Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Latest Seawolves Goal Highlights

For the third series in a row, the fine folks at GCI have posted the archive for only the Saturday night game from the weekend.  I'm not sure if they did so because those were the three games that the Seawolves won or if they just made the same upload mistake in each case.  I'll keep checking back and if they ever put the Friday night games up, I'll grab the goal highlights and put them on YouTube.

This weeks file is just under 10 minutes long ... the YouTube limit.  Besides the goal highlights I've included Tyler Currier's first collegiate shift.  He did pretty well, not long after taking the ice he nails some Mankato boob pretty well (happens just at the right edge of the frame) and you can hear his family/friends hooting and hollering.  Then he proceeds to hit and/or bump at least 4 other Mankato boobs.  He looked quick and energetic.  I deem it a worthy inclusion.  Good on ya Tyler.

I also included Dave Shyiak's post game interview with Kurt Haider.  He gives a nice mention of Tyler's efforts about 2/3 of the way through.  I snagged the team's smiling faces coming off the ice after the game as well.

I'll have a Colorado College preview sometime this evening (Wednesday).  It's obviously an important series since the Seawolves are really in need of some additional points.  It's obviously going to be a difficult task as the Black Bears are way the hell up the standings tied for 1st with 13 points.  A sweep this weekend would give UAA 10 points and would naturally be the preferred outcome.  I don't know what if any sort of impact the Thanksgiving factor will be.  Do the guys just go ahead and pig out on Thursday?  Or would it be better to bag the turkey etc ... in favor of a standard meal and save any Thanksgiving festivities for Sunday back here?  If I were the coach I'd just go with the turkey et al.  Mistake?

More later ... hope you enjoyed the highlights.


Suze said...

Thanks for the highlights! Currier did look pretty good for his first game, he's got a lot of positive energy!

Let's hope the entire team plays with the intensity they did on Saturday, and that they score first!!

Donald Dunlop said...

Yes ... but what's your philosophy on Turkey?

-30- said...


Suze said...

I say enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner, but in moderation. :)

akhockeyfanatic said...

Thanks for the highlights, Donald! I've missed the last month of hockey so the video was a real treat.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Seawolves and all the fans!

Anonymous said...

UAA women win their forth straight shoot out

Will said...

A good turkey dinner for the guys should be fine. Not knowing what else the team eats whild on the road I can't imagine why turkey wouldn't be ok. Any chance of the effect of a turkey dinner and taking a nap will be out of their system by game time on Friday. My vote would be turkey on Thursday for the guys.

I sure hope the guys can find a way to have a good Friday night game. At some point this season we need to get a couple back to back wins. Nothing like wins to build some confidence which is what this team needs.

Turkey on Thursday and a win on Friday to start the weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving to the team and all.

Suze said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you Will, and to Dori! :)

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