Monday, January 17, 2011

Craig Parkinson, "We're ready to play Denver Tomorrow ..."

"You talk to most guys .. we're excited, we want to play ... Denver tomorrow. We're ready to go. We're exicted to get down there and start Friday night; certainly." said Craig Parkinson in the UAA Hockey Fan Blog interview from Saturday night following the sweep of Colorado College.  That anticipation is certainly shared by me.  I've been looking forward to this rematch since the previous one finished just before the Seawolves holiday break.  

Getting just one point out of that DU series hasn't sat well with me.  The boys sure deserved better than that.  Even though the Seawolves had their usual long break the previous DU series is probably pretty fresh in their minds.  They'll remember leading the Friday night game 3-2 early in the third period and surrendering 3 goals in 9 minutes.  They'll remember tying the 2nd game when it looked like they should have won.  The Seawolves will remember having both of these games well within their ability to get wins.  

It just takes one glance at the standings for the Seawolves team to get motivated for this weekends series.  You see a team sitting in 2nd place in the WCHA that you have confidence you can beat.  There's your motivation.  If that isn't enough then a reminder of how important points are at this stage of the season should bolster it.  A good weekend likely means maintaining current standing, a great weekend means possibly moving up a spot to 7th and a bad weekend could very well drop them a position.

In looking forward to the weekend, I'm trying to just think about Friday night.  5 of UAA's 6 conference wins have come on Friday night this season.  That's quite the opposite from last season when 7 of 9 wins came on Saturday nights.  

It's good that Craig says "We're ready to go ..."


Jimjamesak said...

Hey now! Easy on the video lifting, I want to youtube hits man.


Suze said...

The game is listed as being on TV via GCI, but it's not listed on their website. We are planning a pizza hockey party! Go get em Wolves.

dggoddard said...

Saturday night's game will be televised on FCS-Rocky Mountain for those with the "expanded sports tier" on DirecTV, Dish Network and cable services.

UAAAlumni09 said...

Gunderson is the runner up for the INCH player of the week

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