Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Seawolves Weekend Halloween Promotions

So I meant to come back yesterday and go back through the weekend with some analysis.  It would have been mostly about being 1-4-1 after six games when we've seen pretty solid starts over the last few years (09/10 -- 3-3-0 .... 08/09 -- 4-1-1 ... 07/08 -- 3-1-2).  I would have talked about how close 5 of the 6 games have been and how the teams we've played were mostly all ranked fairly high.

Naturally, I would have mentioned the good potential we've seen amongst the younger players and how good the leadership has mostly been from the upperclassmen.  I would have raved a bit about the excellent defensive effort for 1 1/2 of the games this weekend ... because it was.  But I got caught up with other stuff and it was real easy to just take the day off after the Mellor note.

Since I passed all that up and there's lots of other stuff to talk about today that's all the "analysis" there'll be.  

The school announced yesterday that there'll be a couple of promotions this weekend.  Typically, Halloween weekend games have been poorly attended relative to other weekends.  And with high-profile MSU-Mankato coming to town (facetiousness!!11!!) it's a fine idea to promote the games.  Just so you know ... I received 4 different emails yesterday about these promotions. 

I should apologize here to the sources of those eamils ... for only now just getting around to doing this.  So my apologies to the oft-quotable Blueliner Richard Leary and always effervescent UAA External Affairs maven Jane Pallister.  Adjectives!!11!!!

Bring your kids this Saturday night in costume and they get in free!  How can you pass that up?  After the game Seawolves players will be passing out goodies and signing autographs.  Bring lots of kids.  Make the players sign more autographs than they've ever signed.

Halloween Promotion --- Free Tickets!!11!!

The first 1,000 folks through the door on Friday night get a Seawolf logo-emblazoned Goalie mask.  Man oh man ... I hope they fit adult heads too!  I suspect some tea party adherents would like to handcuff me for my most recent political commentary about their boy.

Free Goalie Mask!!11!!
I'll have a preview with all the necessary Mankato information sometime late tomorrow.  I'm really jonesin to see some live hockey this weekend.  I think it's time for this team to make some sort of statement.  And while sweeping Mankato won't necessarily put the eyes of the college hockey world on UAA, in combination with the close games we've seen it will tell WCHA teams (and their fans) that the Seawolves are indeed for real.  If the Seawolves play like they did last Friday night then that sweep will come to be.

Funniest thing I saw today .... commenter "lilalaskabear" on Doyle Woody's blog said,
Kudos to Doyle for bringing up the games this weekend! :O) Last season, it seemed like the only place locals could find out about their games or special promotions was to go onto their website. 
And I've been writing this blog for nearly five years why? 


BBEF said...

Nice Stuff. FYI – I bid on a Maine Black Bears jersey today but don’t think I’ll win it. Other options include RIT (tigers that knocked DU out of the national tournament last year) and a pretty cool Clarkson jersey.

FLUAAF said...

Any chance someone could get one of those masks and mail it to me down here in Florida? I would be willing to pay a reasonable amount for shipping and "handling".

Better yet, does someone have a jersey they'd like to sell at a reasonable price? They are $85, new, and that is too steep for me.

Anonymous said...

supposedly Brad Gorham is maybe out for this weekend, and Wes McCleod is out for several weeks

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