Monday, January 10, 2011

The Holiday Break Is Finally Over

Friday night is the 4th of 5 total games the Seawolves will face the Colorado College Black Bears this season.  CC has a 2-1 record coming into the series and sits exactly 4 points above the Seawolves in the standings.  UAA has 10 points and is tied with Mankato for 8th while CC is one of three teams with 14 points tied for 5th.  So this weekend is kinda of a big deal points-wise for the Seawolves.

Since the Seawolves last game on December 11th, the Black Bears have played 4 times.  Twice against UNO before Christmas and then against Michigan and Michigan State the last weekend of December.  This Friday night will be UAA's first game in 34 days.

Coach Shyiak in the video above explains that the team has been working hard and used the comparison that things at practice have been like training camp at the beginning of the season.   I'm sure the players are itching to play an actual game.  I know we Seawolves fans are ready to see them play.  Sounds like the squad is healthy too.  This week they'll be working extra on special teams. 

Come back Wednesday and I'll delve into the series and see what the comparisons and all looks like.  But there is one little thing I've been waiting to point out.  William Rapuzzi has 13 goals in 43 games and 7 of those goals (math whiz's will recognize that is > 50%) have come against the Seawolves in just 7 games.  I really have only one thing to say about that.


BBEF said...

It looks like Rapuzzi will fill in for Jaden Schwartz on the top line...

On Wolves said...

Hmm, I'd face BillRap rather than Jayden Schwartz any day.

Suze said...

I have good feelings about the Friday night game. After being off for so long the guys should be raring to go!

What I am concerned about is Saturday night. They might be sore and I am concerned about their conditioning after such as long break.

Anonymous said...

28 points up for grabs in the second half of the season, It looks like we are going to need a total of 28 points overall to get home ice, 18/28 = 64%. or almost an average of 3 points a weekend. Tough task to ask, but if can get a few home ice sweeps it will lessen the pressure on the road. With the only three WCHA home series left CC, MTU and UNO, that will be a tall task.

Just finish it strong and things will be setup for a strong run in the WCHA playoffs against a beatable team.

Donald Dunlop said...

26 points would satisfy me quite well. 28 would be even better. We'll just have to wait and see.

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