Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Making an Entrance

In the past few months I've been asked by people to give them an idea of I how thought UAA's season will go. My reply: I... don't know.

In seasons past we've either had predictions of doom and gloom or predictions like... like well last season. But in this upcoming season I've just had no clue as to how it will go, having so many new players will do that.

To me that's what the two upcoming tournaments so interesting. These first four games will give us a real indication of what kind of team we have. The team is making their grand entrance to the college hockey world. They did play an exhibition game but, those can always be deceiving. And that's what I'm hoping for, a grand entrance. A nice first impression that shows this team is for real. They don't have to win every game, just playing all out with heart will do. (Although winning all of them would be sweet)

So to move onto the meat of this posting, a Jimjamesak Top 5: Top 5 ways to make an entrance.

1. Go over the top.

Ah the Chicago Wolves show us how to go over the top. Because when you need to draw fans to crappy minor league hockey, not being the Blackhawks is a good start. Spotlights and Motley Crue? Ho hum, it's been done. Spotlights, Motley Crue, lasers, flame shooters, and an exploding scoreboard? Ok, over the top. And in the AHL, you need that.

2. Go way over the top.

They say to be a truly successful fighter in boxing or MMA you need to win and be entertaining while you do it. Look it's one thing to come with lights and pyro and all that. That's over the top for MMA and boxing. Coming out with lights, pyro, and dancing Japanese school girls? Way over the top

3. The "We're so damn good it doesn't matter how we do this!"

Alright to many sports fans the Bulls starting lineups intro is a classic. But take away Jordan, Pippen, and the rest and it is cheeeeeeeeeesy. Like Vegas lounge cheesy. Seriously, take at look at Bulls lineup intro now, it sucks. But with that lineup they made it work. It's like wearing anything bad, you just roll with it and make it look good.

4. The "I'm so badass I can come out to anything."

I picked this video because this is the best illustration of my point. When Mirko Cro Cop and Wanderlai Silva were in their primes, the mere sight of them scared the crap out of people. They were badass MMA fighters in their prime in the badass era. And what music do they walk out to? Death metal? Hardcore gangsta rap? Metallica? Ozzy? AC/DC? No! They come out to "Sandstorm", a techno rave song, and Duran Duran. Ahahahahahahahaha. And yet they still scared people.

5. Keep It Simple Stupid

To me the Canucks, dislike them I do, have the best entrance in hockey simply because it's simple. Energetic crowd, good music, and not over the top. That's it, very simple. Just an "alright let's go" attitude about it.

That's all I got for now. Friday can't come soon enough.

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