Friday, December 03, 2010

Post Game Interviews 12-3-10 vs Wisconsin

UAA Hockey: Come for the hockey, stay for the heart attacks!

It was another Friday Night Thriller for the Seawolves as they defeated Wisconsin 2-1 by virtue of another late goal, this time with 8 seconds left, from Tommy Grant. Tommy gets yet another game winner, he's not scoring at will, but he's scoring when the team needs it, and that's more important. That's now 12 games decided by one goal or less for the Seawolves, when more time is available I will check to see what the record is. Craig Parkinson got the first goal tonight, a short handed goal, capping off a stellar game for him. Stellar games practically all around. To describe Rob Gunderson's performance I turn to this, or Tommy Grant's description: miracle save. Gundy is quietly turning into the real deal but the best part: Chris Kamal may be just as good.

Coach Shyiak is a happy guy these days. Not much has changed in his game plans or his teams play but the luck and bounces have, and now the players have confidence. This team was hard to predict, and still are to an extent, but they look to be a real force to be dealt with in the WCHA.

Ok, off to bed for me. Let's look for two tomorrow!

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Donald Dunlop said...

Did I say how much I love having these interviews on the blog. Great job again JJ ... dude your like twice as good as Charlie Sokatis. I'm not shitting you here.

Congratulations Seawolves ... you guys earned it. Sounds like you already know what you'll face tomorrow. A couple more hours of sacrifice, focus and determination on the ice and you can really fucking celebrate something well done. Go Seawolves!!!

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