Friday, January 15, 2010

UAA at MTU: Friday Game Day

Friday January 14th, 2010 3PM (AST)
John MacInnes Student Ice Arena
Houghton, Michigan
MTU Streaming Video Link (Subscription)
--This is the ONLY way to watch the game--

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Join me at 3PM for the usual chatroom (below).  I don't feel like there is much more to be said about this series.  The Seawolves really need the 4 points.  The Huskies aren't going to roll over for them.  So UAA will have to put together two quality games and own all three zones to get it done.

Thanks to all who shared their advice through the poll regarding whether I should or shouldn't move forward with a proposal to write game recaps for the Anchorage Daily News.  I have decided not to.  That goes against the advice of most of you who took the time to vote.  55 people voted one of the affirmative responses and 18 voted one of the negative responses.

So why have I decided against it?  Because I've decided that ultimately, it is a bit presumptuous.  I don't care to presume that the ADN or it's editors aren't fully capable of identifying a problem and dealing with it via a solution of their own. If they were to recognize a problem and solicit my assistance that would certainly be a different thing.

Chatroom will be active about 15 minutes before game starts i.e... 2:45


A buncha crap that has nothing to do with hockey really but instead highlights some of the culture and community of Houghton, Michigan and MTU.

Tech Campus Webcams

Snowmobiles???  Above is a snowmobile.  Below is a snowmachine.  Wake the fuck up Michigan.

Photo Tour of "Winter Carnival" aka "Anchorage Rondy Lite"

And these are seniors at MTU.  Seniors I tell you!

The biggest DOUCHEBAG on the MTU Campus (possibly on the whole upper peninsula).  Believe me ... I spent more time than I care to admit looking at the various douchebaggery from MTU on YouTube.

Just some other random drunken morons that go to school at Michigan Tech.

Does the local Houghton office of Homeland Security know about these terrorists casing Houghton.  I don't speak Arabic but I'm pretty sure they're talking about bombing the Hardees @ about 3:10.  We have to be vigilant in these times.  These guys should be identifiable ... they are dumb enough @2:45 to put their faces on camera.  I'm just happy to do my part to keep the homeland safe!


UAA Fan (not)in Florida said...

Not sure what was more impressive, that drive through Houghton, the Music, or the douche who filmed himself(filming the epic drive through Houghton,) in the mirror of the car.

Anonymous said...

You call it a snowmachine, we call it a snowmobile. Let's leave it at that. With that type of attitude, I could easily mistake you as a UA_ fan and not UAA.

Anonymous said...

Snowmobile!!!! Snow machines are what makes snow on the ski hill!!!

-30- said...

Crazy Canuck company Ski-Doo started the madness. We call it a sled in these here parts. Snowmobile? City folks maybe. Snow machine? You've got to be kidding.

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