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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Post Game Interviews 10/9 vs Air Force

Second effort on the video side a little more timely. This stuff does take time to edit, encode, and upload (youtube is kinda slow at that, GCI doesn't help) so it won't be up right afterwards. Talked to Rob Gunderson (who played well and had some fantastic saves), Sean Wiles (two goals and All-Tournament team, playing well), and Coach Shyiak.

Quick note, I don't edit much out, just the parts where I get the camera set. The questions and responses are left alone. No shenanigans from me.

Also, I do embed the videos but I would appreciate a view to the youtube page to bump up the "view" count. If I get high enough views I can apply for revenue sharing from youtube, which would be real helpful. Also you can subscribe to me, Jimjamesak, as well.

Finally, go visit and check out some of their videos. I'm really happy to get a chance to do this and the University doesn't have to let me but they do. So go and support their work as well, it is worth it, it's good stuff.


Donald Dunlop said...

Awesome to have this on the blog. Good questions again too!

Thanks JJ.

Anonymous said...

Great weekend by all accounts. Can someone help me with watching archieved games? I go to GCI and hit "Watch Game," and I get "There is no software update available from Real to support this content."

Suze said...

Great job JJ, we are so thankful to have the duo of you and Donald working for Seawolf hockey!

Congrats Wolves, now have a strong showing in squarebanks.

Anonymous said...

Sweet interviews! Thanks JJ

Anonymous said...

Great interviews JJ, and a fantastic weekend for the wolves.....and what about North Dakota not showing for the awards presentation...what's up with vote they never be invited again.....after everything the University and the tournament committee did to make them feel embarrassed I guess because they were outplayed most of the 2nd half of Friday nights game by the Seawolves.... :)


UAAalumni09 said...

My guess is that UND caught a flight out, same with Fairbanks traveling home as well. Most teams who play the first game on saturday are usually gone.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the video to the 4th UAA goal from Friday night?

Anonymous said...

UAAalum, the UND players were there right at the end of the UAA/AFA game. I have it on good authority that North Dakota did not have a flight, they just chose not to participate in the awards ceremony. Pretty sad.

More good news, Coach Shyiak has his green card!

Wolfman said...

Loved watching the interviews...great job on this...loved this new feature!

Suze said...

Wolfman, I am headed to Shreveport! I leave tonight. If you take in a MudBugs game, let me know, maybe we can meet up.

Anonymous said...

We may have had more Military at the game except for this little blurb I just saw on KTUU:
"Jay Leno performed a “Tour for the Troops” show Saturday evening at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson." Too bad it was the same night as the AFA/UAA game.

Wolfman said...

Have a safe trip down suze! We definitely got to meet up! Inbox me on my Facebook when you get in!

Jay Leno should have went to the game!!!!

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