Friday, January 28, 2011

Game Day Friday: Seawolves at Minnesota

Friday, January 28th 2011
UAA Seawolves vs. Minnesota Gophers
Mariucci Arena::Minneapolis, Minnesota
4:07PM (Alaska Standard Time)

Audio/Video Info
TV: GCI Channel 1 - Fox Sports North
Webcast from GoldZone (University of Minnesota)
Radio: 550 KTZN (Kurt Haider)
Radio Webstream: UAA SplashZone

Other Media Links
ADN: Chase for Home-Ice (Doyle Woody)
StTrib: Goaltending issues (Roman Augustoviz)

UAA Hockey Fan Blog Official Friday Pump Up Video Section
Since the Seawolves are in an area dominated by Scandinavian immigrants I thought I'd go with a little bit of "Viking Metal".  Enjoy.  I find it nicely ironic that the Seawolves come from a geographic region much like Scandinavia ... like um ... we have fjords up here and mountains.  Minnesota?  Not.So.Much.

Go Seawolves!!!

Grant - Kwas - Gellert
Haddad - Bailey - Bruijsten
Wiles - Naslund - Cameron
Portwood - Parkinson - Crowell
Warner - Gorham
McLeod - Vidmar
Sproule - Currier


Anonymous said...

We don't need a pump-up video to get ready for the Gophers. We need Haddad to be chopped across his body with a hockey stick by the coach! It worked going into the CC weekend!

Donald Dunlop said...

Um .. I hadn't heard about that. Tell the story!

Anonymous said...

JJ = Debbie Downer tonight.

Jimjamesak said...

I will simply say this in my defense:

I am not a sunshine pumper. If I feel the team is not playing well enough to win I'm going to say it, even if people don't like that.

The fact is the teams style of play does not lend itself to being down even 1 or 2 goals. It lends itself to preventing the other team from scoring and capitalizing on the chances created from doing that. But if the other is able to force their style of play it seems to create a slippery slope that the team has trouble recovering from. I mean it when I say "If they don't score here, we're cooked." If they are not able to get back in quick then it becomes exponentially harder to come back.

I am as much, if not more, of a supporter of this team and this program than anyone else. But because I view things from a different point of view than most I get comments like that.

I am beyond frustrated of the situation this program is in and it tends to show itself in my postings and thoughts. I have high expectations for this program and I wonder why many don't share them. Nobody seems to be as sick and tired of losing season after losing season as I do and that frustrates me as well. I understand that this is not professional sports and challenges will be faced, but to use those challenges as excuses for the lack of success is silly. The challenges are there, and have been there for decades, and have been overcome before through determination, will, and support. The phrase "What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger" comes to mind. Yet many seem to want to allow them to become impassable obstacles.

To state that I am nothing more than a "fairweather fan" is beyond false. I spent my entire life watching UAA play, giving my heart and soul to this program. I have volunteered, I have travelled, I have helped to provide service, I have been through the good and the bad and will continue to follow this team until my death. But I continue to long for the success this program deserves and hold my expectations for it.

I just wish others would join.

Suze said...

JJ, I think most of us long time fans share your frustration. We have contributed $15,000 to this program over the years!!

Being negative is not going to fix the problem. When I see a full student section and the drum line at games, I am encouraged.

You said the teams style of play "lends itself to preventing the other team from scoring and capitalizing on the chances created from doing that". That sounds like Dean Talafous hockey, don't play to win but play "not to lose". That is not the hockey I have seen from this team so far this season.

All we can do is support the team and the players the best we can. Bring friends to the games, be positive about UAA hockey in our community. It becomes contagious!

Their day will come.

Donald Dunlop said...

So I'm a "sunshine pumper" am I JJ?

Anonymous said...

Can't we all just get along?

Anonymous said...

Donald week of CC Shyiak baseball batted a player in practice (aka physically assulted) and cobb is doing nothing about it. player won't talk cuz his career is threatened this is the time to rally to get rid of cobb and get a rink from a pro-hockey AD.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad the University and the state are going to waste alot of money on this poor hockey program and build us a new rink. We can't fill the one we got now, with no real hockey fan base what gives?Just sayin :(

Anonymous said...

The state and University have no plans to build this "poor hockey program" a new rink. Where have you been?

That said, UAA needs facilities that can compete so they can win some of the recruiting battles. When that happens and the team starts to win (due to better recruits) then the arena will be full. And I will be glad you are not a part of it.

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