Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Potpourri: Recruits, Fascists and Truth

Imagine you're 19 again and playing junior hockey.  You're in a tightly contested game still in the first period.  And there's been a wee bit of nastiness and some hurt feelings.  The other team had a player tossed after a shoving match.  Minutes later some more shoving and ungentlemanly-like play sees a couple of more players to the box.  Then on your next shift, a 6ft 7in, 230lb, 18 year old behemoth challenges you to a fight.  Do you do it?

That was UAA future player current Spruce Grove Saint's Scott Allen's Friday night this weekend in the AJHL.  Allen is no wisp of a kid at 6ft 3in and 190lbs so it's rare for him to actually have to look up 4 inches to an opponent.  But, of course Allen fought.  Probably without giving it any thought.  I didn't find any sort of "fight report" as to the outcome etc.  I'm mentioning it mostly because I'm wondering what it's like to grow to be 79 inches tall in 18 years.  Whut?  Would you be like 5 feet 6 inches in 4th grade?  Wouldn't your bones hurt all the time from constantly growing?

Down in the BCHL, Sam Mellor (Trail Smoke Eaters) added more goals to his ever increasing league leading total this past week.  The seventeen year old (about 3 weeks shy of his 18th birthday now) now has 21 goals in 19 games for 5 goals more than any other player in the league.  Last season Sam knocked in 28 goals with 38 assists in 59 games.  With just under a third of this season's league schedule completed he's only 7 goals off that total.  It's crazy to think that he could score 60 goals this season.  Crazy nice.

Andrew Pettitt (Powell River Kings) has upped his totals over the past week to 9 goals and 8 assists after he suffered through a fairly long cold streak at the beginning of the season.  He's got a ways to go pace-wise to match his 36 goals from last season but it's certainly within his reach.

In the USHL, Eric Scheid (Lincoln Stars) picked up his second goal of the 6 game old season.  Coupled with his 3 assists he's tied for 2nd most points on the team.  Derek Docken and Tony Larson are both +/- studs so far this season with Dubuque.  Derek is a +6 in 7 games which is tied for 1st best in the league.  Tony is a +5 which is obviously tied for 2nd best in the league.  Dubuque has the best record in the USHL at this point in the season.

Lots of commitments from the various leagues are being announced lately with more to come between now and the fall signing period.  I'd that the Seawolves are mostly set for the 2011-2012 season since they're scheduled to lose only 6 players (2 D and 4 F) and have 7 (3 D and 4 F) recruits on the way.  There are several pretty special looking uncomitted players I've been noticing in the BCHL that I'm hoping and praying the UAA staff are as well.  It'll be interesting to see who the Seawolves pick up as I'm expecting a name or two to be added sooner rather than later.


This U.S. electoral cycle is the pinnacle of ugliness, stupidity and grostesque bullshit I've seen in my life.  Never before have I seen such a deeply divided electorate.  It's like the really crazy fucks have discovered the internet for the first time.  In one sense it's good that nutjobs have figured out they can express themselves politically.  And by that I mean, it's good that they've come out of the shadows so us rational folks can see them for what they truly are.

So of course speaking of nutjobs (I'm sure you know where I'm going here) let's take a look at the #1 nutter.  That's right.  Joe Miller.  Look folks, I know Joe's initial message and core belief system appeals to you.  Sure, less government can't be a bad thing and dayum ... they sure do like to spend money on some crazy sounding shit in Washington.  I fully understand how that resonates with you.  But look, any fool can spew that shit.

I'm pretty burned out on all this election shit.  But there's one reason for me to keep engaged this time around.  Joe Miller.  He's a complete fruit loop.  And I mean that in the worst possible way.  Whatever anyone would do to keep that crazed fucker from getting into office would get my support.  Let's review a couple of things with regard to this extremist eh?

He waited for his office mates to leave for their lunch then jumped onto their computers in an attempt to oust the leader of his political party from his position.  Then he cleared the caches of those co-workers computers to make it appear that he hadn't done EXACTLY the same thing that he was trying to oust the guy for doing.  That's right.  He wanted Randy Ruedrich out of the Republican Party heirarchy because Ruedrich used state computers and state paid time for politicking.  

This was the event that launched Sarah Palin's political career.  She got Ruedrich tossed from the State Oil and Gas Board that she was a member of for this shit.  Meanwhile, she's in Miller's ear firing him up to try to get Ruedrich tossed from the leadership of the party.  Hey, politics is no doubt a sleazy affair.  I get that.  But pretending your one thing to the public when you're completely the opposite is hypocrisy of the worst kind.  None of that is bothersome you say?  Ok then.  Onto the next part.

Miller hired a security company with DEEP ties to the extremist former Michigan Militia leader.  This is a man that sympathized with and supported Timothy McVeigh both before and after McVeigh murdered 168 people in the Oklahoma City bombing.  Remember that?  It is the single most destructive terrorist event by an American terrorist on American soil.  Sure, I'd imagine if you asked Joe Miller about Timothy McVeigh that he'd decry his act of terrorism.  But ask Miller what he thinks about "The Turner Diaries" eh?  And I know you'll find he's a fan of that book.  All his positions are aligned with the philosophies expressed in that work of fiction.

This Miller dumbfuck runs around telling people what a waste of money public assistance programs are while at the same time living off of those programs?  He and his wife made sure they took advantage of EVERY available public dollar to support them and their 8 kids.  Unemployment insurance, aid to dependent children, farm subsidies and regular monthly payments for a disability he suffered during the 1992 Gulf War.  

Whut?  Disability from a ground war that lasted like 3 days in which he was never engaged in any shooting?  Does he look "disabled" to you?  I can't spot any physical ailments so it must be something else eh?  Does he have Gulf War Syndrome?  Oh wait ... the Veterans Administration doesn't recognize that as a disability.  What other malady could he have acquired during his service during the first Iraqi "War For Oil"?  

Well, the overwhelming #1 VA recognized claim by veterans of that conflict is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Hmmm.  Is that it?  I doubt we'll find out exactly what it is that he's receiving monthly disability payments for ... but here's the biggest issue with regard to it.  If his disability is considered more than 30% then AT MINIMUM he is getting checks of over FOUR-THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH from the VA because of the number of kids he has.  Yes ... he isn't technically a WELFARE MOM but then again HE IS A WELFARE MOM.

So if you really want to vote for a TERRORIST SYMPATHIZING WELFARE MOM FASCIST PIG then you go right ahead and do so.  But stop reading here ok?  Because if that SONOFABITCH get's elected to the United States Senate to represent Alaska then I promise to include declarations of his fucking stupidity in each and every post I make on this hockey blog.  He is quite probably the worst person in this state for the job.  This Tuesday we're pretty likely to finally find out exactly why he was about to be fired from his government job with the Fairbanks North Star Borough if he hadn't quit the day before.  

Really people, get on board this anti-Miller train.  The guy got discharged early from the military for some undisclosed malady after we paid his way through the military academy.  He gets out and goes on the dole while purchasing an expensive house.  He then gets a government job lawyering and quits the day before he was to be fired after he'd been reprimanded for illegally using state resources for political purposes.  Then when he runs for Senate his terrorist sympathizing buddies handcuff a reporter who'd been writing about the issue?  

Then the next day when asked about illegal immigration he fucking says the East German's know how to control their border?  What the fuck idiot?  The East Germans shot and killed HUNDREDS of their own people who were trying to escape from the country.  They didn't have a problem with ANYONE trying to get in.  You dumb fucking carpet-bagging piece of shit.

And you're going to vote for him?  If I could block you from reading this blog, I would.  How do you not see that his WHOLE ADULT LIFE has been about getting money from various state and federal governments while he decries the very same programs for his political gain?  He should not only never be a Senator, he should be beaten like a rented mule.

At this point, I'm still unsure how to keep this vile piece of shit from getting elected.  Do I vote for the Democrat because he's closest to my commie mindset?  Or do I vote for the idiot daughter of the 2nd most disgusting politician in Alaska history (ok ok ... Frank is technically tied with Don Young on the disgusting politician scale).  Vote for anyone except him ok?  Yes, Lisa is a manipulative lying bitch and Scott MacAdams is ineffectual.  Either one though is a quality alternative compared to Joe Miller.


I post the video below once again (from a 34 year old movie) because it is the premier ficitonal exposition of the non-fictional state of our world today.  There is nothing really that any of us can do to make it other than so.  But the knowledge of this reality is none-the-less important for each of us to remember.  Yes, I suppose (in one sense) the truth of this message abrogates the need for my rant above.  It's a dichotomy.  What can I say?

And now another vid with a similar message from George Carlin.

So that's it for today.  I don't have the energy to go on any further and you're likely not listening anymore.  The mundane rules you.  I understand that mostly.  Considering these propositions for more than a few seconds means a headache.  It means facing truths that are difficult and who really has time for that when we've got to eat and do what we can to try to take care of our families.  

But unless and until we each recognize these truths (and others) we will continue to be manipulated and used by the forces described above.  My imploring of you to be otherwise will have no real effect, yet to not implore you would be a failure on my part.  So there it is.  To any of my readers that made it this far and watched both vids ... thank you.

Come back tomorrow for my thoughts on the weekend and what it means for the week ahead.  All hockey I promise.


BBEF said...

Imagine I’m 19? I live on a steady diet of Jager, Cheetos and Captain Crunch…

But really - thanks for the post – it gave me something to skim through while eating my $5 foot long.

Suze said...

I totally agree about Miller, he is not what he appears to be.

Thanks to Obama and the Dems, our health insurance costs have now skyrocketed by 53%!!!

Donald Dunlop said...

Too bad Single Payer Health Care didn't come to fruition. The leveling of costs between the richest and the poorest would have been the way to go. But instead, we got an extension of the system that has made health insurance companies some of the most powerful corporations in the country.

Neil said...

Jeez, Donald, you really shouldn't let the political scene get to you so much. I am worried you might suffer a heart attack and with the new health care rules coming our way you'd probably have to wait about 2 days to get that taken care of.
Just turn of MSNBC, Fox News, CNN and stick to the sport channels, you'll be much healthier.

Donald Dunlop said...

I don't watch TV. I don't have a TV. I read. And what I've learned and/or learn in my reading is compelling stuff. I lay off an awful lot of it for the sake of hockey talk.

So far this season all anyone has gotten from me is a couple of snide comments about Palin, a plea for readers to examine the option of public funded elections and this rant about the idiot Miller.

Not much considering the issues in this world that I feel passionate about.

As for heart attacks and/or any other health issues related to stress. Fear not. I have little to no stress compared to most people.

UAAalumni09 said...

Miller looks like he is losing steam, and the ADN is there to cover any slip up he has. Don't get me wrong, I think he would be horrible for the state, but little to no garbage about Murkowski or McAdams? Murkowski got into politics because of her dad, not because of a father influencing her going to office, but literally putting her there in 2002. Was/is she qualified, thats debatable, its politics. McAdams would be new to the state politics game, so it would have been good to see a track record as a regional representative before hand.

Regardless, it should be an interesting election, with lots of appeals to follow, knowing that Miller and Murkowski are gunning for each other. Normally I would tell the loser in the primary to just throw it in, but Murkowski may be able to pull it off.

In other related news:
Adam Burish win:;_ylt=Av8J9t1DGeRj9vIrjXU44vB7vLYF?urn=nhl-279269

Phoenix Coyotes fail:;_ylt=AmVagYE8xJQ4pmVGNOmdUKJ7vLYF?urn=nhl-279139

FLUAAF said...

I have to say that this is like putting the sports section and op-ed pages in the blender and coming up with something pretty tasty! Sure beats having to sit and wait unitl Friday for the next game. Don't be too discouraged, our next Governor in Florida is probably going to be Rick Scott, who took the Fifth Amendment 73 times while his company was being busted for ripping off Medicare for over $2B! Public service=prostitution.

Donald Dunlop said...

The Humana shit was ridiculous, I remember it quite well. The whole Scott family should be in fucking jail.

Anonymous said...

5 foot 6 in 4th grade? Please I was 4 foot in 4th grade, and now I'm 5'6" . . . phooey

Runninwiththedogs said...

Hey, Donald, I read through your chat from Saturday. I wouldn't worry about Kamal the way some were. He was fine. Not amazing by any stretch, but he battled hard.

On Wolves said...

Now I remember why I quit reading this blog... Stick to the hockey Dunlop, no one comes here for your view on politics. That I can promise you.

marooned said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Miller is loco.

FLUAAF said...

On Wolves---We always have a choice. Some of us like Donald's insights, others do not. But if he quit writing because you don't like it, those of us who like it would be unfairly penalized. Blogs are like TV and Radio--if you don't like the content, you can go elsewhere. It's obvious that Donald is passionate about a good many things, starting with, but not limited to, UAA hockey.

Runninwiththedogs--I agre about Kamal. He wasn't as bad as the score indicated. Because I'm originally from Atlanta and a Thrashers fan (UGH!), I've followed his junior career. He's better than what we've seen so far. Last year I think he was at the Thrashers rookie/prospect camp and he held his own against some top talent. Like most of these Freshman, I'm thinking he will get better with more experience. Having said that, I do believe that Gunderson has earned the number one spot and should get more than just half of the coming starts.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad too marooned, i mean seriously, Donald, what can you expect from someone who is from Fairbanks (Miller)?

Anonymous said...

From what I saw of the debate, I think that McAdams is an inexperienced sweaty guy, Lisa is one mean looking witch, and Miller is the only reasonable choice.

Anonymous said...

This U.S. electoral cycle is the pinnacle of ugliness, stupidity and grostesque bullshit I've seen in my life. Never before have I seen such a deeply divided electorate. It's like the really crazy fucks have discovered the internet for the first time. In one sense it's good that nutjobs have figured out they can express themselves politically. And by that I mean, it's good that they've come out of the shadows so us rational folks can see them for what they truly are.

And then the nutjob went on to express his stupidity and grostesque bullshit on his blog. Yes I can go to another blog but I come here to get Seawolve hockey news. Stick to the hockey news at least you have credability in that area.

Anonymous said...

The election is going to be a nightmade with the write in of Lisa. It will make hanging chads look like a cake walk.

Donald Dunlop said...

"Credibility" like so many other things is an entirely subjective commodity. What you really mean is that you don't share my political views and I said something that pissed you off. If you truly come here to get Seawolves hockey news then you're coming to the wrong place.

Dallas Baldwin and the Sports Information Department are without a shadow of a doubt the best outlet for news about the Seawolves. I provide my biased perspective on that news. I neither am nor want to be a journalist. I decided long ago that if I was going to spend MY PERSONAL TIME doing this then the one satisfaction I would allow myself was to write about things other than hockey and express myself freely.

There could be no doubt about the nature of this piece once you'd read the opening paragraph of that section. If you read further than that my friend then it is wholly on you for doing so. In the past, I mixed the political views into the hockey stuff. I no longer foist my views on anyone in that manner.

If I've acquired any wisdom in my 49 years it would be that life is never just about dessert; you've gotta eat the broccoli too sometimes.

Donald Dunlop said...

Thanks for the comment. I've got faith that Chris has the ability to get the job done.

Anonymous said...

Donald, for the first time I am in complete sync with your stuff. Miller must not be elected. The teabaggers are truly showing what they are made of if they look the other way and ignore the stench of Miller and vote him in.

Your favorite Fairbanks Troll.

Anonymous said...

Donald so you're not a Miller fan eh, do you have any proof to your claims or are you just slinging the Murkowski line?

My next question is are you voting for Lisa Murkowski or the democrat that is miles behind in the polls. Murkowski is only a senator because of her father's name. I am interested to see what you think about her?

Anonymous said...

Fairbanks Troll,
Lets contine with the RINO Lisa Murkowski the bugged eyed moron.

Embarrased for Alaska said...

I would vote for my bent trash can before I would vote for Joe Miller.

Anonymous said...

Donald so you're not a Miller fan eh, do you have any proof to your claims or are you just slinging the Murkowski line?

Seriously? Do you not watch the news. Do you not listen to anything Miller says. Here is the sequence each time. News breaks about something, Joe denies it, proof shows up, then Joe admits it and says he is not a perfect man.

The farm subsidies are in his financial reports that he turned in 6 months late. The student loan programs he wants to eliminate got him his law degree. Again in the financial reports.

The welfare, the fact that he only served 3 years of active duty of his 5 year commitment. Public record.

Get your head out of your butt and look at the actual facts about who this man is.

I am not a liberal democrat, I did not vote for Obama (not McCain either), but I can tell a jerk when I see one.

He is just like Bill Clinton. The rules apply to everyone else and he does what he wants and expects it to be swept away.

Embarrassed for Alaska

Anonymous said...,0,7251513.story

"Miller admits to computer use and lying in released documents." Just the tip of the iceburg.

Donald Dunlop said...

You obviously haven't read what I've been saying about elections. Making one's vote with any regard for what the polls say lessens one's personal integrity.

I will vote as I always have. I'll select the person who most closely represents the views I have. Nobody has ever really come close to even being close to my views. At times, I have written in Mickey Mouse.

In this race, the Democrat is the only person that begins to approach my views. But as I admitted in this post ... I'm finding it a difficult choice this cycle simply because I view Joe Miller in the same vain as Timothy McVeigh. McVeigh and him share many many political views. And to me, that makes Joe Miller the skerriest muthafucka that we could ever elect to anything.

Anonymous said...

"Alaska Senate hopeful Joe Miller admitted to improperly using three government computers over a lunch break to participate in a political poll, then cleaning the caches to try to cover up the activities."

Wow, that is really bad. Please!

Donald Dunlop said...

He was also denied some leave time he applied for to go hunting Elk with his sons. So he scheduled some bullshit surgery, applied for FEDERALLY MANDATED leave under the Family Medical and Leave Act (FMLA), cancelled the surgery the day before it was supposed to happen and then whined and moaned to his boss when they revoked it while admitting the leave had nothing to do with FMLA use.

Just another example of the guy taking advantage of a federal program that he would otherwise claim is unconstitutional, lying about it and then trying to cover up that it happened. This is why he "quit" the day before he was about to be fired.

It's all in the emails released today. He acted like a petulant little child because he wasn't getting his way. He'd already submitted a resignation with a future date and when his leave was not allowed he quit the next day.

As far as using state resources for political purposes. Here in Alaska that shit is taken seriously. It's what Sarah Palin had Randy Ruedrich removed from the Oil and Gas Board over. It has gotten people fired more than once in this state. His bosses bent over backward being nice to him over it because they felt sorry for whatever "stress" he was having outside the office.

He's a lying pig that probably cheered when Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people (including babies) by bombing the Federal Bldg in Oklahoma City.

Not only should he not be elected to anything, he should be beaten like a rented mule. Get the fuck out of our state Joe. Go back to Kansas.

Mala In Se said...

Held my nose mailed my ballot for Murkowski today.

Miller. Must. Be. Stopped.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Joe Miller is awesome and Murkowski is going to be hard pressed to win this election.

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