Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Little Bit of Ketch-Up

After the semi-incendiary title of the last post how could I pass up an annoyingly bad picnic pun for this one? The Blueliner's picnic was this past Thursday. There were plenty of burgers, dogs, side dishes and soda along with one or two good natured barbs as condiments. Campbell Blair and Damon Whitten were righteously out of town scouting/recruiting. Coach Shyiak very ably handled the microphone and the various introductions including the lovely wives of the missing assistants. He then espoused a great deal of confidence that the product we see on the ice this year is going to be more successful than last year. He talked some about the hard workouts and after giving us the descending daily puke count (I forgot the first day total ... like 13 guys? or 10?) he turned the mike back over and the players introduced themselves. Dr. Cobb was prompted to interject by a less than lustrous team exclamation that the Governor's Cup would be returning to Anchorage this year. The result was a couple of very clear exclamations that such would be the case. The players handled themselves as you'd expect young men would; with a couple being comfortable, more than a couple clearly not diggin standing up talking into a microphone in front of large group and some sounding like they're just damned ready to get on the ice.

The highlight of the event was a gentlemanly cadre of rookies seranading 7 year old Sara(h) with happy birthday (a rendition generously initiated by Chad Anderson). I'm not a music critic so there's no fear of me bashing their singing; there was however a time or two where I thought I just might have heard something remarkably similar to a squeak; maybe.

There'll be some changes this season at the Sully. A section will be cordoned off and designated wet. Finally, beer in the stands at Seawolf games! That'll make plenty of people happy I think. Does it make anyone unhappy? Maybe a couple of people will show up to games that wouldn't have before. Maybe it's a place I can sit without people glaring at me like I'm evil incarnate for yelling bullshit? In between periods will also be different story this year. No longer will there be just some radio station slinging t-shirts. People remaining in their seats will be entertained in various yet to be announced ways. A big "good on ya" to the Blueliners for changes that will help more people enjoy the games at the Sully.

Just a couple more weeks.


Suze said...

Did Shyiak say he was primarily recruiting in Canada?

Donald said...

He didn't say.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck recruiting Alaska Kids after having the exodus of this past summer (Walsky, Smith, Molle, Jolly. These kids grew up here and what up and coming player doesn't know these families. The best players from the State will end up playing elsewhere and probably in the WCHA against UAA.

Suze said...

First of all, Molle was not recruited by Shyiak ... he didn't prove himself and didn't play. Where did he go? He's a walk-on at UAF.

As for Jolly, he was not recruited either, he was a walk-on. I guess either he didn't like his chances of playing, or he is too serious with his girlfriend. Who knows.

You are obviously not a fan of UAA hockey, so why are you so obsessed with the team? Go troll elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Walk on or not recruited what matters is the way people will evaluate the departures and make decisions for there players. 4 ALASKAN player departures is a lot in one year.

Donald said...

Local kids will stay here when the program is regularly competitive. Just like most individuals hockey players are looking out for their self-interest first. The truth about the WCHA is that if you are "good enough" you'll get opportunities NO MATTER WHICH team you play for. Unfortunately elite players want to go to schools where they think they'll have a chance to win a championship. And even once UAA regains a competitive winning program there still might not be many championships. So guys like Scott Gomez, Brandon Dubinsky are going to go Major Jr.

UAA is going to have to work hard to get the Erik Felde's and Evan Trupp's to stay here. It's always been the case. The best of the best Anchorage youth hockey players rarely stay here. There is work to be done but winning will take care of most of that.

So here's the deal ... I know this anonymous person @ 8:48 is ACH (Anonymous Cobb Hater) because the comments come from the same IP address as previous ones.

I'm happy to see that you aren't still on that weird little Cobb-trip (you're a "Horton Hear's a Who" fan aren't ya) and have moved on to pointing out an issue that has been with the program virtually since it began. Building a competitive and winning program takes efforts from within the organization and from the community. Blueliner's give their time and money in many ways. Join them and have your say or perhaps go start a Blog or join USCHO -- I guarantee if you've got something useful to add to discussions about D-1 hockey and/or UAA hockey that you'll be heard. So much in the same way I wouldn't have wanted my voice quashed when I thought Talafous should go, I won't edit or restrict your comments here. But that doesn't mean if you say some stupid shit here that I'm just going to let it go without an answer. And I think ultimately, I have an answer that you won't like very much at all.

So ... to review: be constructive; don't be an ass. All on board with that? Lastly ... Yeah I know I'm a condescending jerk.

Anonymous said...

DTP - You have a good site. The Players that left have been families in Anchorage hockey circles for many years. They are out there talking to families that are making decisions for up and coming players. Having 4 ALASKANS gone doesn't help UAA in the eyes of potential players. They see solid opportunities in the lower 48 at schools who have had ALASKANS and that's where they want to go.

Suze said...

Oh my, the grass is always greener. Ask Fournier.

I have also spoken to many families in the "hockey community" who would love for the sons to play for UAA. Go away.

Anonymous said...

Families are going to listen to others in the hockey community not Suze. What hockey knowledge does Suze have. Some of the parents of departed players have been in hockey for many years.

Donald said...

Winning will cure any perceived transgressions and local players that want to be on a winning team will decide to stay at home when UAA gets the ball rolling.

All "anons" are not equal.

Suze said...

I guess anon has reading comprehension. LOL. Even when Brush was the coach and the Sully was bursting at the seams, it was hard to recruit local kids. That has not, nor ever will, change.

JJ, Cartwright, Underwood, Waldrop, Lovdahl, and Rosette all seem to have enjoyed playing for UAA.

Fact is, when a new coach comes in there are going to be some players who leave ... it always happens. The assistant coaches UAA has now are much more qualified for the job, and it is going to be an awesome year for the Seawolves.

I don't get his/her obsession with UAA hockey, unless he/she is a parent of a former player. In that case, I only say to them ... move on.

Anonymous said...

its always going to be true the best players want to play for the best teams and well I have been a uaa a fan starting at age 3 i am now 22 I have seen a flow of alaskan players stay home durring the competive years and leave to play eles where during the rough years. Dave will have to work hard to show the program is on the up word turn before the best of the best stay at home. The other advantage is dave has a very good reputaion in the college hockey world so families of players look at school, coach team and what that has to offer. I think daves biggest problume keeping alaskan players at uaa is the same reasons i left the school not all the acedemic programs are were they should be and the if you grow up in alaska around (Anchorage) the city is not what you would call a college town there is not much geared for 18-25 kids it has nothing around the university in the way of fun stuff to do in the evenings and the university really dosnt help its self out by putting a lot out there. so it will take a few years before we can keep kids at uaa but we also have to remmber that any kid who skates through high school with low sats can still make it at uaa the big name schools have a lot of compitition from in state kids.

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