Friday, November 20, 2009

Blogger on the DL: Game Night Chat

I'll not be attending tonights game.  I'm not feeling well and know I won't be ready to go by gametime.  Scratch me from the lineup coach.  I'd guess my malady won't be an issue for tomorrow nights game.  So I'll take advantage of being stuck here sick and host the "fancy" chat room during the game.  I'll open up the room around 6:45PM.


Anonymous said...

Tonight: Seawolves 4 Mavericks 1. Bryce gets the start.

Ted said...

I will log in from the Sully and do some live update

Anonymous said...

I don't think they are going to give Bryce the start..J.O. starts on Fridays and would love to see him get his first WCHA win of the season.Unfortunately Fridays have been awful this year so how about a win boys.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That was brutal. I saw only a couple of good quality shots all night. We need goals to win. Where did their confidence go. I would like to see it back.

Anonymous said...



What a great game!

Enjoy another year in the basement losers!

Anonymous said...

They had a bad game but you're ignorant to call them losers.

Suze said...

How humiliating. Four shots in the second period. Back to back power plays with ZERO shots on goal. That effort was pathetic.

Jonnie O should probably not play another game this year.

The only player who played with any passion was Clark. Everyone else gave up. A highschool team could have beaten UAA the way they played tonight.

I sit around long time season ticket holders, and one already remarked he won't be renewing tickets next season. Way to kill the fan base Shyiak. Keep this up and soon there will be nobody at the games.

I don't mind my team losing when they put forth an effort, but there was NO effort tonight. Seniors passing the puck right to the Mavs, passing when they should be shooting and shooting when they should be passing.

Come on!! This team is better than this, there has to be something wrong in the locker room. And it better get resolved SOON.

Anonymous said...

There goes the last fans, jumping overboard. Does Shyiak go down with the ship? Does Cobb?

ZZzzz said...

You are right on the money Suze. I can honestly say in all my years of attending Seawolf hockey games (since '82 or so) tonight may have been the worst game I have seen the Seawolves play - honestly. No heart, no emotion, no effort - sad, sad, sad...

anybodybutshyiak said...

Getting beat 9-1 by Tech back in the John Hill era was embarrassing as well as the 10-0 schalacking from UND around that same time all rival this one. Only thing is there were less people to see this debacle than the previous ones.

Zzzz said...

Ya, there have been some bad ones but this one is the freshest so that by default makes it the WORST...

Ogie said...

I have been to every home game this season, with one exception....Thank Christ I missed this game

hockeybear said...

Suze, you are unfortunately correct. Jonny O was heartbreaking to watch in that first period tonight.

Did you hear all the chants in the arena towards the end of the first period that were directed to our coaches bench? They were all yelling {{Bryce, Bryce, Bryce, Bryce, Bryce))

And when they came out in the 2nd period, instead of Bryce, Coach had Sidor in net.

I wasn't sure what the deal is with that decision; whether Bryce was sick or injuried or whether the coach just opted to give sidor a chance?

It was odd seeing our players passing so poorly tonight. Really sad.

Still. I'll be there again tomorrow night cheering the Seawolves on.

They truly weren't into it tonight and the Mavs were! But I'll be there Saturday just in case our team decides to give it their best effort.


Anonymous said...

I don't think the whole team failed to give their best effort. People can blame the coaching, lack of motivation in the players, or whatever because UAA lost-but in all games there's gotta be a winner and there's gotta be a loser (unless it's a tie-but lets not go there.) Unfortunately for tonight, UAA was the "loser".

I heard the audience chanting "Bryce, Bryce" during the game. While I respect thier admiration for him, they should be cheering on whoever is in the net (as well as on the ice). So what-Olthius let a few goals in, he's only human. It's not like he was enjoying the other team scoring goals.

I was really happy to see Sidor in the net. Was this his debut with the seawolves? Considering he came into the game in the second period-somewhat cold, I thought he did great. Sure, it wasn't a shutout but f--k, he played hard! As did some of the boys out there. Not all, but some.

Being a fan is being a fan no matter if they win or lose. Sure, winning would make it easier to be a fan (and more exciting) but I go to watch my fellow classmates play hockey. I could see some players starting to hang their heads toward the end of the game, and that bummed me out, but a few stayed in it till the end.

I wish some of the "fans" would stop being so hard on the players and enjoy the hockey game. Yeah, I wish we were winning all the games too, but I still enjoy watching the seawolves skate.

Hang in there boys!

Jimjamesak said...

(Long Post)
I really didn't wanna do this but, I feel I have to say it: This should be Shyiak's last season as head coach. This is Shyiak's 5th season in charge, which means everything should be in place for. Every player is a player he and his staff recruited. Every assistant is one he hired. Every player should know his systems and believe in them. All of these factors should add up to a successful season, and that was the (reasonable) expectation.

Unfortunately, this season has so far been a disaster. The problems are very easy to spot. The team gives up in games, shows no emotion, their size and lack of speed have become liabilities, the offense has vanished, and we have no goaltender. But the biggest problem is, these problems have been around for a while and Shyiak has done nothing to fix them. And that's why the blame goes to him.

First of all, people seem to think that this giving up in games is a new thing, it's not. Under Shyiak the team has lost by 4 or more goals 39 times, including 9-0 losses to Minnesota and Michigan Tech and multiple 4+ losses to Minnesota State. 39 games out of about 150, that's 26%. So basically, under Shyiak, 1 in every 4 games UAA plays they will give up lose by 4 or more. That's unacceptable. How many times have they given up 5 or more: 38 times, about 25%. It's nothing new and Shyiak hasn't been able to do anything about it. What does that say about his ability to lead? Can he really handle it as a WCHA coach? The signs just point to no.

As far as offense and defense is concerned, they almost don't exist. The major problem is that the players on the team are not suited to play in the WCHA. They are big, bulky, and not as fast or quick as other players in the conference. The systems aren't working and they style Shyiak wants to play (bang around, cycle the puck) doesn't work in this conference, and it hasn't been working, save for the occasional success in conference and against non-conference opponents, especially UAF. That's about it with this team and Shyiak's style, we can beat Mercyhurst and UAF, that's it.

As for the goaltending, we haven't had a real goalie since Lawson left (and he wasn't great). Olthuis is a backup, nothing more, he can't be a starter and that's been apparent since he was a sophomore. Bryce is a midseason replacement for Matt Gordon, and that describes him, a substitute teacher. He's not consisitent enough to be a starter to rely on. One game he's good, another he's got 5 against him. (Which why I was glad to hear Sidor play, he got his chance). And that's been known for 2 years. Have they done anything to try to fix the situation? This season was perfect to bring in a Freshman goalie and let him push and challenge Bryce and John, because they can't push and challenge each other.

It's year 5 and nothing is working. This was his season to prove something and all that's been proven is he can beat Mercyhurst and UAF. There's been no home ice, no playoff series wins, no Final Fives. The things that we expect and ask for and it seems he can't achieve it. It's time to move on.

Anonymous said...

Wow your team is a bunch of slow lumbering hacks.Enjoy the cellar once again.

Anonymous said...

I usually comment after every game, but my emotions are not in check like most fans. So I will wait and see what happens after game 2.
It must have been hard for clark and haddad to score, only to see 8 goals go past our goalies. Clark has been the only consistent player this year. Lunden missing hurt our opportunties. We have had a tough time in the first perior, only to re-group in the second, but let up in the third.
Put bryce in tonite, score 3 to 4 goals and limit them to 3. We can still split the weekend.
Backstrom and tuton must start leading by example on the defense.
Clark must continue to score and provide leadership up front.
All the best tonite.
Your fans bleed along with you.

Anonymous said...

Clark is on pace for a 20 goal season, 12th in scoring in the wcha.
We need some scoring from grant, haddad and parkinson.
The new freshman are having a tough time finding the net.
We still put clark on second line power play unit.
We never play him short handed, or more four on fours, even though he is second in pts for shorthanded pts.
Maybe we are saving him for playoffs.
I would make clarkie team captain and shake up this team.
We are 1/3 way through the season.
Leadership is definitely leaded.
Beaverson and Robinson were good leaders, they are playing pro today.
Clarkie will also, the players need leaders who never quit till the final buzzer. Clarkie shows that every shift.

Anonymous said...

Toronto maple leafs are in last place in the nhl, uaa is in last place in the wcha.
Only way out win hockey games.
Shorten bench, go with hot goalie, and hope for the best.
Put your best five guys out on the power play like washington does with ovechin and go for the win.
At this point we need a win, we have four years to develop this group of freshman, let the seniors and juniors lead this team out of this mess.

-30- said...

I guess all that can be said is that they’re all in this together. All need to be better. Couple of things bothered me before the puck even dropped. During the pregame radio broadcast Coach 1 was asked about the game plan. He said, in effect, that that never changes. Are you kidding me? Coach 2 got on the microphone and sounded as if he had no confidence, that the game was already lost. Are the coaches under pressure? Yeah, it’s a helluva business. But this ain’t the pros, and they ain’t going anywhere, so calls for their heads are pointless. However this perceived stubbornness on the side of Coach 1 has got to change. Why on earth give three rookies the status and pressure a second line is afforded? All week at practice they and line one get all the perks. Does this help them? Is it too much pressure? I can’t imagine it sitting well with the vets who went to war together last year and really did quite well through the adversity that was the curfew debacle. (Was it to spite the coaches?) And the first line? Well, Clarke can’t to it by himself when at least one linemate acts too often like a prima donna in search of the French judges--hit somebody for Christ’s sake. This leads to the PP. Perhaps your leading scorer should be out there for two minutes, not the last half of two? You think? When things aren’t working, you crowd the net and get pucks on that same net. Keep it simple stupid. This floating umbrella is embarrassing. Goaltending? You need a number one, as the crowd clearly appreciated last night. Go with what you’ve got. Was Bryce injured? Perhaps. But he’s sat far too many games when he should have been established as number one. If your goalie lacks confidence… well, you’re dead in the water. I’ve got a suspicion that the way Mr. Selby has been treated is symptomatic of the problem. The dressing room has been lost, and, like last year, the team needs a curfew-type issue to rally around. One positive, if there’s a time for a seasonal slump, we’ve picked the perfect time. Good luck tonight, boys.

Anonymous said...

30 everything you said is right on, why are we seeing it but not the coaches, like you said the seniors and juniors carried this team last year, now all of sudden are not good enough to be top line.
Crowder played first line every game whether he played well or not.
Shiyak is trying to justify his recruits this year, but are no where near the talent of previous year. If that is the case go with your seniors and juniors, also the game is never over till the final buzzer, in the last two minutes of every period, your top five players should be out there. They give you a opportuinty to get back in the game.
Clark got the goal yesterday, clark and haddad in the box, than haddad came out and scored. The whole teamp has to start playing like clark and haddy every shift.
Change the captains and assistants around and demand changes. Whether
we loose by 1 goal or 10 we must believe we can beat any team.
Clark could stay out for 2 minutes on the powerplay, und and minnestoa and wisconsin will leave the same unit for 5 minutes.
These quick shift are a joke.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I don't agree that Clark has been the only consistent player this year or the only one giving his all. There are others. Last night was a lacklustre performance by all and to put Sidor in was right. Bryce did not have a good game last week-end, and so, to try to get the team to rally around Sidor was a good plan I thought. Jonny should not be heckled like that tough. Brutal fan support there. I'm not sure there is even a top line. They have everyone spread out. Juniors and seniors shuffled around when they should be playing together when the game gets tight. They held this team together last year during the suspensions and now are getting the shaft this year. They have the experience and talent needed to win games. Put 2 strong lines together and play them more. We were more successful last year.

Anonymous said...

Someone said the team was hanging their heads in the third period. Actually, they were looking defeated before the first period was over.

On channel 2 news Shyiak said his team gave up in Wisonsin, and they have up last night. Fans were throwing their arms up in the air and leaving in droves. It was EMPTY last night, and I expect it to be even emptier tonight.

Wake up Shyiak.

Anonymous said...

Name one player who has been consistent other than clark.
He came back to finish his last year strong and lead this team to
the playoffs. I am not going to let off our other seniors and juniors that easy. Preparing yourself in the offseaon and during the season is important.
We have a strong group of returnees
Shyiak has to kick some ass, wasting time talking to the refs.
Motivate your players, longer practises, different game plans.
ONly 5 games left in the first half.
The fans should expect and receive a better performance from this team.
Play Bryce the 5 remaining games.
This team need a big game tonite, not for the fans but for themselves.
Teams don't give up, coaches give up on there players. He recruited them, than work with them.
Goals are scored by driving the net, there are some players on this team are afraid to drive the net.

On Wolves said...

Uh Oh... Are you going to tell everyone that they have an agenda and aren't true Seawolves fans now?

The strange thing is that people are just now realizing all of this. Slow, can't pass, can't shoot, don't care. But hey, we're big!

I would say 'let the 2 minutes of hate begin!' but since everyone here has posted the same thing, I guess I don't really need to.

(oh, and I would like to believe that Shyiak put Sidor in net to see if he has what it takes to play at this level... of course since the team had already displayed their utter lack of ability to play any semblance of defense he was going to get shelled and his confidence destroyed, so that's a terrible decision. The alternative is that he believed the game was already over and didn't want to appease the fans by putting in Bryce, which should be in and of itself a fireable offense. Or maybe Bryce was unavailable and I'm reading to much into it...)

Anonymous said...

The seniors are not stepping up to the plate. Hunt and Tuton both made terrible passes that led to goals. They are there to lead by example, and the freshmen are not playing any worse than a handful of the seniors.

Anonymous said...

The Wiscosin game was very close untill the third so I wouldnt label the last game for Bryce as "not very good". The bottom line is we have been absolutely shit kicked the last 2 games, Fucking shit kicked.

Zzzz said...

First, I disagree with the comments that our players don’t belong in the WCHA. Grant proved last season that he can be among the best goal scorers in the league. I have no doubt that he, Clark, Lunden, and others will go on to have successful pro careers in the AHL if not the NHL. Backstrom, Vidmar, LaFranchise, Leinweber, and Baldwin are quality defensemen. The fact that players like Beagle, Crowder, Anderson, and Lawson have moved up into the pros with good success indicates to me that there is talent moving through our program. Unfortunately, Shyiak’s use of that talent while it is here is poor.

Much of the problem lies in the fact that the systems that these guys are being forced to play are not working and the coach is too stubborn to change the game plan – AFTER 5 YEARS! This team may not be loaded with first-round NHL picks but we do have talent. Unfortunately that talent is being stifled by poor play-calling by the coach. We as fans have waited patiently for five seasons to see what Shayiak could put together. Largely, his approach to the game has remained unchanged for that entire time and he is proving to be unable to harness the abilities of his players.

One glaring example of Shyiak’s poor use of personnel is the fact that Ken Selby has sat on the bench for much of his career at UAA. Selby has great hands and can skate like the wind, yet game after game we see players like #40 on the ice instead. 40 has good hands too but he absolutely has LEAD in his boots. That lack of speed is a complete liability playing in the WCHA. I never like to call out individual players but to illustrate this example I needed a comparison, sorry… While Selby hasn’t exactly proven to score like Gretzky, I don’t remember him getting blown-by for a breakaway or an odd man rush either. I still believe if Ken had been consistently utilized from the time he got here we would currently see him as one of our leading scorers. Unfortunately for Ken and UAA that’s not the case.

This team has some dynamic players. I remember watching Curtis Leinweber during his first few games thinking he could be the most exciting d-man to come through UAA since Shawn LaFroth. Unfortunately, his skills with the puck are rarely evident anymore as he splits time between forward and defense.

The bottom line is it’s the coach’s burden and responsibility to bring out the best in his players and adapt differently to each opponent. Each of these guys placed their future in his hands by agreeing to play at UAA, hoping for development, education, and a shot at a hockey career after college. Right now, their confidence is being destroyed. Each week our opponents basically know what our game plan is going to be – because it never changes. We’re playing some of the best college hockey teams in the nation. That’s like being a pitcher and telling Sammy Sosa that you’re gonna throw a fast-ball right down the middle every time. Guess what usually happens?

Shyiak owes this team much more.

Mike said...

WOW...I went last night and want to know if I can get my money back or something? Coach change for crying out loud. Scoring comes from the slot not on the boards. If you are the biggest team in all of college hockey then why don't your "big" guys f*ing hit the opposition from the first puck drop until the last whistle? Same old same old. The one thing that I notice is that our sloppy (understated) passing seems to come from playing the puck far to quickly when there is no need for it. One touch pass to the opposing defense time after time after time...carry the puck in on the goal and make a 3 foot pass into your teams skates...all the time. You can't expect a "guy" to lift you out of this freaking mess, you have to change your style of play. It's not impossible...unless your coach is unwilling to do so.

Anonymous said...

Grant, Lunden, Haddad, Parkinson, Lafranchise and Vidmar have all been as consistent as Clark this year. We need to see more goals from all of them. I think that the sloppy passing is from a lack of confidence. The boys should be carrying the puck in more instead of going for the pass. Throw out the systems tonight and just go for it. There has to be more aggressive play from everyone.

Anonymous said...

Imagine how parents of our players react to the way the team is playing this year.
It is a difficult year for the players and there supporters, let's focus on tonites game and bring home the big "W".

Mike said...

I agree...let's step up for the win tonight and get some positives working on our side.

Suze said...

Show us what you are made of Seawolves. We'll be there tonight with a friend, give us something to cheer for. Play as a team and score that first goal!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Prediction for tonite,
4 to 3 for uaa, going to be close.
Bryce in net.
Clark will pop 2 goals and 1 assist.
Grant will break his steak and get that goal tonite.
Baldwin will blast one from the point.
we need this win.
No letting up.

Donald Dunlop said...

Dear JimmyJam,
I know it's not your fault but I have to ask you to do something here. You started a thread on USCHO and mentioned it came from my blog. The very first response on that thread (from that major league idiot moose97) imply that I'm advocating for Shyiak to be out. And I'm not.

Please respond to him that the inference he drew from his post was his stupidity and not my advocacy. As for you and others regarding Shyiak, you certainly have every right to express your opinions and I plan to examine those concerns in a future post.

For now ... thanks in advance for correcting that dumbass moose97.

Anonymous said...

What a fun game tonight! Team was into it, and fans (approx 500-ish more than last night) were loud and proud.

Kudos to the guys! Bryce rocked.

ZZzzZ said...

Awesome game... Complete turnaround from last night. That was exactly the type of tight checking, solid defensive effort we need every game. I think we only allowed 11 shots over the first two periods or something. Nick Haddad was a MONSTER tonight. Clark, Grant and Leinweber had very good games too...

Congrats guys.

Anonymous said...

now I stay tuned!

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