Saturday, October 30, 2010

Post Game Interviews 10-30-10 vs Minnesota State

Quick note, I only talked to Coach Shyiak. The players were still handing out candy and autographs at ~10:15 when I had to leave.

It's been a frustrating weekend for the Seawolves, losing and tying two games that they could've and should've won. Not for lack of effort on UAA's part, they had plenty of chances, but ran up against a strong defensive effort and stellar goaltending (I second the vote for Cook as Defensive POTW). UAA has played 8 games and 7 of them have either been tied or one goal games, as coach mentioned the team could easily be 7-1 instead of 1-5-2. The season is still as young as the team is and their luck can change (as I thought it had with Grant's goal) very easily.

The Power Play got another goal tonight, this time from Parkinson, that's a goal each for both games. The Power Play had good looks and some chances but, again, the goalie made some good saves and controlled his rebounds. It was a positive weekend to me for the PP despite the seemingly lack of scoring.

The team has a week off (A designated week off, meaning they can't practice officially I believe) before heading to beautiful (*groan*) Bemidji. The Beavs have to win in their shiny new building so that'll be an interesting weekend.

Off topic, I got an interview with the guys from Seawolf Thunder tonight, I'll be working on that tomorrow so look for that.

(Look Donald! A "center" tag! :P)


Donald Dunlop said...

Yay for centering! I know .. I know. I'm fussy. I'm particular. Which is kinda strange since I'm closer to being Anal Expulsive rather than being Anal Retentive.

None said...

Why the hell was Wiles not playing? Was he suspended?

Anonymous said...

Haider said Wiles and Crowell were healthy scratches.

UAA Fan Not in Florida said...

I don't know the inner workings of this team, but i was dissapointed to not see Wiles on the ice. My first live game this year, and although it's early, I saw lots of tape to tape passes, not a strong point in the recent past. Haddad has got to be the most improved four year player, after Wiles. He absolutely cleanly crushed an MSU player at one point.. it was beautiful. Gunderson seems to be the real deal, gotta control those rebounds a wee bit better, both goals were of that variety. Overall, i was fairly impressed with this team. That Kwoz kid is great, lots of energy.

None said...

I have officially lost all faith in Shyiak. Scratching Wiles? Forget it...

Anonymous said...

amen on wolves. it is about time that a faithful fan has called out coach shyiak for his less than stellar ability to lead this program. Into his sixth season and the program is in worse shape than the Talafous years. now 1 - 5 - 1 and the support in the arena is dreadful. The players deserve better and the fans deserve better. How many games in his career have been losses and ties that with adjustments could have gone the UAA way. We will see how the first half shapes up but it looks bleak.

Anonymous said...

We would all like to see wins, I am sure the team and the staff wants that more than any of us fans do. I don't want to see boring hockey and I am not being bored. The results of this weekend weren't what I wanted but I had an enjoyable hockey weekend-there was some real good hockey out there this weekend and I am optimistic for the season.

Donald Dunlop said...

On Wolves:
When did you unofficially lose your faith in Shyiak? I ask because I don't recall anything you've ever indicated here as faith in him. That aside ... indulge me as I ask the real question here.

Do you or I or anyone else know anything about what transpires behind the scenes? No we don't.

I suspect Wiles sat for reasons just beyond giving other kids a chance to play. In other words, yeah ... maybe Shyiak sat him out to send a message or for some transgression of rules. But we can't know that. In any case, it serves no purpose for us to guess or speculate.

Don't get me wrong. A healthy Wiles is an important cog in the lineup and can be an important contributor. If he was scratched I can only hope it was for the right reasons. If anyone thinks Shyiak wouldn't do what he thinks is best for the team then they're wrong.

So anonymous@854 ... I think you can see that one of the "faithful" didn't call out Shyiak. Someone that has often questioned his effectiveness as a Coach did the calling out.

It is tiresome for me to stand up each and every week and remind everyone of the reality of the challenges that the UAA program faces in it's quest for more success. We each have to be aware of those issues ourselves and not go blame hunting in one place. It's lots of reasons.

Let's remember that this isn't a professional sports franchise. There are endemic issues related to geography, past performance and the overall primary unfairness of college sports. The last one perhaps being the most important. Look at any college sport and who get's the best recruits? The same teams over and over do. And that's why they win over and over.

It takes time to build something and Dave Shyiak is only just now reaching the point where it's up to him to show improvement. So let's allow him to run his team without jumping on him. There'll be a proper time and place for evaluation, commenting and decisions. And whatever effort I lead in that vain will include plenty of opportunity for everyone to contribute.

Okay? Let's support the guys on the ice that are busting their butts to bring us the wins that we so desperately desire.

None said...

Your excuses grow tiresome, DD.

He sat one of the best players on the team, winners don't pull that kind of crap. Period. I had planned to be positive of Shyiak, but after this crap that's out the window.

You are flat wrong that it "is only just now reaching the point where it's up to him to show improvement." Viable, on ice improvement must be achieved by the fourth year at the latest. This is his sixth.

UAF's program is in much, much better shape than ours. It's going in the right direction, ours isn't. So stop with the geography garbage. Especially considering that Alaskans go in the NHL draft almost every year, plenty of talent in his back yard and he can't pull it.

I was on board this year, it seemed like we had a shot to be decent. But after watching the team stop playing halfway through Fridays game, and then see Wiles benched Saturday... I walked out of the damn arena before the game started. If Shyiak doesn't care about winning why the hell should I care enough to spend 3 hours on Saturday night watching.

Hate to do it, but I predict another long year, Kwas and Mcleod going Lee Baldwin on us and Sam Mellor pulling a Spencer Bennett. They see a coach who doesn't care about winning, they'll leave.

Anonymous said...


Neil said...

I for one have been critical of Shyiak in the past. I was not at all optimistic about this years team. Watching this years freshman has changed my mind a bit. I really like this class. My concern now is that we need to get some W's and soon. If we lose too many games we risk losing some of these guys to transfers, going pro and even losing some of the better know recruits.

I get frustrated beyond belief seeing UAF win and win fairly consistently. Why we can't make it work like they do? Maybe it's a curse, I dunno.

Anonymous said...

This team has a lot of potential, but as many fans (from other "top teams") have stated is UAA needs a real goal scorer. We have one coming in next year and that could change things drastically.

Look at the games the team has lost by one goal, a blue chip player can change that.

Based on what I have seen so far this season, I am much more impressed than I expected to be, based on the number of freshmen we have.

That being said, I find it hypocritical that fans were calling for Brush's & Talafous head so early, but are cutting Shyiak so much slack. He has had more than enough time, it is time to see some real results.

Who is in charge of the power play? It's dismal and has been for several years. Time to hold the coaching staff accountable.

As far as sitting Wiles? I have been a fan for the past 20 years, and EVERY UAA coach has done this - yes it makes me mad, but it is usually for a good reason and usually produces results.

Anonymous said...

Wiles is not the only player over the last few years to be a healthy scratch and he won't be the last. Every player other than the freshmen on this team have had to sit at one time or another. I also don't agree, but it does usually produce results.

Anonymous said...

I think all coaches do this. I remember teams (other than UAA) sitting 3 or 4 top players and putting freshmen in their place, just to send a message.

Donald Dunlop said...

So because Brush and Talafous didn't get an adequate chance to prove themselves then we should give Shyiak the same treatment? The reality of college hockey with it's now two year recruiting cycle is that the 6th year of a coaches tenure if really the first when one can begin to judge a coach's potential.

Shyiak has made his fair share of mistakes perhaps. But that's only his fair share. In general, any other coach would have made about the same number of mistakes.

We've done the carousel of coaches cavalcade already. Who exactly do you guys think you're going to get if you give Shyiak the boot? The facts are that the UAA job doesn't pay enough to attract some proven genius college hockey coach. The proven genius college hockey coaches already have jobs as well. So then you're left with trying to find an up and comer. And up and comer's are generally ambitious. So let's say you find a genius up and comer and he turns the program around in short order through some magic. Think he's gonna stick around when Don Lucia gets the boot at UofM or Red Berenson retires or Jack Parker hangs it up or UNO makes him an offer of twice as much as he's making?

Unless you find a way to pay a coach close to 200K a year (or more) then you're left with journeyman candidates exactly like Shyiak. Nothing wrong with that in my mind per se ... a journeyman coach has to work harder and smarter to find success. Just like the UAA Hockey program has ALWAYS had to do.

Now ... suggest some names eh? Or drop it. 8 games into the season is not a good relection of the teams season-long potential. Calling for a new coach at this time makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

Patience is a virtue, sometimes it hurts like hell. Give this team some more time to jell, then we can start talk about a new coach. And, by the way I would prefer a new defense coach. I love ya Blair, but our defense needs some retooling.

Suze said...

Anxiously waiting for the Seawolf Thunder interview! ;)

Everyone, be sure to thank these guys for what they are adding to the atmosphere at the Sully!

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