Friday, September 29, 2006

It's Too Wet To Plow

UAF's Alaska Nanooks were the U-18's first D-I victim of the year winning tonight at the Sully by a score of 5-3. The U-18's jumped out to a 3-0 lead by playing a crisp focused first period with very very good finishing. The first few minutes were a little bit tentative on both ends of the ice with UAF getting the only real chances that were handled pretty easily as the U-18 goalie was very very steady. The first period also found the U-18 down a man on 4 penalty calls (3 of them questionable). It seemed to me that their better anticipation and skating "off the puck" was a key to that control as it allowed them to be where the puck was going before it got there. I'd give #12 Jimmy Hayes the 1st star of the game. He was able to step around just about any UAF player he was skating against whenever he wanted. Twice in the first Wylie Rogers was taken to five hole school but didn't learn his lesson and was beaten the same way in the second before they rotated to Chad Johnson for the second 32 minutes. The U-18's capped their scoring with a 5-3 PP tally to get to 5.

UAF mounted a valiant comeback about midway through the 3rd that they can take away as a positive but it never looked particularly dangerous. Kyle Greentree was their best performer on the night but I noticed at least one Knelsen and a Lee both doing well.

All that commentary aside, the U-18's finished their chances. The Alaska Nanooks didn't. Lastly, I'd love to understand the ticket pricing for this game. If someone knows the answer email me because around 600 people were shaking their heads trying to figure it out.

I hauled the gear to the game but doubt that I'll go to the effort again. It wasn't cumbersome but there's not that much upside in the process. The camera I acquired seemed promising to me but it turned out to not really be up to the task. If anyone reading this and attending future UAA games wants to email me good pictures of any game action I'll happily post them here and fawn all over you with credit for supplying them.


Anonymous said...

So much for that AAA midget team!!! I guess people who write from the other campus should be a little more careful huh!!!!! I laugh at arrogant nanooks, especially when the only two words there fans know are you suck, at least those are the only two words that I have ever heard at the Carlson Center.

Seawolf Pride

Anonymous said...

The great thing about Rogers getting beat was he was in old gear The new NCAA pads were not in alaska yet and the NTDP team told UAF that they did not care they would beat UAF any way so even when UAF cheated they could not beat the "glorified high school kids"
Former UAA student

Anonymous said...

lets see how uaa does tonight.

Suze said...

anon: let's see, how did UAA do tonight? Oh, they won? They won by a score of 9-2? Makes those Nanooks look pretty pathetic getting beat the AAA Midget team, huh? LOL.

Anonymous said...

Ticket pricing for the game was set by UAF Athletics and why they charged so much for an exhibition game in Anchorage is anybody's guess.

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