Thursday, October 07, 2010

Meanwhile Back On The Ranch ...

I stopped by and visited with the always friendly and professional administration staff at the Wells Fargo Center yesterday on blog business so I've got a few little updates about some things and then maybe some other stuff.  Nothing riveting necessarily but all well worth the update.

I saw Coach Shyiak on my way out and stopped to wish him the best of luck this weekend.  I think my exact words were, 
"I hope the team is able to in the most gentlemanly way possible disassemble the competition this weekend with vigor that while not personally humiliating for their delicate psyches does however send the broader message that this Seawolves team is ready to rock and roll with anybody." 
Coach concurred.

So happily again this year the UAA Fan Blog has credentials in hand that I promise to use to fuller effect here this season.  I'll commit to making an effort to get a couple of profile-style articles on various players and using interviews.

JimJames will be collecting post game interviews as well and we should be able to have those available in the post game articles.


The UAA Tailgate Crew will be hosting it's annual Tailgate Party on Friday from 4:00 to 8:30 and Saturday from 3:00 til 7:30.  The weather forecast looks decent both days so give yourself an extra few minutes and stop by the grill (which I'm assuming will be at the northwest corner of the arena) with your guests (um ... bring some okay?) and family (don't leave them at home) and load up on the grub.

You can guarantee I'll be out there a couple of times both days since I'm all about free food.  Who isn't really though?  Altruism rocks.  The abilities of the pre-hominids to freely share their food amongst family and clan is perhaps the biggest contributor to humanity's eventual rise.  Way to go my ancestral pre-hominid dudes and thanks!

Hey, this is a blog that has a quasi-affiliation with a university so of course you're going to learn something here every now and then.  It's in our charter.

And make sure to thank the guys from the Kappa Sigma fraternity who are cooking and dishing up the vittles.  This wouldn't happen without their volunteer efforts.  So let me thank them once again on behalf of everyone that likes free food and appreciates altruistic deeds.


I'm going to straight up rip-off the Air Force preview that is already up over at the Nanook Hockey Blog that way I don't have to do my own.  And you should go read the rest anyway since UA_ was rude enough to start an OBWSIC (Official Blog Which Sucks In Comparison) that I won't link here.  Here's the relevant AF scouting info ...
The Falcons are lead by senior forward, ex-Hobey Baker finalist, and Northern Michigan departee in Jacques Lamoureux. The senior captain has led the Falcons in scoring in the two years he's been there, amassing 95 points in just two seasons in which he's gotten ice time.
The weak spot is their defense. With the Falcons losing their star goalie in Andrew Volkening, they will be relying on a junior goaltender in Stephen Caple, who has seen exactly 63 minutes of game time distributed across three games of his two year collegiate career. Now, in their exhibition game, head coach Frank Serratore elected to cycle all three of his goaltenders against Lethbridge, a Canadian team that just before this contest showed Denver a thing or two about hockey. Granted, Caple didn't start, sophomore David Bosner did, who held his own seeing 9 shots and turning them all aside. Caple stopped 7 of 10 shots, allowing 3 goals in a 14 minute and 42 second span. Even the freshman showed Caple how it was done.
All excellent information that I didn't have to dig up and so I'm grateful Britton did.  At least there's one useful thing in Fairbanks.  Hard to admit but true.  Whut?  You thought I wasn't gonna take a shot at Fairbanks?


I'll do my own UND preview which should be up late tonight in time for your morning reading on Friday.  Friday will be a busy day.  I'll have a game day thread up and since BBEF (a CC fan) has graciously offered to run the chat room I'll try to make sure we get in touch and set him up.  That way we can use the CoverItLive software. 

I'll put the Game Day Post up when I get home from the Booster Club Luncheon.  I've been graciously offered a seat at Dave Shyiak's table by booster Kathy Klos who purchased them at an auction last year.  Very Nice.  Kathy informs me that he boyfriend is out of town.  It's my understanding that both Jane Pallister and Richard Leary suggested my name to Kathy, so thanks as well to them.

More free food for me!  I'm telling ya ...  I'm living the dream people.  Truly.

You all should know the various game start times so my repetition of them here would be redundant for you.  Of course, telling you that I'm not publishing them is the height of verbosity.  I mean, I could have already detailed the starting times of all four games this weekend in the time it took me to write this.  So yeah .. verbosity > redundancy.

I think that's about it.  I'm probably forgetting something.

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