this for nearly five years.

A Chat Room for this weekend's games will be contingent on a reader stepping up to volunteer to moderate the room.  It's very simple.  Blog friend BBEF did this in the past but is a CC fan and has a game to attend.  It'd be wrong for me to ask, expect or even accept his offer to do this.  I need a UAA fan that is interested and available.  Email me.  It's  If I get no offers, there'll be no chat because the other proggy I've used have changed their pricing and there's no way I'm going to pay them 9 bucks a month  just so more than 10 users can participate.


Anonymous said...

The UAA coach sent a e-mail stating that they have a deal with the NHL network to play the friday night home games the following saturday morning.
jerry wiles

Anonymous said...

Regarding the goalie situation, let's give Kamal one more shot. He played an outstanding game against UND to start his college career. His second start was a solid effort against Union, and his last start he sounded shaky at times. Give him one more shot this weekend and if he doesn't come up to scratch, give the nod to Gundy for a few games and let's see what he can do in the starting role.

Donald Dunlop said...

I vehemently disagree. Stick with a rotation. Allow both goaltlenders to develop. The only way a goalie develops is to play. Confidence is a huge factor in a goalies ability to develop positively.

One only gets confidence by having the team play well in front of you and by the coach showing the confidence to put one back out.

There has been nothing "shaky" about any of Kamal's work. A power play goal is NEVER the goalies fault.

I know we all want the team to win but we've got to remember this is a young team and anyway it's much more important to win games in March (and hopefully April) than it is in October and November.


Thanks for the heads up. I'll get some information about that this weekend and make sure everyone who wasn't on the email list (like me) is aware of the details.

Anonymous said...

Goalies save percentage is under 90 that is not good enough. Also 2 for the season on the pp has to improve. Those are huge holes to overcome to take steps north in the league standings.

None said...

Under 90 is not good enough? Each Goalie has started 3 games in their respective careers. 3 games is not a statistically significant sample size, not even worth talking about yet. Now, if Kamal is below 80% in February, then we will have a discussion.

We have much bigger problems than the play of our young net minders. Mcleod and Gorham out this weekend, that is going to be rough. I love Mcleod's game. He moves the puck, gobbles up streaking defensemen, and levels some nice hits in the corner... I would like to pass around an offering plate so we could send him to the Mayo Clinic. Get well soon Wes, god knows we need you. Gorham hits... alot. This young team needs his toughness.

Suze said...

Anyone know what is wrong with Wes?

Anonymous said...

I feelya D, I guess we agree to disagree. Also, if your a UAA student click here.

Anonymous said...

NHL network...that's awesome, irrelevant but awesome.

Anonymous said...

Wes has a sprained sholuder, Suze.

Anonymous said...

Link from Gci still not working, use this link and insert directly into real player.

BBEF said...

Someone needs to pull their balls out of their purse and offer to the host the chat tomorrow.

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