Saturday, January 15, 2011

Post Game Interviews 1-15-11 vs CC

It was cleaning time at the Sully as the Seawolves break out the brooms after a 2-1 victory over Colorado College. Craig Parkinson and Alex Gellert scoring the goals(on an assists from Tommy Grant, his fifth point of the weekend) behind the strength of another strong performance by goalie Rob Gunderson.

The Seawolves got another goal on the power play tonight, their 4th of the weekend, before, after 5 periods, the Seawolves scored 5 on 5 for the only time. It speaks a lot about the improvement and importance of special teams with only one 5 on 5 goal scored. CC's vaunted power play was frustrated all weekend, UAA kept them to the perimeter for the most and kept most shots from getting through. The UAA power play was able to work by exposing and drawing the defense to one side of the ice leaving it open for a backdoor pass for a goal. Most importantly UAA outworked CC all weekend, CC fans will not be happy with what looked like a lackadaisical effort against two fine games for UAA.

Interviews tonight from Coach Shyiak, Rob Gunderson (the story is that last night, after interviewing him, he was heading back to the locker room and said "see ya tomorrow!" thus the comment from me), and Craig Parkinson.


BBEF said...

Lackadaisical? Don't be a dick JJ... have you ever heard of jetlag? LOL... Really - I think CC might have some rink rust...

Suze said...

Great game by every UAA player. Of course Parky, Portwood, and Haddad stood out with their amazing penalty killing, but Leinweber also did a fantastic job, especially last night.

Have fun in Denver boys!

Anonymous said...

great to see an interview from the "untouchable" goaltender - he's going to be great to watch for four years - hope to see you do great things gundy

arcticfox said...

BTW.. Was Lyle Woods off this weekend or am I just losing it? I could've sworn I didn't hear his cheerful voice on the PA.



Anonymous said...

Lyle was not the announcer this past weekend. We wondered where he was too.

Anonymous said...

Lyle fell this past week on the ice, according to someone in the atheltics department. He will be back hopefully for the MTU series.

arcticfox said...

Oh no, what a bummer for Lyle! :0( ~~Before this cold snap when we were socked in with fog, it was especially slippery out. I wonder if that's when it happened?

Lyle - get better soon and don't forget to put some 'cleats on those feets' when it's slick outside.

The guy who filled in this weekend did a great job, but I guess I'm spoiled by Lyle & Kurt. I'm so glad Lyle came back from his brief retirement! :0)

~ ~ ~

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