Saturday, December 11, 2010

Seawolves 2 - DU 2

Tonight I sense from other fans and from what I heard on the radio some satisfaction on having seen a good hockey game and having watched the guys work really hard.  We saw a really excellent 3rd period by our boys and I thought they'd pulled it out in OT.  From my vantage point I really thought Grant had put the puck away.  Anyway, as for me; I'm disappointed.  Not in the team or the effort.  Just in the result.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm super duper happy with the way the team played tonight and all through this first half of the season.  We've seen a lot of consistent quality efforts and my preseason expectations have really already been met with the steps forward this team has taken.  Congratulations to each and every player.  

None of that though really satisfies me.  It was important in a standings sense that we get points this weekend.  And I'm sorry ... one point doesn't cut it in terms of satiating me.  Once again I'm sitting here writing about a game that UAA literally should have won.

There were 8 freshmen in the lineup tonight.  Andrew Pickering and Justin Kirchhevel got rare games and I liked what I saw from both.  I'm really impressed with Kirchhevel's anticipation of the puck; he's got good hockey sesne.  He's also got some of the same sort of grittiness as Kevin Clark.  I'm really hopeful that whatever has been keeping him out of the lineup resolves itself.  Pickering looked hungry and energetic as well and contributed in the offensive end nicely I thought.

I want to mention one other player as having a great night and give him some sort of virtual pat on the back.  Craig Parkinson is so important to the team in lots of ways.  Tonight he really deserved a standing ovation for his defensive efforts.  He blocked a hard shot that really look like it stung big time in the 2nd period and I really wouldn't have blamed him if he'd gone to the bench.  But with DU pressuring ... he went down and blocked a second hard shot.  That sort of commitment in his own zone is exactly the sort of leadership that deserves high praise.  Thank you Craig for those efforts.  That was inspiring to this fan.

With the break upon us, I'll obviously be posting less.  Sometime in the next few days I'll put the effort into talking about each individual player.  There is a lot of good shit to say about pretty much every player.

But that's it for me tonight.  I just don't really have the emotional energy tonight to do much analysis (not that I have done much lately as compared to the past).

And yeah ... there was no chat room tonight.  I'll talk about that tomorrow in my regular Potpourri post.


CO14ers said...

Wouldn't want a chat room Donald. But if you want to take a mind to debate where you have the complete advantage and ego with the English language, backed up by your personal stupidity, let's go. I do know that Schroedinger's wave equation is a mystery to you. For whatever that is worth. Slap nuts. LOL.

Donald Dunlop said...

Bring it big boy. Bring the physics if you want chief. U mad brah? Don't like that I deleted your shitty comment in the other post? Or do you really just not like apples?

As to your desire regarding a chat room. Who the fuck asked you? Do you think I put the chat room there for DU fans? Ha fucking ha.

So yeah ... let's talk about the collapse of the wave function if you'd like. It wouldn't surprise me if your explanation was just a incorrect as so many others.

Donald Dunlop said...

Todd?? Todd??

What's wrong? Maybe you'd prefer to talk about non-cosmological redshift? And how Hubble disliked the interpretations applied to his observations? Maybe you know who Hubble's assistant was? His name? Off the top of your head? No googling studly ... ok? He's a well known physicist in his own right.

How about EU/Plasma cosmology? Want to discuss that? You're a rocket scientist ... tell us about VASIMR maybe eh?

Donald Dunlop said...

Todd? Hello?

Ok ok ... let's talk about Petons and Crampons. You can probably make me look dumb there since I'm no mountain climber. Did I spell petons right?

Donald Dunlop said...


Alas. Too drunk to debate physics eh?

CO14ers said...

LOL, you short wearing poor man. Yeah, perhaps it's late at night here and we aren't on the same time zone to duke it out. However, I still laugh at your ass. You are the king of "buzz word bibble babble" - you know the words, but don't have any clue as to what the concepts mean. My brilliant calculus teacher back in the day told me (as grasshopper) to "learn with understanding". A brilliant teaching to anyone. You, sir, have missed that point. You continue to spout crap and even use a word or two I must look up. But, you are still all smoke and mirrors and go to PJ's to court toothless, "just dropped a kid out of it" women, while trying to maintain a false front of being a GREAT father. Good luck to you sir. CO14ers 100, Dip Shit ZERO!

CO14ers said...

Nite, nite Donald. We'll talk again when DU and UAA meet in the playoffs. Like that will happen. LOL.

Donald Dunlop said...

Doubly mad now aren't you? You thought you'd toss out a subject there where you have formal education and I don't to make me look stupid. Too bad you weren't formally educated in something that hasn't ALWAYS been of deep interest to me.

By the way ... if I recall correctly VASIMR would make trips to Mars only about 33 days. Cool huh?

I took you to the bar that was the closest to my house. By the way ... it's closed now. In any case, YOU had a great time there. Perhaps I should write about how much of a great time you had there?

Did I go there for the strippers? No. I went to that bar because the owners were exceptionally friendly, personable and I came to feel like it was "my" place.

Ask me how many beers or drinks I've had in the last five years ... I can pretty much guarantee that it will be less than YOU have had in the last five months.

If you really think that you can take the 5 or so hours that we hung out together and make judgements about me as a person then my (once) friend you are completely and throughly lacking in character as a human.

I get that you're intimidated in this medium by me. Lots of people are. Let me suggest that the best way to deal with that is to stay the fuck away from here. Especially when you're drunk off your ass.

FLUAAF said...

8 "comments" about the game? I'm a UCONN grad, so maybe I'm too slow for you two, but was there ANY mention of UAA hockey?

"I get that you're intimidated in this medium by me. Lots of people are."

WTF Donald? This is supposed to be about a bunch of great kids playing hockey, not your ego. Shouldn't we expect more from you than this silly stuff?

A hockey fan said...

UCONN grad walks into a bar and asks the bartender to switch to the the Michigan Tech/SCSU hockey game.
The bartender asks the UCONN grad what he knows about hockey.
The UCONN grad replies, "nothing but I heard the Huskies were playing, and figured that it would be good to support my team."

Suze said...

Have a great Christmas break Seawolves. But come back in good shape, all healed up, and ready to hit the ice running for the second half of the season.

kk said...

It was a good exciting weekend of hockey. Wish UAA had gotten more than one point out of the weekend but it wasn’t due to a lack of effort on their part.
UAA held their own against a team that is very practiced, against a team that is good but not as good as they made obvious that they think they are. UAA had some really outstanding players both nights. I only remember looking at the roster once to see who a player was for Denver-so there wasn’t much individual effort on their part that got my attention.
Happy holidays to everyone.

Donald Dunlop said...

There is much context of which you are probably unaware. In any case, I'll happily stack up the amount of positive and original content here about UAA Hockey against any other college hockey blog.

So if once in a while I decide to dust up a drunken troll (that I've met and entertained personally) after he first decides to try to find a way to make me look stupid and then insults my abilities as a father ... well, then you'll just have to live with it or depend on Doyle Woody for your coverage.

Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh ... but in five years of blogging this isn't my first time around the block for such things. I do everything I do here on my own time. JimJamesAK does everything he does here on his own time. Nobody pays for it. And in my two attempts to raise funds as some sort of compensation for my efforts I've raised a grand total of about 700 dollars and that mostly only happens when I make direct appeals (begging).

So yeah ... it's my blog. I try to make it unique and interesting. I try to write everything here so that it relates to other UAA fans. It takes all sorts of people to make a world. Here's a suggestion ... type "asshole" in the blog search box at the top and you'll find a bunch of posts where the two words "I am" appear before it.

FLUAFF said...

There are many other folks like me, who have relatives, friends, (sons of friends), on the team. We want to support the team and better educate ourselves on what's going on with the team, in the conference, etc..

I thought this was the place where we could do that. Maybe I'm wrong? The other thing I'd like to suggest is that maybe, if the content was a little more PG-13 (instead of R or X), more people would participate.

As Jim Rome likes to say, "have a take and don't suck". That's my take.

dggoddard said...

It breaks my heart to see DD & CO14ers not getting along.

Suze said...

DG. Sigh. This is one reason I post much less at the USCHO. I have been pulled into more than one argument over there, that is why I love it here!

Donald, I wish you'd just delete the negative responses and leave it at that, but it is your blog, and I am very grateful you spend the time you do to keep it running for us fans.

Thanks to you and JJ for all you do!

Donald Dunlop said...

Had it been a run-of-the-mill anonymous troll I certainly would have.

Over the last five years I've had this discussion about language and the content on the blog many many times.

If there was a forum, blog or some other medium that was worthy (i.e... provided positive Seawolves information in the Internet sea of derision that is constantly directed at the Seawolves) ... I think I'd stop doing this in an instant.

But as long as there isn't then I'm going to be true to my principles (even if other people don't subscribe or really understand them) ... I am not a turn the other cheek person. Never have been and never will be and so I'm not going to sit around and watch the LAST sports team I support get shat on without giving back that derision ten-fold. On the Internet ... a good offense is always more effective than a good defense.

I hope your holiday season is enjoyable and that you come back and continue to participate in the discussions about the Seawolves here. I welcome ALL opinion from actual Seawolves fans regardless of what they say. There are Seawolves fans that don't agree with what I do and/or disagree with my take. They are ALL welcome here. Fans from other teams that don't can go piss up a rope.

Anonymous said...

Yeah there is way too much swearing on this blog, the language is F#(ken brutal... :)

du78 said...

Nathan Lawson to make his NHL debut tonight (12/18) for the NY Islanders against the Phoenix Coyotes at Nassau Cliseum in NY. He will get the start replacing Rick DiPietro whose knee is once again bothering him.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, go Lawson!! Intresting to see what can do with his shot now in the "show".

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