Friday, October 08, 2010

Kendall Game Day: Seawolves vs. UND

Kendall Hockey Classic::Friday October 8th
UAA Seawolves vs. UND Fighting "Redacteds"
Sullivan Arena::Anchorage Alaska
8:07PM Alaska Standard Time


The CoverItLive chatroom will be open just before game time.  It will not be hosted by me since I'll be at the game.  Instead the person behind my name in the chat will be the person you see commenting here under the alias BBEF.  He's a CC fan.  So there's that (and he's a gracious Chip-In donor).  If I'm not completely dumb and he checks his email (maybe in the spam folder) he should find the necessary instructions in an invite from CoverItLive.  Anyway, I'd still prefer to find someone that is most likely going to be in the chatroom for every home game.  Or two even just to spread the limited responsibility around.

I'll be coming straight home from the game to provide a recap.  If all goes well JJ will get some post game video interviews and we'll include them with the recap.

I'll update this post sometime this afternoon before the game.  At that time I'll post the necessary link for the GCI feed. After I've confirmed it.  I'll include other links of interest then which I just don't have time to track down at the moment.  I'm off to the Coaches Luncheon soon.

This is the link to click to watch the GCI streaming webcast ...


Anonymous said...

I know nobody cares but three years in a row I've predicted the team we face in the playoffs before the season started.(Minnesoda, CC, and Denver) So for this year . . . . Minnesota Duluth.

Anonymous said...

you're right, we don't care

Anonymous said...

Hello DD (who is at the game most likely, but who will eventually drop in here---I hope.)


Regarding the new fan forum on here - it's run by some program called "Nabble" which requires us to register in order to post.

That's all fine and dandy, but what happens then.. is that in one blog, we wind up having to create two separate accounts. One for the blog and a different one for the forum.

Is there any way to add that program (Nabble) to the list of posting options for this section of the blog too? That way we won't need two separate accounts for one blog.

Thanks for your assistance! :-)

Mary said...

Sorry I can't answer the nabble question but I promise to later.

I'm at the game on a netbook and am editing this post to put the link for the steaming webcast which I completely forgot.

I will come back and check in with the chatroom as I can. Fairbanks beat AF 5-2.

Anonymous said...

I'm deaf in both ears, my right hand is bleeding . . . nuff said. That's how you do it boys!!!

Suze said...

Congrats to the Wolves for a hard fought come back. Never say die!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Donald! I don't mean to be rude... But I would love a game update! I only got to listen to about 10 minutes of the third period : (

Anonymous said...

isn't the game being replayed anymore on gci cable channel 1 anymore?

Suze said...

The replay is on at noon today, channel 1. I don't know if it aired last night or not.

Anonymous said...

North Dakota Horribly over rated and the Seawolves Greatly underrated!
Great way to start the year, looking forward to tonight's game against
Air Force! - Fan

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