Monday, December 06, 2010

Pioneers Suck: An Enlightening Reparte'

"Perhaps the greatest assemblage of college hockey talent ever" was the phrase last year to come out of one of the tentacles of the DU Athletic Department's secret underground railroad propaganda apparatus.  So is this year's version the 2nd greatest assemblage ever?  Do they surpass that?  Or are they the most majorly super-athletic stud muffins to ever proudly parade around Cheesman Park dressed in red and gold?
I will detail the lightweight purse-swinging foot-stomping brats later in the week.  And when I'm done with the LetsGoDU Blog I'll talk about the Pioneers hockey team.  

Until then I think we should all ponder the misjustice through state sponsored thievery and murder that the Manifest Destiny driven push through the western United States perpetrated on peaceful aboriginal peoples.

Without regard for the humanity standing in their way the pioneer people used the excuse that it was their god given destiny to own and control the land.  If god hadn't wanted the Indians subjugated then he would have made their skin white!  Amirite?  If it wasn't a bullet killing some innocent Native American it was disease brought by the Pioneers.  So there's that.

And this hockey team coming here this weekend to play UAA?  They honor that unjust movement by venerating the people who perpetrated those acts.  Oh sure, they veil it by characterizing those people as having a pioneering spirit that helped them tame the wild west.  And that they were brave to go in search of a better life in frontiers where nobody had settled before.  But mustn't we consider the whole when we choose cultural and historic references to which we raise our glasses?  So there's that.

Sure ok .. hear hear!! for the Pioneers.  There's no doubt European-Americans wouldn't have dominated this continent in the manner we have for the last 150 years without pushing westward and negating the lives and cultural essence of the people that were here first.  So yay Manifest Destiny ... if your white I guess.  Otherwise ...  So there's that too.

Yep, you heard it here first.  Pioneers suck.


Alaska Hockey said...

By 1880, the Colorado Seminary had been renamed the University of Denver. Although doing business as the University of Denver, DU is still legally named Colorado Seminary.

BBEF said...

I'm not sure many DU fans will post here but the Cheesman Park comment made me giggle.

dggoddard said...

"Lightweight purse-swinging foot-stomping brats?"

Well played.

Puck Swami said...

Well played, indeed.

I never mind my team being eviscerated when it is done with such panache...

Looking forward to the weekend. I expect a split.

Ogie said...

The only thing that sucks worse than the Pio's (and that puke Gwazdecki) are the insufferable Pio fans...FUCK YOU BURGANDY

BBEF said...


Amen brother? You come on a little strong…

You can “fuck” DU fans all you want. Just head over to Cheesman Park. You can find the DU fans easily. They stick out like a sore thumb (no pun intended). They will be foot-stomping or purse-swinging (maybe both).

DG and Swami usually owe dues to me but I’ve given them full reign this weekend.

Have fun and come back for more!

WARNING!!! Puck Swami is also known for purse-snatching… Please be careful…

Suze said...

Puck Swami? Say it isn't so! He is probably the nicest, most knowledgeable fan they have.

I am confident that this UAA team has the talent to beat the Pioneers. I hope all of the UAA players feel the same way. Lets fill the Sully, bring a friend or two or three.

Donald Dunlop said...

This comment string is pure Twilight Zone.

vizoroo said...

As Walt Whitman said,
"Colorado men are we,
From the peaks gigantic, from the great sierras and the high plateaus,
From the mine and from the gully, from the hunting trail we come,
Pioneers! O Pioneers!"

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