Saturday, January 16, 2010

Seawolves vs. MTU: Saturday Game Day

Saturday January 14th, 2010 1PM (AST)
John MacInnes Student Ice Arena
Houghton, Michigan
MTU Streaming Video Link (Subscription)
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Best Quote: “Anytime you are on the road and can go up two or three goals, I think that’s a positive thing.” -- Dave Shyiak

 UAA Lines For Saturday
Grant, Haddad, Clark
Spencer, Naslund, Wiles
Bruijsten, Gellert, Leinweber
Portwood, Parkinson, Selby
Lafranchise, Gorham
Backstrom, Tuton
Darwitz, Hunt

Don't forget that today's game starts at 1pm Alaska Standard Time.  Please post a message when you enter the chat room so that I can quickly authorize additional comments.  Go Seawolves!  I hope you wrap up the 4 points in style but wrapping them up regardless of the style is most important.


Some video provided by James Anderson sports reporter from some station in Marquette.  It has highlights of the first three goals ... just wait for them.  The first part of the video is absolutely the greatest thing I've ever seen on YouTube.  I kid you not!  You go James ... you go!

And now a couple of pics from the Daily Mining Gazette Story ...

Tommy Grant Breaks In For A Scoring Attempt
photo credit: David Archambeau (Daily Mining Gazette)

Drew Darwitz About to Paste a Husky to The Boards
photo credit: David Archchambeau (Daily Mining Gazette)


James Anderson said...

I didn't know if GCI carried the game... if not... here is the local television news story. Includes footage of a couple of goals.

Donald Dunlop said...

Wow ... VERY nice ... thank you VERY VERY much ...

Suze said...

Thanks James, very much appreciated. Very classy of you to share with us.

Anonymous said...

Good win Seawolves!

Did anyone else find the broadcast very hard to watch..very blurry. Is there another link that perhaps would be clearer?

Anonymous said...

Yes the broadcast was blurry, and froze up at times. It is nice to see the team win on the road.
Let's have another great game tonite.
It was great to see the seniors and juniors step up in the second half.

Suze said...

The audio on the webcast was also very fuzzy. Thanks for listing the line up for tonight, Donald. Good to see Selbs playing again!

Donald Dunlop said...

Baldwin out with "undisclosed injury".

Anonymous said...

Good job Seawolves. A big credit goes out to the upperclassmen who in the last minute of the game came through to win this game. EXCELLENT penaly killing. That was a little stressful but our big guns did it in the last minute.
See you next week-end!! Looking forward to the parent's week-end. See you all in the booster room. Hope you're there Donald to say hi.

On Wolves said...

Wow. Not a great game, but 4 points is super!

I wish we could play those MTU slugs every weekend...

Anonymous said...

Good point on Wolves, the teams who get to play Tech 4 games this year have a distinct advantage.

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