Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Game Day: Seawolves vs. Badgers

Saturday November 14th, 2009
Game Time: 407PM (Alaska Standard Time) - 7:07PM (Central Standard Time)
Kohl Center - Madison, Wisconsin

For those of you unable to see a conventional broadcast of this game you may be able to access a stream by clicking on this link at game time.  No promises.

I've got some personal obligations that necessitate me being away from home during tonights game.  I therefore won't be hosting the "fancy" chat program and instead will just leave the "low rent" one below up through the day and during the game.  I should be here for the start of the game but will have to leave at some point.  At least I'll get to listen to Kurt Haider's awesome call in the car though.  More than likely I'll be back here before the end of the game to participate in the chat.  GO SEAWOLVES.

Dear Seawolf Player,
Use whatever guts and determination that you managed to find within yourselves for the nice wins against UND and DU.  Look across the locker room into your friends and teammates eyes before the game tonight.  Then tell him that you're going to give it everything you've got for him.  Ask him to give it everything he's got for you.  Pat him on the back.  Stand up together and give it the ole Army "Hoo Rah" if that's what it takes.

Depend on him and make him know he can depend on you.  Then look across the locker room and find another friend and teammate and do the exact same thing.  It's time for some goddamn hardcore teammate old style bonding.  Maybe you don't see eye to eye with a guy, so fucking what?  Forget that shit, get with him and let him know you want to win tonight.  Tell him you'll bust your ass for him.  And then go out and bust your ass for him.  If he takes a penalty or blows a play during the game, forget about it.  Give him another "Hoo Rah" and tell him you know he'll make up for it.  Then help him make up for it.

There's no doubt you guys lost as a team on Friday night.  It was EVERYBODY'S fault.  EVERYBODY.  It was just as much your fault as anybody elses.  If you don't believe that then don't fucking dress for tonights game.  Let someone else play.  Tonight there is no option other than giving ONE HUNDRED PERCENT.  Draining every single bit of energy from your body is the ONLY OPTION.  If you don't do that then you sure better not be able to look yourself in the mirror tomorrow.  If you don't give it your all and you can still look in the mirror the next day then you might as well pack it in.  I know I sure as hell don't want to put the effort I put into this blog if there are players that aren't giving it their all on the ice.  Show everyone you're giving it your all.  If everyone does that then you'll win.  I promise you that.  Own your effort and support your teammates effort.  Be there for each other.

Here's the goal highlights from the 7-3 win over DU.  The dorks at GCI have once again archived the Saturday night game twice so I don't have the goal highlights from the Friday game.  I'll check back in a couple of days and see if they've corrected it.

And if you haven't seen the Lafranchise/Wiercioch hit.  Here it is.  No audio and I manually stepped it forward and backward several times to show it clearly.  Someone might say there is knee to knee contact as it appears in ONE frame but all the succeeding frames clearly show the hip to hip contact.  It's too far away to say there was ANY knee to knee contact if you ask me.


Anonymous said...

And swung the hip just before he hit him WITH THE HIP.

Anonymous said...

So, you erase any comments that offer a differing view??????? Yeah, that makes this a fair argument.

Donald Dunlop said...

Make an argument. Expressing a differing view doesn't = Dude ... blah blah blah or ... you have no clue ... Don't just come here and throw out BS and expect it to stand.

Take a look around. Do you think I expound this widely just to sit here and take BS from trolls? Be substantive or piss off is the way it works here.

paintedpony said...

Didn't like my comment eh Donald.

Donald Dunlop said...

Say something substantive and it won't get deleted. How many times do I have to say it? If I'd had any idea what you were talking about it wouldn't have gotten deleted.

paintedpony said...

I was talking about the fighting that went on in the game.

Donald Dunlop said...

And? Do you have a two sentence limit or something?

I'd spread the responsibility about equally between the two teams. And I say that knowing that Bennett on three separate occasions "took liberties" against UAA players. One of those times he did so started one of the scrums and he was penalized for it.

The Badgers are notoriously quick to resort to the goonery. The Seawolves (much to my chagrin) tend to back away more often than they engage.

So once again ... got something to say? Say it with more than the typical one sentence troll. Making your point carefully is advised as I'm generally pretty good at this internet arguing shit.

Anonymous said...

What was wrong when I said:

He led with his knee. Wow...

That's a pretty darn true statement.

Donald Dunlop said...

When you the 2nd part of your comment was "you don't have a clue" ... and that was all. The first part alone isn't substantive but I might have left your comment and addressed it but the 2nd part is typical trolling. I get more than enough of such to recognize it and won't address that sort of thing here anymore.

Notice how I type out whole thoughts here and address people reasonably when they start with reasonable comments?

Now to answer the assertion that "he led with his knee". Vitually every moment of contact (particularly in open ice) could be characterized as leading with the knee because the guy is skating. It is difficult to say based on the available video that any knee to knee contact was made. What is clear however, is that Kane's hip and Wiercioch's hip were the overwhelming main point of contact.

Careful viewers will note Kane's positioning at the instant of the hit and his positioning coming out of the hit. I think basic physics should bear that out. Kane hits him with his right hip on Wiercioch's right hip. A knee to knee hit in those circumstances would have spun both guys around rather than flipping Wiercioch and Kane continuing on.

Not Kane's body position immediately following the hit. He is facing about 30-45 degrees toward his own end of the rink.

Could a reasonable person mistake the hit for a foul as it occurred? Sure. It's a fast play ... they don't have the benefit of replaying it. Can someone have the opinion that it wasn't a clean hip check after viewing this replay? I guess so ... but some sort of blanket statement made with "you don't have a clue" isn't a reasonable response.

Anonymous said...


(just kidding, it wasn't me who said it in the first place, just wanna mess with you, since you seem to be such an easy target)

However, the rules clearly state that if the knee is used in any way to hit someone that it is kneeing. The original "clipping" call was off-base. However, there was clearly some contact with LaFranchise's knee to Wiercioch's body and THAT IS A PENALTY. No two ways about it. The refs have the discretion to call it a minor, a major or a major and a DQ. They decided on the latter. I don't think that there is any question that LaFranchise's knee hit Wiercioch, so I do not see how you can argue that. Your argument should be based more on whether it was worthy of a DQ, as opposed to if it was a penalty or not.

I will not argue that LaFranchise's hip made contact with Wiercioch, since it did. That is not the issue however. Again, the issue is the knee, and as I stated the penalty shall be assessed ANY TIME A KNEE MAKES CONTACT TO AN OPPOSING PLAYER.

I'm also curious about your assertion that the two refs had been suspended, since the league would definitely make an announcement in regards to such an action and it has not happened. The big question: Are you, Donald Dunlop, a liar for having made such a statement without proper proof?

Donald Dunlop said...

As to the hit:
Your opinion is noted. Interestingly, in my post above the posted video ... I say

"Someone might say there is knee to knee contact as it appears in ONE frame but all the succeeding frames clearly show the hip to hip contact. It's too far away to say there was ANY knee to knee contact if you ask me.

So your entire argument rests with something I already stipulated. But go ahead and pat yourself on the back for making it and then explaining the options that the referees have.

As to your curiosity:
The league is well known for talking out of both sides of it's mouth. I have information that that WCHA officials told UAA officials that (my words here) in effect, the referees would not be working this weekend as a result of the game.

Do you see them working this weekend? Eh? Didn't think so.

Let's break a couple of things down more closely shall we?

You decide (for whatever reason) to go with the "you don't have clue" BS in ALL CAPS to open your comment. And explain it's made to wind me up.

With that in mind is it any surprise to any reader that you'd close with some thinly veiled assertion that I'm a liar? Oh ... you just "asked a question" didn't you Glenn Beck? My answer (though your assertion actually doesn't deserve one) is that I have good reason to believe from a source that the information I supplied is accurate or I wouldn't have posted it.

AS to the rest:
Of course by "easy target" you mean that I take the time to respond to completely anonymous insinuations with substantive commentary then you're right.

As someone who is often provocative and who offers controversial opinions on a wide range of subjects I really ought to just disallow anonymous comments or perhaps turn on moderation.

But I find moderation to be more unfair and it limits those who aren't trolls in a way that I don't like. Disallowing anonymous comments is also distasteful to me. The only real issue that I have with anonymous is that it leaves me in a position to determine "which anonymous" I'm talking to.

Persons who are at least attempting to be civil would do me the courtesy of selecting some sort of moniker that would differentiate themselves from the trolls.

Donald Dunlop said...

Sorry I meant to paste this back into that response and forgot ...

Your opening and closing indicate that your aren't really interested in being civil. Notice that I answered you anyway?

Anonymous said...

clark, lunden and grant was the only line scoring and playing defense tonite. The other lines suck big time. Yet clark and lunden were not on the powerplays.
5 goals scored on the second and third lines. The problem is not the seniors but the freshman are along way from ready to play at this level. When clark, lunden and grant broke in the league they contributed first year. Let's put the bs behind us and get the seniors and key players run and motivate this team. It starts next week at home against minnesota state.
Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

12 games in to the year.
line up next week
clark, lunden, grant
parks , haddad, wilkes
the rest play third and fourth lines.
we are 1/3 through the season
the bs is over either sweep minnesota state or recruit another 10 freshman.

annabelle said...

I did see positive changes tonite. Tuton stepped it up and Haddad had another good game. Lafranchise and Vidmar were solid again and so was Lunden. The PK was solid as well. A few soft goals(3). It could have been a different outcome but we need goals to win. The PP has potential but we need to maintain possession of the puck to score on one. Next week.....

Bob said...

Did anyone notice Haiders comment about Wiercioch's hit on the radio tonight? Kurt said he went down lika a soccer player, but was right out there his next shift.

I thought it was very unlike Kurt to even bring it up, but he was spot on. Good on ya Kurt! :)

Anonymous said...

The */- are wrong again on the wcha box scores.

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