Friday, December 03, 2010

Game Day Friday: Seawolves vs. UW

I should have made something of this comment before now since I saw it a couple of days ago.  Here's Mike Eaves main point to his team regarding playing the Seawolves this weekend.

"We need to put some hay in the barn here ..."

Friday, December 3rd 2010
UAA Seawolves vs. UW Badgers
Sullivan Arena::Anchorage, Alaska
7:07PM (Alaska Standard Time)

Audio/Video Info
TV: GCI Channel 1 - Tape Delayed 10pm (Friday)
NHL Network Noon EST (Saturday)
Live Video Webstream: Seawolves GCI Net
Radio: 550 KTZN (Kurt Haider)
Radio Webstream: Splash Zone (Pay-per-listen)

Other Media Links
ADN: Gunderson Splendid (Doyle Woody)
WSJ: Power Play (Andy Baggot) 
WSJ: Freshman #s (Andy Baggot) 
WSJ: Hay in the barn (Andy Baggot)
UAA Release (Dallas Baldwin)

BBEF will be running the chat room for us this evening.  Be a good guest or I'll forward your email address to him!  Yes, that's a threat.  And by be a good guest I mean participate and enjoy yourselves.  And thanks again to a loyal Colorado College Black Bears fan for stepping up and volunteering to do this.  By way of explanation, I choose not to do these chats myself live from the rink because I want to watch the hockey games without distraction.

The fucking chalkboard matters none
The practice sweaters now put to bed
Tonight, the night to get it done
"Will Defeats Skill" is in their head

 Underdogs ... yes, only in name
They stride on the ice at 7
Two points await at end of the game
When Udub can go to the opposite of heaven

Fuck The Badgers!!!
...signed D


Alaska Hockey said...

Hey 'Wolves redirect the Regdab's to the woodshed and put a hurtin' on them.

vizoroo said...

Go Seawolves!!!

BBEF said...

I lost internet and power… Sorry UAA fans. I looks like you won. Again… Sorry.

Dude said...

Thanks for holding it together that long BBEF. Way to go UAA!

arcticfox said...

What a FUN game to watch!!

BBEF, how did you put those pictures on here? What a cutie pie! :O).

Arena wasn't packed, but boy was it (((LOUD))) !!!

I have a feeling tomorrow night will rock! There was a section of maybe 10 or so Badger fans there. They left looking pretty bummed.. LOL!

ARCTICFOX... (aka Cwoofy) :D

vizoroo said...

BBEF, I thought maybe you had passed out or something. :-}

rashid1891 said...

Thanks for holding it together that long BBEF. Way to go UAA!

rashid2626 said...

likes it

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