Saturday, October 23, 2010

Seawolves Suffer Tough Loss 6-0

The Famous Bethlyn @ UMD game RePReZenTIN ...
Until tonight the Seawolves had been in every game they played up until the end.  Every game had been decided by one goal or had ended in a tie.  Tonight the winning goal was scored before a minute had passed in the game.  Unable to get any sort of offense on-track the Seawolves fought hard for about half of the game before succumbing. 

The score at the end of the 2nd period was 3-0.  And as we saw in earlier games this team (as Doyle Woody indicated) is at least resilient, so there was hope in the chat room.  But being down by three when you're 3000 miles away from home on the 2nd night with just 20 minutes to go is an awful lot to overcome against a good hockey team.

I can't say for sure, but often in such a situation a team's shoulders can drop a bit.  It sounded to me like they just couldn't muster enough confidence and effort to make a difference.  The Bulldogs used that to their advantage and added three more goals in the 3rd including one with just 4 seconds remaining to wrap up the sweep.

You can't call it anything other than a tough loss.  The boys sound a little banged up after this roadtrip.  Mickey Spencer and Justin Kirchevel haven't made it into the lineup this year as they were both injured in the preseason.  The word before tonight's game was that Curtis Leinweber was questionable to start and Coach Shyiak had to add Daniel Naslund as an "extra" just in case.  

Leinweber did play however.  But in the 1st period Wes McLeod got tagged (again ... I didn't see and Kurt didn't describe) with some sort of ding.  He went to the locker room and didn't return.  Add to that the fact that Sean Wiles went off hurt last weekend and it the phrase "spate of injuries" begins to come to mind.

Hopefully, Curtis and Wes recover quickly.  Wiles played both games this weekend, so he's shaken off whatever knock he took last weekend.  Let's hope all the bruises and/or dings heal up quickly.  Mankato comes to town next weekend and those games are no less important and will be just as difficult as any WCHA contest.

I'm bummed at not seeing either of this weekends games.  Did I mention that B2 Netwoks i.e... America One Sucks?  Oh yeah ... I did. 

So that's how WCHA conference plays begins this season?  Tough is the only word that comes to my mind.  The young Seawolves have been exposed to many situations already this season that should act as learning experiences.  Losing 6-0 has got to leave a shitty taste in one's mouth.  Such tastes are hard to forget, but can provide good motivation.  If there is any positive out of such a loss, let's hope it is that.

I'll have some extended thoughts about the weekend on Monday.  Come back tomorrow for Potpourri to see what general stuff I come up with if you're so inclined.  I'm imagining I'll have a thing or two to say about why I think B2 Networks i.e.. America One SUCKS.  As always there'll be some other non-hockey related thoughts which I'm never able to suppress.

Here's the official boxscore.
Here's the official UAA story on the GoSeawolves website from the inimitable Dallas Baldwin.


MeanEgirl said...

They had a lot of good opportunities with shots that went just wide. Maybe it's just me, but the game looked closer than the score says it was.

Anonymous said...

some tough losses but 1 - 4 - 1 is not a good start. injuries to players this early start to pile up.

DC said...

We couldn't see what happened to Wes McLeod as he was in the corner below us. We actually didn't even know he was down on the ice and were wondering what was going on.

Sorry we forgot to call on our way home!

Biddco said...

Recent history has reversed. SWEEP! SWEEP! SWEEP!

Donald Dunlop said...

Fairbanks Troll,
Do you really think that shit like that is going to fly? You obviously don't know how simple it is for me to delete that crap. Not that I don't (on some level) enjoy abrogating what you think are your first amendment rights here. Because I do. But seriously, save yourself the time and effort and go comment positively (or whatever) on Britton's blog.

Thanks, you guys are nice. I get why Biddco is nice to UAA ... (the whole fear of midget's thing).

Biddco said...

midgets thing?

By thing you mean recent history/how UAA and other lower echelon teams work hard to grab points from better teams. Is that what you mean?

arcticfox said...

Love the picture, but hey.. look at that color underneath the Seawolves Jersey.

Kinda looks like a Bulldog jersey underneath the Seawolves jersey. Hmmm.

Unknown said...

Heh... I was wearing a Bulldog shirt, Tech hoodie, and UAA jersey. UAA was on top though!!

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