Friday, November 27, 2009

Suicide Fridays: Seawolves New Motto?

Once again the UAA Seawolves basically got run out of the rink on a Friday night.  This time the CC Black Bears were the beneficiaries of what sounded like an uninspired UAA effort.  It's tough for me to know having listened on the radio.  But Kurt Haider was never really effusive about any of the play from our boys.  Friday WCHA results so far this year for our beloved Seawolves?

Friday October 23rd versus UND --- UND 5 - UAA 0
Friday October 30th verus Minnesota --- UofM 5 - UAA 1
Friday November 6th versus DU -- DU 3 - UAA2
Friday November 13th versus Wisconsin -- UW 5 - UAA 1
Friday November 20th versus Mankato -- Kato 8 - UAA 2
Friday November 27th versus CC -- CC 5 - UAA 0 

Six goals in 6 Friday night games?  On three of the subsequent Saturday nights UAA rebounded for a win.  Naturally, it remains to be seen if they can muster such a response again.  But then again, all three of those subsequent wins came at home. 

Luke Vidmar and Bryce Christianson were both injured in the game.  I didn't see either situation but Luka's injury was clearly associated with a kneeing penalty against CC's Brian McMillin.  McMillin is a CC senior with 109 games under his belt and only 26 career penalty minutes.  I'm assuming it wasn't intentional or dirty based on that.  But if Kane Lafranchise's DQ for kneeing is any sort of precedent then McMillin may find himself with some additional sanction.

I'm more concerned with whatever happened that caused Bryce to have to leave the ice.  Again, I didn't see it so anyone wanting to weigh in is certainly welcome to comment but it seems David Civitarese's cross checking penalty was a factor.  I suppose I'll trust that the league reviews each of those and decides fairly if any additional action is necessary.  CC was up 5-0 at the time of the incident with Bryce so I'm always concerned greatly with any sort of contact to the goalie in that sort of situation.

Here's the boxscore.

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Anonymous said...

Another friday night meltdown. How is this explained. Giving up another SHG against. After tonight 9th in scoring OFF. 10th in scoring DEF. and a PP under 9 percent. Sounded like they quit. How about motivating this team. 3 - 8 in league play. This was suppose to be the year with a roster that was billed as taking a big step.

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