Saturday, December 04, 2010

Post Game Interviews 12-4-10 vs Wisconsin

The Seawolves fall tonight to the Badgers 3-1. The Seawolves came back late to make it 2-1 but, again, penalties cost the Seawolves as they took a few late in the game. Both of Wisconsin's goals not into an empty net were on the power play. UAA took 24 PIM and gave Wisconsin 9 power plays. Wisconsin had 18 PIM and UAA was 0 for 6 on the power play, a major problem these days. The biggest drain on the power play is UAA's passing on it, it's not been crisp and as such UAA doesn't get many good looks (BTW, come the revolution, unless you are on the ice or bench, yelling "shoot" on a PP will get you shot). Tommy Grant scored again (he scores when the team needs it) on a rebound after the Seawolves pulled Rob Gunderson (solid again tonight) with 9 minutes left and had some time to controlling the play. Wisco added an empty netter at the horn to make it 3-1.

I will long for the day college hockey wakes up and decides to do what the NHL, IIHF, USA Hockey, and practically everybody else, did: just start calling everything by the letter of the rule. That happens and games like this will be a thing of the past. I'm tired of the constant clutch and hold that always leads to frustration penalties being called. The college game will be much better off but I guess nobody involved wants it.

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