Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Potpourri: Home Ice and The Worst Human EvAh

I talked a fair bit last week about the possibilities for home ice.  I mentioned more than once how critical a 4 point series against Minnesota would be.  Two points isn't four; so does that mean the goal of hosting a home ice playoff series is over?
Well, the only answer is fairly complicated.  But there's a good tool for helping you to visualize the possibilities.  It's the "what-if calculator" hosted on  It's so simple that even a UND fan can use it.  I've been through the process a couple of times this weekend and come up with slightly different scenarios.  

How about you give it a go and tell me your results in the comments section.  The best approach is to look at the "AA" section (yes ... that's what lazy fucking twats in the lower-48 call UAA ... seriously do you see any of them calling UMD .. "MD"?  Do you see anyone in Mini-SO-Duh use ND as an abbreviation for UND?  How about BSU?  It's always Bemidji State right?  Not BS?  ... I don't mind when the school is referred to as "Alaska-Anchorage", but god damnit if you're going to fucking use an abbreviation then you fucking well ought to include the U before the AA ... in the past I've sent shitty emails to people about this ... but in this case ... it's UND twats ... there'd be zero effect I'm pretty sure) first and pick what number of points you think the Seawolves will earn over the remaining games.  Then do it for everyone else.

I warn you though ... it's easy to cheat.  And by cheat I mean fool yourself.  As you go through you are quite tempted to assign lower numbers of points to those other teams closer in the standings than they might otherwise get.

Below is the screenshot of my picks (you'll need to click on the pic for full size readability)

 I'm not claiming to be any sort of expert prognosticator because my track record in that department pretty much sucks.  But I have tried to give it my most honest effort.  I really just wanted to plug "4" into every UAA series; but I didn't.  It was actually distasteful and hard to not do that.  Picking this shit just opens my comments section up to assholes calling me a dumbfuck for picking the way that I did ... I promise to delete that horseshit if it occurs; so anyone considering doing so ... don't waste the time. 

So yeah ... 7th place is what I come up with and UAA traveling back to The John for a playoff series.  What about you?  Can the Seawolves get more than 27 points?


And now I present to you a series of videos which clearly display the absolute worst fucking human being ever in the universe.  I watched all of these.  You may have seen one or some of them before.  I really can't recommend any more strongly that this asshole's parents be put in jail for raising such person.  

You may disagree and think it's all him.  I won't deny the logic of that argument and of course just like you I'd like 15 minutes alone in a room with Stephen but ... his parents are useless and the perfect example of why retroactive abortion should be allowed.

And if you'd like to see this rotten bastard finally get some sort of payback (other than the dog pwning him) then watch this last one.  Embedding was disabled unfortunately but it's well worth clicking the link.  Trust me.


There's not much else I can add today after that.  Yay ... we have a home series against a very beatable Michigan Tech team.  See ya at the rink on Friday.  I'll have the usual stuff this week plus one special feature (I hope).


Anonymous said...

My calculator has UAA beating out CC for sixth place. UAA will host CC and take it to them in the first Sullivan full house since you tell me when. Granted, the Seawolves have to go on a tear, but the team appears geared to break out. I see CC, UMN, and Nebraska-Omaha on a downward slide allowing UAA to grab the brass ring. Pretty bold, eh? -30-

On Wolves said...

I did this on an an spreadsheet yesterday (didn't know there was a calculator tool at the time) and came out with two results:

What I want to happen: UAA tied for 6th with CC, we get home ice by virtue of beating them 3/4 times this year in league play. (I assume that's the tie breaker)

What I think will happen: UAA 7th or 8th.

Either way, we have to sweep MTU this weekend. Have to. I believe we will.

Is Bailey the next great Seawolf? Sure looks like it. Here's a comparison of past stars freshmen year:
Glencross:35 11 12 23 79
Clarkie: 35 8 9 17 102
Lunden: 31 11 9 20 36
Tommy: 31 5 2 7 26
Beagle: 31 4 6 10 40

Bailey: 24 8 7 15 23
Bailey Px:34 11 10 21 33

Only through 24 games, if he keeps this pace he'll finish with the projected numbers. In short, he's on pace for the best season since Glencross's freshman year, but with half the penalty minutes that Curtis took.

Alaskana said...

For what it's worth, here's what I got using the calculator (it assumes UAA sweeps this weekend and then wins at least one game for the rest of the season). Thanks for linking to this, really makes getting home ice seem more likely.

WCHA Final
Team GP Pts
Denver 28 41
UMD 28 40
UND 28 38
UW 28 34
AA 28 30
CC 28 30
Nebrask 28 28
UMN 28 28
SCSU 28 21
Bemidji 28 21
Mankato 28 21
MTech 28 4

Anonymous said...

Did some looking at the remaining games of the 6 WCHA teams in the end of season scrap for the final home ice play-off spot. (6th through 11th place are separated by 6 points, with 4 teams having 20 points still available, and UAA and Mankato could get 16 by winning out). All those ahead of or tied with the 8th place Seawolves look to have a tougher schedule, at least on paper, though they all do have those 2 games in hand.

UAA is at North Dakota next weekend. We are 7-10-2 since 2004 against the Sioux, although only 2 of those wins have been away. Omaha - UAA has them at the Sully on the 18th and 19th - sits 5th in the standings, but is 5-8-1 in December and January (0-2-0 @ Bemidji, 2-0-0 Michigan Tech, 1-1-0 @ CC, 0-2-0 @ Quinnipiac, 0-1-1 Bemidji, 1-1-0 @ North Dakota, 1-1-0 Huntsville) and 6-7-1 on the road (2-6-0 in Dec and Jan). UAA’s other remaining WCHA opponents are Michigan Tech, and Mankato.

Tech, who opened WCHA play at home with a 1-0-1 weekend against Mankato, and have managed only a home tie with St. Lawrence (7-12-5 overall, 10th in the ECAC) since, is coming to the Sully this Friday and Saturday. The ’Wolfs season ending series is at Mankato, currently 2 points behind UAA with the same number of contests in the book.

The schedule for the other 5 teams in the hunt are in this week's game thread on USCHO.


Runninwiththedogs said...

Donald, if you are interested in probabilities, try this

Donald Dunlop said...

At this point in the season and on a fan blog I think I'd rather talk about "possibilities" rather than "probabilities". In general, it's more revealing to talk about "probabilities" when looking into future events of any kind.

But a calculator cannot by it's nature include both some tangible (but difficult to quantify) and intangible things which in sports ultimately do play a factor in the results.

In other words, if the Seawolves continue to perform the rest of the season exactly as they have since the season started then their "probable" finish will be a reflection of that. If however, they raise that level through determination, effort and specific performance then the "possible" finish will reflect it.

Anonymous said...

Chris Kamal Rookie of the week

On Wolves said...

Justin Fillion, the BCHL's leading scorer among defensemen, has committed to Michigan Tech for the 11/12 season!? What?

arcticfox said...

Good for Michigan Tech. Sounds like an incredible signing for them!


Anonymous said...

he committed a few months ago.

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