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Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Minor Facelift

More readable? I tend to think so. I've had a number of queries about the format on the blog. With the font choice (which by the way I very much like) and the green backgound some readers mentioned they had difficulty reading it. I'd hesitated to change it before now because it requires editing the blog template and making sure where color was defined as #006600 is changed to #000000 and that #FFFF33 is changed to #FFFFFF and then assurring that the "ul", "h2" and on and on and on references are correspondingly changed (and it all just seemed a bit too much like actual work). I tried the #FFFF33 background but settled on #000000 because it was sort of like UAA's third jersey and just a bit too loud.


Goon said...

Now its easier to read. The other one was hell for guys that have stigmatism.

Suze said...

Thanks, this is much easier to read! I appreciate all of your work. Are you going to be at the game on Saturday? If so, come and say hi, our seats are the same as our season ticket seats.

Anonymous said...

I'm a long-time lurker who checks back often and appreciates the updates on UAA hockey. Definitely easier to read on the white background. Seawolve green for banners and headlines is a great, but a switch to black for body copy would go even one step further. But I'll keep reading no matter what color you type in.

Anonymous said...

Another ALASKAN player commits outside of UAA. Charlie Smith going to Northern Michigan. Outstanding young player who Shyiak had no hope of getting.

Suze said...

Now it is starting to make sense. Is Charlie a brother of Billy Smith? I could not figure out why Billy would choose that school if he didn't like Shyiak. Shyiak was the asst. coach there for years, so if Billy didn't like Shyiak's coaching style, why would he go to Northern? To play with his brother?

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