Friday, February 05, 2010

Friday Game Day: Seawolves vs. SCSU

Friday, February 5th 2010 at 7:00pm (Central Standard Time)/4:00pm (Alaska Standard Time)
Television: GCI Channel 1 Live Statewide
Radio: 550AM KTZN (The Zone) w/ Kurt Haider
Internet Video Stream: B2 Networks
Internet Audio Stream: UAA Subscription


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Seawolves Expected Lines
Clark - Gellert - Lunden
Wiles - Naslund - Spencer
Portwood - Parkinson - Crowell
Bruijsten - Leinweber - Currier
Tuton - Backstrom
Lafranchise - Hunt
Baldwin - Vidmar

SCSU Expected Lines
Festler - Marvin - Lasch
Mosey - Roe - Eddy
Hanowski - LeBlanc - Novak
Christian - Oslund - Volpei
Hepp - Raboin
Lauridsen - Johnson
Zabkowicz - Gaudet



Anonymous said...

Do we know if the game will be online? You confirmed it would be on tv, but I am not in AK and have been using GCI all year. I will pay the B2 if I have to

Donald Dunlop said...

It won't be streaming on GCI. They only stream home games. B2 has the "streaming rights".

Anonymous said...

ah huskie ****!
B2 it is...

annabelle said...

Well, tmw we will win but the refs will be watching so it will be crucial for the boys to play more disciplined. We are bigger and stronger and the refs will look at anything as an infraction. Good game though. Nice goals. Good job Jon. Good luck tmw.

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