Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Potpourri: WCHA, Politics and Free Tickets

This weekend was one of the few this season where all the WCHA teams played a full slate of league action.  So let's take a look around and see what transpired.  There were two series of high significance in the top half of the standings.  UAA's next opponent, SCSU had a weekend at altitude in Colorado Springs facing the Black Bears.  

In the first tilt, the two teams headed into the 3rd period tied at 2.  Then a bit of hell broke loose in one of the most religious cities in the U.S.  CC scored first just 19 seconds in.  SCSU answered 26 seconds later.  The game stayed tied until 7:39 when El Cloud took the lead.  A little over 3 mins later CC tied it at 4.  Then just 20 seconds later, Huskies II bagged the game winner.

Night two was an equal nightmare for goalies.  5 goals in the 1st (three for SCSU); 2 goals in the 2nd (1 for each team); and then 3 CC goals spread out through the 3rd clinched the 6-4 win.  The push means that neither team gained any ground in the standings.  SCSU has 26 points, CC has 25 points.

Duluth and Wisconsin split a pair just across the river from Superior, Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Gitche Gumee.  The Bulldogs got soaked by the Badgers 5-2 after being tied 2 each at the end of the 1st on Friday night.  There was no shortage of penalty calls as they combined for 18 (10 for Bucky and 8 for UMD).  Saturday night was all UMD as they shutout the Commies 4-0.  The teams combined for 21 penalties (13 for Bucky and 8 for UMD).  That split means UMD is still ahead of Wisconsin in the standings by two points with 27.

Denver used two different scoring strategies to complete the only WCHA sweep of the weekend.  On Friday night they bombed and chased Aaron Dell from the UND net with goals at 1:23 and 3:18 of the 1st period.  Dave Hakstol's blood pressure went through the roof and with his usual scowl and beet red face he gave his obvious #2 goalie the hook.  Didn't matter, UND's offensive incompetence the rest of the evening ensured the DU win.  

Of course, being that the games were in Hostile and Abusive Arena there were a couple of dust-ups.  But the sodbusters managed to keep control in the face of mounting aboriginal aggression i.e ... the dirty redskins couldn't goad them into a real fight.

On the 2nd night, DU tapped into it's god-given manifest destiny to roll the wicked godless Indians by allowing them to be overconfident in building a 2-0 lead early in the 2nd.  The Pios had the Indians exactly where they wanted them at that point.  They uncircled the wagons and outflanked the hapless native horde scoring goals about every 4 mins starting at the midway point in the period.  They completed the scalping of the squaws at 12:16 of the 3rd.

With the sweep DU moved into sole possession of the conference lead with 28 points.  UND's failure to get any points in their own wigwam leaves them 2 points ahead of UAA in 6th and just one point ahead of Rodentia who has 18.

Mankato and MTU split a pair of games in Houghton.  The OG Huskies redeemed themselves from a long losing streak capping the purple cows 4-1 on Friday night.  Unable to win fair and square on Friday night, the bovine decided to goon it up on Saturday.  But first, they paid off Friesma and Walsh (who likely live in Mankato) to call three straight penalties on MTU in the first period ensuring that the Huskies wouldn't be able to get into the groove and dominate.  

Then some typical Mankato thuggery went down at 13:38 of the 2nd and Friesma and Walsh earned their super-secret stipend from Juttings back pocket piling on an extra penalty to MTU from the dust-up.  And when the flatulent methane-producing cows couldn't cash in, the refs called a delay of game at 15:32 on MTU.  

Wow.  You know how many delay of games get called in the WCHA?  About one every 4 years.  Urea Hayes scored on the ensuing power play to go up 2-0.  And from that point, the referees swallow their whistles.  Convenient eh?  Those two bumblers are the worst referees in the WCHA.  Not because they're incompetent.  But because they're biased.

Mankato remains 4 points behind UAA with 13 points but does have two games in hand.  Tech is 7 points out of 9th.


If you aren't already ignoring the pusillanimous blathering of MSNBC, CNN and Fox News then please allow me to ask you why?  Below is an example of all you really need to know about what is going on in this country.  In a half an hour 4 nights a week, Jon Stewart adroitly summarizes the bullshit that is this country's political machine.  Sure, Mika Brezinski has nice tits but does that mean you have to watch her vapidly sit by while her evil little rat-faced murdering pig of a co-host subtly spews the most vile tripe since Mussolini?

Why would you sit and cry with Glenn Beck night after night when the truth can make you laugh?  Seriously dear readers, if you want some news find a BBC stream or channel and you'll get actual news.  There is none of that on cable.  It's nothing but unadulterated Edward Bernays-style propaganda spew.  If you don't know who he is, then you understand nothing about how things work in this country.  Seriously, click that Bernays link and watch it.  I dare you.

And then after you've done that.  Enjoy the Jon Stewart clips.  He is without a doubt the best voice in this country for truth.

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
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Daily Show
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The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Speech Therapy - Post-Racial
Daily Show
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Political HumorHealth Care Crisis

And I should take the time to mention that the best other source for real information and news in this country comes from Amy Goodman at Democracy Now.  I know it's Mary's (the good woman I married in 1980 and who bore my wonderful genius daughter) favorite and I'm always impressed with the information that Amy uncovers and reports on.  If you hate the "mainstream" media then check out Amy.  She's one of the sharpest, insightful minds in this country.

Here's the latest show ....


Here's some of my favorite things ... for no other reason than self-indulgence:

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Over the course of the next couple of weeks I need to figure out the best sort of contest to run in order to give away some free passes to the final three Seawolves games.  I'm not sure of the best way to do so.  Should it be some sort of trivia?  Honestly, I'm not loaded with old information about the Seawolves and making someone dig around in some archive to get the answer for a couple of free passes seems a bit much.  

Additionally, I'm fairly certain that most of my readers here probably already have tickets.  So, I'd like to figure something out where these passes get into the hands of people that otherwise might not go to the game.  Feel free to give me your suggestions.  I've got 8 passes.  Maybe I can get more if I ask really nice?  Should I give all 8 away for the UA_ game?  Email me or comment below with your ideas.  My first idea is to make it a UAA Fan Blog Trivia contest.  For example, I could ask, "Who is the UAA Fan Blog author's all-time favorite Seawolf player?"  or stuff like that which I've mentioned at some point in the blog's history.  Lemme know.

Lastly, allow me to apologize for not attending the "Skate With The Seawolves" event today.  I did have every intention of going.  And while I'm disorganized and lazy, neither of those was really the reason I didn't make it.  I hope it was a fun event.  I should have at least gone and taken some pictures for the blog.  If anyone has some and wants to forward them to me, I'd happily post them.  Updates as to how it was would be appreciated in the comments section as well.  I know lots of Blueliner Booster folks work hard to make these events turn out well.  They all deserve a pat on the back for their efforts.


Here's some late additions to this post from the Skate With the Seawolves event at Westchester Lagoon.  Thanks to Neil (USCHO's "dude") for forwarding these.  Click on them for larger images.


Anonymous said...

Great job by the Blueliners for a very successful Skate with the was beautiful and the turnout was outstanding. Fun times for everyone who attended. Thanks!!!!

Suze said...

Had a wedding to attend, so I didn't make it. Glad there was a good turnout!

Runninwiththedogs said...

You forgot to mention St. Cloud got a bench misconduct at the end of Saturday's game. I am curious about what occurred.

Donald Dunlop said...

Ouch Donna,
You're implying that my creative boxscore inferences were incomplete? That hurts me deeply and makes me wonder what happened for St. Cloud to get bench misconduct at the end of Saturday's game.

Did Bob Motzko moon the World Arena crowd? Maybe Mr. Raboin had someting to do with it? I bet Ryan Lasch heard CC's radio guy Ken Landau mispronounce his girlfriend Craig Gaudet's last name causing him to go off! It could have been just a well-deserved penalty for having the ugliest rip-offiest logo in the history of hockey.

UAA Fan (not)in Florida said...

That last 'Skate with the Seawolve's' picture would have been a 5 minute major for Clark if there had been any WCHA refs around. :O)

Glad to see those guys and kids having some fun.. Deserved after last night..

Keep J.O. in net, stay out of the box, or at least, try and check when no-ones looking.. this team plays amazing 5-5, if i had the time, i'd try and crunch those numbers for +/- in 5-5 situations..

Anywho, i'm going to watch last nights game when I get home just to see the game. I hear it's an excellent game. But seeing Clark's pass and then shortie will probably make me yell

UAA Fan (not)in Florida said...

Just watched the game, all I have to say is wow. Clark is a Seawolf and he's ready to play. Holy moly, what an amazing pass, better part of that was Lunden knows Clark is going to try and get it there someway, so he's ready to bury it. Then, the SAVEs, Johnny O. comes up big 2 times within just a few minutes, none bigger than the 3on1, he looked like flippin' batman flying across the crease. Then, the SHORTIE, 17 and 28 were lucky they had their jocks still on after that undressing. 3 2009-2010 highlight reel plays all in the same game.

Every player on the ice was good tonight, our guys were a step better though. Everyone of the 'Wolves deserve credit for that win. Great game, take it 'em next week.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Grant had to get cheap shotted. And to think about the crap Lucia spewed about Portwoods hit being dirty. Look in the mirror Donnie boy.

A Seawolves Fanatic said...

I forgot, does anybody remember just where Lunden shot the puck past Kangas Sat, night? I can't remember......

Suze said...

Josh was camped out on the right side of the net, right near the crease. Beautiful pass by Clarkie and Josh made no mistake about putting it home.

Anonymous said...

Vote for 2010 UAA Hockey Leon Thompson Fan Favorite Award --


bbef and chips! said...

I saw the sign... It opened up my eyes... I saw the sign.
I wouldn't - you might - call it one of the most religious cities in the country. That's a bad rap and we don't deserve it... Come here some time. I'll make you dinner - we can go to the weekend games and then church on Sunday :)
SCSU pens after the game - they were pissy that they "scored" after the whistle. Also - I think Roe and Lasch are pissed after getting bounced from the women's Chinese Olympic Gymnastics teams (damn those bitches are small).
Wow – you get to skate with your team outside. AWESOME!

akhockeyfanatic said...

UAA Fan 10:56

I like your humor :) But so true!!

Runninwiththedogs said...

I just figured you would be all over that Bob incident, DD.

I have heard of many of those movies simply from the beginning of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Anonymous said...

Clark and Jonny O were nominated for WCHA players of the week

Suze said...

Good for them! Any word on Grant? He was supposed to have his knee examined on Monday.

I hope all three of our guys are healing up, but am a bit worried about Tommy. What happened to him was scarey.

Donald Dunlop said...

Colorado Springs is like a black hole. Other than a tiny leak of Hawking Radiation nothing escapes the event horizon.

This week, I will somehow "feature" Bob Motzko's little tantrum and subsequent WCHA rebuke now that it's been announced.

He should know that only Jowls Gwozdecky is allowed on the ice without repercussion.

Anonymous said...

Clark's parents are goint to this weekend.
Clarkie hat trick like michigan.
Two wins for the seawolves.

Anonymous said...

I just have an idea to get butts in seats.. Since we all love hockey, and want to support all our home town teams, Why don't we contact the aces and high school teams and do ticket GIVE AND GOs. I'm not sure how many aces seats are empty but we
could ask the aces to donate 500 seats to their games, we could donate 500 seats at our games, as for high school games (not sure how many seats they have?)we could do the same.. on a first come first serve basis. They could be given away on campus, aces office and sullivan arena, this may also help the UAA bookstore and Aces store with sales revenue. I think 500 more people at the SEAWOLVES, ACES and HIGH SCHOOL games would make it LOUDer and fun, not to mention enjoying your fellow fans company. Just a thought, let me know what ya think?

Alaskana said...

Akwolfgirl: Thanks for sharing your ideas. At this point, any suggestions are helpful regarding the Sully's attendance issues.

I think it's hard to say how giving away free tickets would go over with the general public. It could go one of many ways. For example, some might see 'free ticket giveaways' as a sign that the games are not a fun/exciting events (which they most certainly are). On the other hand, it may bring in people who otherwise may not have come, and make hockey addicts out of them, thus building on to the already small, but faithful fanbase.

I know that Donald likes to riff on the Midwest (and his observations ARE funny), but one thing that the Midwest gets that many in Anchorage don't is that WCHA is world class hockey, and IMHO the best sporting event in town (when it comes to sub-NHL hockey).

Maybe the University should give the ticket giveaway a try. I'm not sure about the Aces games though, as last time I checked they weren't necessarily hurting for fans (even though they haven't been playing great as of late).

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