Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Green&Gold Fridays, Jersey Saturdays: Free Tickets

Don't forget that this weekend (and every home weekend) that UAA is running two ticket promotions that make simple and easy to get your kids into the games for free.  On Friday nights, you just have to wear Green & Gold and you can receive up to two free general admission tickets for kids 12 and under.  On Saturday nights, you wear a hockey jersey and again you can receive up to two free general admission tickets for kids 12 and under.

It's simple.  You go to the northwest ticket office and head to the student desk up to one hour before gametime.  Show them your "Green & Gold" on Friday night or your "Jersey" on Saturday night, buy one adult ticket and they'll give you tickets for the two kids you brought with you.

I've pinned the flyers for each of these promotions in the right hand column.  Tell your friends.  Take the neighbors kids if you don't have any of your own.  Babysitting on Friday or Saturday night?  What better way to let the little ones burn off some energy.  I promise you that when you get them home after the game that they'll crash out big time. 

I can't think of any entertainment option in town that would be anywhere near as inexpensive as this.  Take advantage of it.  UAA Athletics and all it's great volunteers make the hockey games a very family friendly and fun event.  Don't miss out!


Anonymous said...

Jay beagle called up to play for washington capitals nhl from ahl,
ex. linemate of clarky.
He played really well, washington won 4 to 2 over the rangers.
congrats beagle
Mat robinson called up for the echl to binghamton senators ahl.
Last years captain of the seawolves.
who says our team never has top end talent, these players started four years ago with clark and lunden. Lawson, chad anderson and crowder all playing ahl.
This team from four years ago had alot of talent.
all the best to all of them, hopefullly this will motivate our upperclassman and team to a winning weekend.
Again congrats to our players who have played for Uaa.
Come out friday and see some future ahl players and maybe a nhl player in there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

nice to see players doing well

Donald Dunlop said...

Beags picked up the one assist on the winning goal. Had a couple of other nice shifts in the 3rd period as well. Am watching GlenX on a stream right now .... his first game back after being suspended 3 games for accidently clocking Chris Drury.

Click here if you want to watch the Flames and Avs streaming

Donald Dunlop said...

Curtis with a nice feed from the corner just now to Iginla to tie it at 1.

Donald Dunlop said...

If you want to see just about any NHL game and haven't bookmarked THIS SITE then here's another chance.

Jeff said...

When everybody was putting together their ALl-Seawolf team a few weeks agao, nobody had beagle on their roster. hopefully he can stay in the nhl consistently

Brendan D. said...

I actually have a question. I live in Michigan, and am a huge Michigan State fan. Recently I've seen Alaska - Fairbanks, a team in the CCHA with MSU, being labeled simply as "Alaska." I know that they used to be called Alaska - Fairbanks always, but now they're just the "Alaska Nanooks." Is there a particular reason for this that you Alaska - Anchorage fans would know of? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago UAF decided that they were the flagship program and decided to term themselves "Alaska" for their athletic teams. Basically they are ashamed to be from Fairbanks.

hockeybear said...

Attn: Seawolves fans - Stocking Stuffer Tip! ;o)

I was at the Walmart Superstore off the Old Seward today, and in the Christmas ornament section (right near the garden center entry) they had the cutest Seawolves hockey ornaments! :o)

Problem is.. they only had two left and I bought one of them. But the store clerk I talked to said they had more in the back and would be restocking soon.

The ornaments have 3 Seawolves hockey players in UAA uniforms, helmets & skates. (They're boxed so that you can see the ornament.)

Since they have the "Collegiate Licensed Product" sticker on the box, they probably also sell them @ the UAA store too (I'm not sure) but they're only $7.50 each at WallyWorld.

They also sell a smaller UAA ornament with a little elf wearing a UAA uniform (not sure what the deal is with an elf?) and it's $4 or $5 I think.. but they're not as cute as the hockey players. They also have a larger elf dude in UAA duds that I guess is just a nick-knack?

Also in the same section they have UAA Christmas stockings (which I'll bet can also be found at the store @ UAA) and they had a small box of what looked like four mini round UAA green and gold ornaments. I was kinda in a hurry and didn't check those out.

I've been to the store @ UAA in the past and have seen the super nice ornaments upstairs, but I was surprised to see these UAA hockey ornaments at Walmart :-O

Anyway... if you find yourself over there, the hockey ornaments are pretty cute and would make a great stocking stuffer.

Hopefully they'll restock the supply SOON. :o)

Donald Dunlop said...

It's pretty much as Anon explained. They are the "original" University and they do get the lions share of funding and even have the more "scholarly" programs. So it was really a "high horse" move on their part. I can imagine they didn't intend to slight the city of Fairbanks but that's exactly what they've done.

I suppose it was a "branding" issue to them. They figured they could sort of usurp the drama of the "Alaska" brand ... I guess they didn't think that we're still called the University of Alaska Anchorage down here.

UAA should really change it's name to Anchorage State University. I think I'll have to do a post on that. Maybe try to get other people on board with the idea? It would help define our school as being closely tied to the city that has 40% of the entire state's population.

Brendan D. said...

Thanks guys. Yeah, I was surprised to see the change on Fairbanks' part, especially considering Anchorage is the more populous city of the two. I know when I think of Alaskan college hockey, both Fairbanks and Anchorage come to mind. Good luck to the Seawolves this weekend against Minnesota State.

Suze said...

Walmart had Seawolves sweatshirts over the summer, and they were only $7.00. Very nice ones too.

Thanks for the tip about the ornaments. Sounds like a nice gift for anyone who has relatives in Fairbanks! ;)

On Wolves said...

"watching GlenX on a stream right now .... his first game back after being suspended 3 games for accidently clocking Chris Drury."

That might be the most asinine thing you've ever penned; and that is quite a statement!


He raises clearly braces for the hit, and he very clearly aims for Drury's head. I love my former Seawolves, and I've jocked Curtis on this site many, many times. But that was a busch league hit, he should have been gone for much more than three games.

It seems like there's been a hit out on Team USA players... Okposo, Booth, Drury. Conspiracy? Parise and Kane better be watchin their backs!

You're spot on with the “Alaska State” post though. I've long advocated for a name change, originally to "Alaska" but since UAF hijacked that moniker I think ASU would be good too. It just sounds like a real university rather than a directional school or a community college. Where would a kid rather go, "Ohio State" or "University of Ohio Bedford."

I think the problem is that UAA is part of the UA system. I'm not sure if changing to ASU would require a complete restructuring of the university or not, but that would be a massive hassle that the administration would never want to undertake. Even if it would help recruiting immensely, and I think it would. Thoughts?

-30- said...

Ah, Parise. His old man, J.P., was a good Canadian boy who single-handedly took on incompetent German refereeing and the commie bastards USSR in Moscow back in the 1972 Summit Series. He couldn't skate either, but was good enough to finally find his stride in Minnesota with the North Stars. As for his boy playing with Team America--what's with that, eh?

Donald Dunlop said...

"That might be the most asinine thing you've ever penned; and that is quite a statement!"

It is far from the most asinine thing I've ever typed here.

There's a fairly wide agreement that Chris Drury has a glass jaw. With that in mind, there's wide speculation that 90% of other players would have jumped right back up after that GLANCING hit ... I've watched it dozens of times and shoulders were clearly the first things that connected between the two.

The truth about that hit is that it is one of those on which reasonable people might disagree so to come to my blog and jump on me calling me asinine straight out of the box once again displays your irrationality.

You appear to be one of those people that thinks infractions should be punished more harshly when an injury results. That my friend (and of course by friend I mean deliberately argumentative pretend friend of the Seawolves program) is the asinine position here.

It's always a shame when someone gets hurt. But injuries don't only come from illegal hits. Likewise illegal hits don't always cause injuries. Therefore, consistency in punishing illegal hits is called for. Reactionary punishments based on whether a guy was injured or not make no sense.

Glencross said he didn't mean to hit the guy there. The Rangers said didn't think there was any intent. But of course, you know differently.

You know ... you could start up your FireDaveShyiak effort without having to pay for it. I'm sure FireDaveShyiak.blogspot.com isn't taken. Jump on that eh? Then maybe I can come over there and harass you?

On Wolves said...

Settle down. It was a cheap shot. Everyone can see it.

I wasn't ware that you were so sensitive. Good word dude. And I didn't call you asinine, I called that statement asinine... mainly because it was.

And yes, the Rangers were very upset after the game, as was clear by the statements of the players, but of course, you know different.

Lastly, no, the injury shouldn't determine the penalty. The shot to the head should determine the penalty.

And really, saying that I'm not a fan is played, its weak, and most of all its inaccurate.

Donald Dunlop said...

I didn't say you weren't a fan. I said you were a pretend friend of the program.

As to the level of my sensitivity ... here's the reality of this place.

I consider it a virtual extension of my house. I've written almost 700 posts here in almost 4 years.

I don't allow strangers from North Dakota to come in here and trash me. Their presence is conditional. I treat UAA fans differently ... they have an open invitation and any examination of my history with regard to comments would show that. I've begged and pleaded with others who have differing opinions to post here ... in effect I've offered up my house for their use.

But when I have a friend over to my house in reality and he isn't considerate enough to keep the fact that the cat shit in the box smells to himself, then I tell him to leave. I'm not a doormat for anyone ... including people that profess to being a fan of the program I'm writing about.

How is all that stuff not clear to anyone who's read here?

Ted said...

The Alaska State issue has its supporters in the University. It would require a "divorce" from the UA system and legislative approval. One of the chief benefits would be that ASU would go to the legislature for funding by itself and compete with the UA system on merit.

As it is funding goes to the system and the systems loves UAF better, because nearly everyone at the Statewide office is from UAF. UAA isn't allowed to have doctoral programs because UAF has an inferiority complex. If we had terminal programs, what would they hold over us?

They have twice the budget per student as UAA. Even UAS gets more money per student than UAA, but mostly because it is assumed that folks who work for a school of 2500 should make as much in the same position responsible for 19000.

Being Mavricks did not help McCain and Palin, let's hope they have no more success this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Do you think the state would fund a split? also it might be good UAA turning it into ASU does that mean we could institute masters and Phd programes?

Anonymous said...

crowder plays for hartford, mat robinson played his first ahl game tonite for binghamton senators. Mats team won 2 to 1. Congrats to both of them, by the way crowder scored the lone goal for hartford.
Who say uaa can produce top end players. Beagle played in the nhl for washington last nite, 1 assist.
Next year clark and lunden.
This should fire up the team for friday.
go seawolves

Suze said...

The coaches show (just finished) was a repeat from two weeks ago. It wasn't on last week at all. Anyone know when this is going to get back on track?

Anonymous said...

Probably when the team gets on track

Anonymous said...

Gci no broadcasts, no coaches show, the team will be fine this weekend, the marketing department is not on the ball this year.
I thought we had a full time person this year.

Anonymous said...

Have we found out who is still injured this weekend for the seawolves.

Anonymous said...

they did tape the coaches show, but had audio issues so they decided to reshow the one from two weeks ago, i think they are doing the coaches show during the home weekends it sounds like.

On Wolves said...

Interesting deal on the ASU-UA system. What would UAA have to do to break away from UA and Mark Hamilton? Would we have to get a charter from the state senate? I think its the next logical step for the university, as it has been growing significantly over the years and is the true state university. Plus, saying I went to Alaska State sounds better than University of Alaska Anchorage; unless you're not into the whole brevity thing...

'pretend friend' of the program is pretty funny.

Donald Dunlop said...

I stole "pretend friend of" from Brad Pitts character in 12 Monkeys. I think the whole line was

"you pathetically ineffectual and pusillaminous pretend friend to animals".

Anchorage State University > Alaska State University

Suze said...

Let's hope we don't see any creative officiating this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hey Donald, I was wondering if you ever got the Crowell hit in the 2nd Denver game picked out yet? Love the man and wanted to see if he is as bad-ass as when he was in Vernon.

Thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...

crowell is tough says clarky

Donald Dunlop said...

LOL. It's funny that you asked. I finally found it (the Crowell hit) and am about to upload it to YouTube but I came here to check on comments.

On Wolves said...

Alaska State gets my vote. We'll continue this thread on another post I'm sure...

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