Friday, December 10, 2010

Post Game Interviews 12-10-10 vs Denver

If the Seawolves learned one thing tonight, it's that Denver is in a different class in comparison to the other teams they have played. They battled back again from an early two goal deficit to take a 3rd period lead. The difference was that against CC, St. Cloud, and even Wisconsin is that might be enough. But, against a team like Denver, sitting back will burn you. The difference between this years team and last year team is that this years team will learn from that.

Tommy Grant had two goals tonight, it's good to see him scoring with regularity again, and Matt Bailey added the other. They're the interviewees tonight, no Coach Shyiak who was, understandably, busy. Rob Gunderson had another great tonight and gave his team a chance to win. Of the goals given up he can faulted on maybe one, and even then that would be a stretch. But the biggest key to Gundy's play is the fact he's making saves that maybe he shouldn't be making, and certainly ones past goalies would not have made. The difference from somebody like Lawson or King is that Gundy is getting help in front and not facing as many shots, so his stats aren't matching up. It's welcome sign, especially after the Christiansen debacle last year against UAF.

Hopefully tomorrow UAA comes out strong and stays strong. A win will be real nice to go into the Holidays with.


Anonymous said...

I'm like fauck you . . . (refs) . . . Seriously soo many calls could've went against pU but didn't. But strangely it was the opposite for UAA. I have effing had it with the refs, am I not the only one? Yes, the game was there for us to win without the hoorrbile calls against us, and not against pU. I'm like fauck you . . . (refs) . . .

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you Seawolves Fanatic. I though the game was well called. they let the players skate and there was a minimum amount of calls made. It made for some entertaining hockey. I wish we could quit bitching about the referees EVERY game. It gets old.

Donald Dunlop said...

Refereeing is an integral part of every sport. It would be lovely if sports didn't require subjective interpretation but they do. And since they do, the calls made (or not made) are equally valid for discussion as any other aspect of the game.

Denying that or qualitatively describing it as bitching diminishes the whole in my opinion. The sport we love is full of different dynamics ... refereeing is one of them.

When and if I see the refereeing as having had some impact on the game, I reference it. When and if I see the refereeing as having had little or no impact on the game, I reference it. Just like I reference the presence or non-presence of a myriad of other dynamic events during a game.

Any analysis of a game that doesn't include looking at the effect of it's largest subjective component is an incomplete analysis.

vizoroo said...

There were only 5 penalties called in the whole game last night. The refs let them play. If anything there were a few extra curricular activities that could have been called on both teams. The game was certainly more enjoyable than the 21 penalty game last week.

BBEF said...

to all the UAA fans -

Mazel tov - enjoy your holidays. I'll leave it at that.

Donald Dunlop said...

You like apples?

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