Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Inaugural MITCH Belt

From time to time I comment on things other than Seawolves hockey here. Today I'm knocking around on the internet and find this story by Melissa Repko from the Columbia Daily Spectator published on U-Wire about Columbia's club hockey program being suspended for nearly the entire upcoming season. I shook my head too many times to just ignore it. Coincidentally, I've decided to begin to expand my posting regime by giving out an award regularly that is broad in scope. I have to admit it wasn't my idea entirely. First, I have to give a big shout out to Let's Go DU for his annual "Bad Boys" awards/list. Secondly, I saw a show today on MSNBC (for the first time) in which Keith Olberman gave out awards for the "Worst Person In The World". My impression is that Olberman gives that everyday to some deserving person. I'd like my award though to be a little bit different so I take my inspiration from professional boxing (and the USCHO Fan Forum's Championship Belt thread). The deserving winner of the Belt will hold it until earned by some other worthy soul.

MITCH stands for "Most {I} Throughout College Hockey. Just an {I}? Yep. There are so many deserving {I} words from which to choose ... Ignorant, Insensitive, Imbecilic, Inhumane, Imperceptive, Inattentive, Inconsiderate, Insensible, Ill-Advised and whatever other {I} words as may be applicable. {I} words that do not qualify for consideration are words such as Intelligence and Innocence. I considered calling the belt CHIMP based on the preferences of a couple of bored (but helpful) Registered Nurses however, "College Hockey's {I} Mutha Pucka" seemed a bit too Boston U for this O.G. North Coast Posse member.

Therefore it is with great pleasure that I announce the inaugural MITCH Belt is awarded to Columbia University's Athletic Director Dr. M. Dianne Murphy for her quite simply outstanding injudiciouness. Dr. Murphy has distinguished herself above and beyond the call of duty by suspending Columbia University's club hockey program until January of '07 because a recruitment flyer containing the phrase "Stop being a pussy" was distributed on campus without proper departmental authorization. Congratulations to Ms. Murphy for her excellence in acheiving the nearly ultimate height of injudiciousness that she's reached. It's an impressive accomplishment for an offense that was deserving of a wrist slap.

Jon Kamran also of the Columbia Daily Spectator published this article on U-Wire detailing reactions and updating the situation. I have to wonder how long it will be until some other qualified candidate comes to my attention. It'll be an interesting process to determine if someone else's {I} should or shouldn't take posession of the belt. I'll be on the case but if you see something you think worthy please email me or leave a comment in the whatever is the most recent post and I'll look into it.

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