Saturday, October 16, 2010

Seawolves Lose 4-3 to Black Bears

My overriding feeling after last night's game is one of disappointment with the team's defensive effort.  Seemed to me that the Seawolves (at times) got caught running around in their own end a bit.  And that disorganization cost them in the first period.  They managed to tie the game up on three occasions and that's awesome but they could never manage to get the lead.

The guys blocked only 11 shots on the night.  That's just not enough.  So yeah, I think the substandard defensive effort was the difference in the game.

I didn't get to the recap earlier because I decided to eat dinner (if you can call two sandwiches made from Gorton's frozen fish dinner) and it just never sat well in my gut. I hit the sack a bit early (so didn't really see much of the UA_/Union game) and I awoke about an hour ago (2am) all nauseated.  Consider yourself lucky that my innards aren't yours.  Sometimes there is stuff going on down there that I just don't want to think about.  I'll never eat Gorton's Breaded Fish Fillet's again.  Yuck. 

Enough about my intestines eh?  

The ability to come back after being scored on and provide an answer is promising.  But the Seawolves (or any other team) isn't going to win many games coming from behind.  By the time the 3rd period started last night, I was just praying for a tie.

The game taught us some things about this team (they have some heart) but there's still lots I don't know.  One reason was the brutal camera/directorial work from the UAF folks.  It was just awful.  A good director ought to be able to somewhat cover up the fact that he's got noobs behind the cameras.  Please just use the wide shots.  Sure, let your a couple of your camera folks practice getting that tight shot in the corner, just don't put it on the feed?  Ok?  Please.  I'd like to see the puck during a hockey game.  Go with the wider shot?  Please.  If I'd paid B2 networks 7 bucks for that game, I'd be asking for a refund today.

Primarily for the reason above, I can't really comment on any specific play.  I can't say I saw any goal from either team really clearly.  I didn't see the Gorham penalty really either so no point in questioning what happened there.  I could tell he rocked a dude.  But that was about it.  I'd expect Drew Darwitz will get the call tonight to spell Gorham and it wouldn't surprise me to see one or two other lineup changes as well (Kirchevel in for Naslund please).

I wouldn't fault Gunderson for any goal specifically.  Perhaps he was a little deep on the first goal but the shot that beat him was a helluva good shot.  So there's that.  The CC staff were patting themselves on the back for practicing shooting high this week as if they had Gunderson scouted and knew his tendencies. 

I also noticed a couple of bad mismatches with the lines that the Seawolves (the home team) should not have ended up in.  CC's first line rolled all over UAA's fourth line a couple of times last night.  I'm sure it's busy on the bench and all but when you've got the last change you've got to make sure you get the best matchups on the ice.  And that was a bad mismatch.

Ok. There's a recap of sorts.  I'll go more in depth on Monday when I look back at  the whole weekend.  For now, I've got to get you guys a Game Day Post up and then get some more bunk time now that the Omeprazole seems to be moderating my guttural dysfunction.


Coachtech said...

You are right about the camera work...good thing our dollar is at par! CC has a very good transition game, and the Seawolves kept giving it up at the "O" blueline. A bit more cross ice dump and crash would have been in order. The Gorham hit was legal in almost every league in North America aside from novice.

Anonymous said...

Couldnt see the Gorham hit well from the camera view but the guy got absolutely killed. UAA should have won the game. It will be interesting to see the line up changes for the upcoming game. Kirchevel and Darwitz are both hurt. Any suggestions who play tonight?

Al said...

CC did have lots of speed. Watching UA_ & Union it seemed as if they both had as much if not more speed than CC. Our forecheck better be in high gear tonight.

Donald Dunlop said...

It'd be nice if the program announced who was hurt. It would cut down on a certain bloggers internal speculation about why certain players aren't player.

Lines posted. Pickering in for Gorham ... Crowell and Currier in ... Naslund and Pustin out --- Kwas at center

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