Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Josh Lunden's Return Profiled at ADN

The Anchorage Daily News has a story today which features Josh Lunden's return from missing the last 11 games with a shoulder injury.  Josh has consistently been a force from close in scoring areas during his career and brings a willing presence to go into (and stay in) those tough scoring areas.  With regard to playing on Saturday, Josh told Doyle,
"It felt good to be back. I only played in a limited role, just to get my feet wet and get used to the speed of the game again. I felt good conditioning-wise. I was just trying to help my linemates, and I felt like we had good chemistry."
Coach Dave Shyiak commented about his return telling Mr. Woody,
"He had two or three quality scoring chances and drew a penalty. I thought he was about half a step slow, which is natural when you haven't played in two months, but I thought he came away with passing grades." 
"We'll go day-by-day, game-by-game, and hopefully he gets back to his usual game soon. Obviously, our team benefits when he plays expanded minutes. At the same time, you don't want to give him too much, too soon.''
Most importantly though, Josh went on to add,
"There was a sense of urgency to get back on the ice, because it's my senior year and I want to help the team achieve goals we haven't achieved in five or six years now."
Josh along with his fellow seniors must be a force down the stretch.  Leadership and experience are two important cogs on the wheel of winning.  Hopefully, with a continuing full and healthy lineup the Seawolves can begin to make the sort of run that is necessary for post-season success in the WCHA.  Best of luck to Josh for a successful return this weekend.  Potting a couple of goals this weekend ought to make him feel back in the groove.


A Seawolves Fanatic said...

Great to have you back Lunden, hope you get your 75th point this weekend, a wicked wrister top shelf(glove side) on Alex Kangas.

Hope your rehab choice pans out for you.

Also, Vidmar we've missed you man, great to have you back too.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Josh. It's good to see you in the line-up again!

Congratulations to Kane Lafranchise who was nominated for the Red Baron WCHA offensive player of the week and to Jon Olthuis who was nominated for defensive player of the week.

Good luck to the boys this week-end. Keep up the good work!!

Donald Dunlop said...

Since we're mentioning it ... Alex Gellert was nominated for Rookie of the Week. Alex has been playing well ...

Anonymous said...

Sorry, missed that one. Good job Alex!

Anonymous said...

This team has the talent to go all the way.
To bad the fans are going to miss the best team in years.
All the best this weekend, keep thinking 7 th place

akhockeyfanatic said...

Looking forward to two nights of great hockey. I said and I repeat -TWO nights of great hockey!

Good luck Seawolves. Play your hearts out and skate like the wind.

Anonymous said...

Lucia says the Seawolves play a "left wing lock" being a "casual" fan can you bexplain what a " left wing lock" is?

Anonymous said...

The left wing lock is a type of passive forecheck where if after the dump-in, the forechecking team isn't going to come up with the puck right away the left winger will lock the winger on his side to limit the option for that pass. Most teams will then try to skate it up and get "trapped" in the NZ and hopefully cause a turnover. They have only used it a few times this season as they have ramped up to a more aggressive forecheck on most teams. Any time someone says "The Seawolves ran the trap all game" they are actually doing a left wing lock and the D are up with good gap. Not actually a "trap."

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anonymous 7:59
Another of the great things about this blog...knowlegible (sp?) fans passing along knowledge without talking down to the question!

UAA Fan (not)in Florida said...

I agree, I'll be looking at that closely this weekend. By no means a hockey expert(huge fan though), I'd like to see that in motion, let my buddy know, 'that's the left wing lock,' and pretend to be the expert. :O)

Unfortunately, my butt won't be one in the seats this weekend, but I was at last Saturday's game, and despite the small crowd, it was very, very loud. I do believe I upset some visiting C.C. fans. :OP

That being said, Go 'Wolves, stick it to 'em, play hard and you KNOW you can win. I KNOW you can win.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Bryce has been demoted to third-string goalie because he didn't inform the coaching staff about his travel plans over Christmas break. He was left home from the road trip to Denver and got in more trouble for practicing as a forward instead of a goalie while the team was gone. Now he's 3rd string. How long?? Who knows...

Anonymous said...

That cant be the reason 49 is out. Thats ridicoulous

Donald Dunlop said...

That scenario certainly does stretch the bounds of reasonable. We know Shyiak uses some strong discipline but to actually demote someone for those reasons?

Rumors and stories coming out of locker rooms must be tempered with several things in order to gauge their accuracy. The more outrageous they sound the less likely they are to be fully accurate. When sources and/or reports are anonymous then an agenda might possibly be assumed.

I will say I have heard certain things along these lines. I have also heard some things that mitigate the assertions.

So in such cases, I find it's most prudent to not repeat them. Because whether true or false they do nothing to advance the team's success. Typically, such things either work themselves out without "our help". And if they don't, then they'll come to a head at some point and we'll better know the whole truth.

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