Friday, February 05, 2010

19:59.9? Really? Really?? .... 4 - 4 TieLoss

With just one go-through on the review, the referees (Campion and Beaurline) awarded a goal to SCSU that was allegedly scored at 19:59.9 seconds gone in the 3rd period.  Really?  You guys didn't have to look at that 3 or 4 times like every other review?  Really?  Surprisingly efficient for a pair of WCHA refs eh?  Congrats to them on that.  And congrats to the SCSU clock operator for restarting the clock two tenths of a second slow.  How convenient.

Of course, it wouldn't have been an issue in any way shape or form if they'd called either of the tripping penalties committed by SCSU in the last 90 seconds.  But no ... they didn't see those.  Instead, Nils Backstrom goes into the boards for a strong challenge and because the weak legged kid from SCSU goes down they call a penalty on UAA with 21 seconds left.

That's the whole game there.  The game is on the line and the referees once again inserted themselves in the outcome.  Not only did they get to call the go-ahead penalty.  They got to use the goal review equipment in super slow-mo.  All in all, a great night to be a WCHA referee in St. Cloud. Parental units, Mr. and Mrs. Campion and Beaurline must be oh so proud tonight that they raised good little control freaks.  Nobody really wants hockey teams to determine outcomes of these games do they?

This game had Seawolves win written all over it until 19:38.2 of the 3rd.  And even with the crap call, the Seawolves killed off 21.7 seconds of the penalty.  They did so much right throughout the first two and a half periods tonight.  They got the lead after spotting the Huskies an early goal.  Then they controlled the game, they possessed the puck deep.  They trapped in the neutral zone and pushed SCSU back over and over.  They transitioned well.  Olthuis played sharp in the net.  The defense did their job.  I thought they played a smart hockey game and kept their heads about them all night.

The team deserves congratulations for what is essentially a virtual-win.  They certainly deserved a victory in every way I can think.  Let me just say it one more time here ... the penalty on Nils Backstrom was a bogus call.  I tend to believe it was the result of the hissy-fit that Motzko threw last weekend over a disputed goal call.  That whining brought Bruce McLeod and Daddy Shep to the NHC tonight.  So there's all sorts of pressure on the refs as a result.

Hopefully, the team doesn't feel the same way as I do with regard to the official result.  Hopefully, they look back on tonight as a win and come out tomorrow with some extra fire.  Don't get me wrong ... the Huskies came out in the 3rd and applied some good pressure.  They got the Seawolves back on their heels some and generated lots of chances.  Their 3rd goal was a flubbed shot by a guy that is lucky to be playing college hockey though.  But overall, they won the 3rd period without scoring the tying goal.  But that was the only period they won.

Kevin Clark continued his goal scoring ways when his parents are in the arena scoring his 15th and 16th goals of the year.  Kane Lafranchise's goal to put UAA up 4-2 proved to be very important.  I can't help saying but for the referees it was a pretty game winner.  He ripped it top shelf on a nice little rush and 90% of the fans in the arena didn't even see it go in.  It's also nice to see Craig Parkinson pick up a nice tally after not scoring for a while.  All the lines did their jobs tonight.  Defense played well.

I don't know what the Seawolves could do better tomorrow night.  Perhaps a little sharper passing here and there.  But the soft ice at that crappy rink definitely had the puck bouncing a little bit.  Hopefully, someone like Regg Simon can talk to the arena people and get them to turn the dial down a couple of degrees to make the surface more playable.  You'd think people in Minnesota would understand how to make a good sheet but apparently they want the fans to take off their satin snowmobile jackets.

Here's the boxscore.


Anonymous said...

I agree that the refs didn't take long to make the call. Kind of odd considering how important it was to GET IT RIGHT. This is just sickening.

Campion should be fired.

-30- said...

St Cloud had horse-shoes, but teams on a run get those breaks--for a while at least. Thing is the Wolves learned tonight that you can't sit back. What shows me they learned that lesson was how they regrouped in overtime. They could have felt sorry for themselves like they have in the past perhaps. But they didn't. On the road against a heartbreaker call and goal, they sucked it up. This team is geting more exciting to watch every week. This team of Seawolves is tough. Keep your fancy-ass heads up, St Cloud. Tomorrow they're knocking you around yet again. (And Wolves, if that little prick Lasch shakes his index finger again like he did after scoring the first goal of the game, break the fucking thing off. What a minor hockey move.)

Donald Dunlop said...

Campion is likely out having drinks with an SCSU fan as I type this. And yes ... I have a basis for making such an accusation.

RWD on the Blackberry said...

Look out, Donald. Make a true comment about Campion's off-ice behavior, and the next thing you know, people turn on you and go psycho.

This depressed me more than my own team's loss. Second most depressing thing I've read today.

Donald Dunlop said...

The repercussions of things I say here always concern me deeply. You know that.

At the beginning of the season I'm sure UMD fans must have been glad it was one of those years where you got Tech 4 times on the schedule.

Jimjamesak said...

The only I have to say is that I'd like to see a replay with the game clock on it. That and I wonder what Shyiak and everybody has to say about it.

But to be honest, no matter how much time was or wasn't left, we weren't gonna get that call. Especially not on the road.

Anonymous said...

You think the refs screwed you? Why did your team basically stop playing in the 3rd and allowed St. Cloud back into it would be a better question.

Anonymous said...

Firt of all, they didn't give up in the third. The refs should have let the play continue. Penalties threw the game off because we were in control. I guess that was their intention. I too would like to see a replay of that clock. The clock on the t.v. was already 0:00 just as he shot. Lastly, get 'em tonite Seawolves!

Anonymous said...

Wow... After reading the first post I thought this site was created by a Green Bay Packers fan. I was at the game, & watched it when I got home as well. Here is the real truth:

1. UAA is a fantastic team, & the first line is as good as anyone else's in the league. They really cycle well, & work their tails off. UAA didn't "control" the game, this line played a ton & had many chances until the ran out of gas in the 3rd.

2. UAA did a great job of clogging up the area between the circles in their defensive zone, so SCSU didn't get very many shots from the perimeter through. When they did, Olthius looked very shaky. The goal by Lauridsen (check spelling) was very weak. If SCSU played against any other starting goalie in the league, they lose.

3. The refs are most definitely not to blame for this one. There is a reason why UAA is the most penalized team in the league. They are very physical, & take stupid penalties at horrible times. When Raboin took the penalty with 2:40 left in the game, it should have been lights out. UAA also could have taken a major penalty when Lasch was driven into the boards head-first in the 3rd period.

4. To blame the clock operator for not starting the clock is bush league. Stop crying, & hope your team comes out strong again tonight. They are the best UAA team I have seen in a long time, & hopefully they can finish ahead of the damn Gophers!

Anonymous said...

they are the best uaa team in a long time. let's filly the sully for the govenor's cup.

Runninwiththedogs said...

We have Tech on the schedule twice every year, they are our "rival." This works well for me and MEg. I don't even care about losing to Tech. But I hate seeing St. Cloud win.

I also hate that we didn't get hella fantasy points to make up ground.

Anonymous said...

You can blame the refs all you want but they're going to miss calls on both sides, like the CFB on Lasch that didn't even get a 2 min penalty. Only thing you can do is not let the refs be in a position to "lose" the game for you. Score on the PP in the last two minutes, win the faceoff at the end of the game, etc etc. Watch this link and pause it at .1 on the clock at the end, the puck is clearly in the net.

Anonymous said...

To the comment of olthius being the Starting Goalie and with "any other Starting Goalie in the WCHA UAA would have won" by Anon at 645 I agree with that statement. J.O. was given the job at Christmas and hasnt earned it in 4 years at UAA. last second losses and weak goals even as of late bring up serious questions. I believe its hurting the team and im sorry St Clouds 4th goal was not a good Goal. I was in attendance at the St Cloud game and as a UAA fan it was a tough game to watch. A absolute joke to lose that one.

Suze said...

And Bryce has earned it? His numbers don't lie. Neither of them are up to DI standards right now, in my opinion.

Still, I am not happy that Shyiak didn't put Bryce in to spark his team, when they were down 3 or 4. Don't understand that one.

Anonymous said...

Shyiak did nothing to try to win saturdays game. Not sure why. He just rolled the lines. Don't understand that either.

Anonymous said...

Uaa put a scare in to st. cloud fridy nite, they are beatable like every top team we knocked off this year.
To bad we were without a few injured player, they will be all back for the minnesota state series.
Great weekend seawolves, clarkie is on fire.

Anonymous said...

0-28-4 now.

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