Friday, January 29, 2010

Seawolves NotEnuff - Minnesota MoreThanEnuff

Nights like tonight are 'teh suck'.  Over the course of this season, I've seen more goals scored against UAA at the end of and beginning of periods than I ever remember seeing in a single season.  0.2 seconds before the end of the 1st and 32 seconds into the 2nd were the back breakers tonight.  Sure ... it was only 3-2 after those goals.  But without them, it would doubtless have been a very different game.

I thought all night that the ice looked soft.  The puck was bouncing a lot more than usual on the oft renowned excellent Sully ice.  No doubt the freon leak played a part in that.  Of course, both teams are playing on the same ice so it's not an excuse.  But it did affect the flow of the game.  There were crazy numbers of turnovers for both squads.  

The difference in the outcome though was special teams.  The Gophers had 3 power play goals and once again UAA gave up a shorthanded goal.  I'm pretty sure the Seawolves lead the nation in that category.  Isn't that 12 on the year so far?

The only bright spots I can come up with tonight are that Mickey Spencer and Daniel Naslund both had 3 point nights.  Mickey scored two real nice goals showing a great deal of poise on his second.  Naslund's game has been progressing real well so far in the 2nd half.  He seems to be finding a better groove and is using his size and stickhandling abilities to better effect than earlier in the season.  Mickey had a strong game all around on both ends of the ice.

Why did they lose so badly?  Jonny O didn't get enough help.  There were few blocked shots.  Jonny O didn't help himself either.  He let two real soft goals in.   And the Gophers came up with the puck in more of the little battles.  I'm also mystified how the Seawolves could win so many faceoff against DU and Michigan Tech, do a reasonable job against CC and then tonight win seemingly almost none.  Ok, "none" is an exaggeration ... the official total was 44 - 28.  Let's face it, if you can control the puck on restarts you give yourself at a nice advantage.

I didn't think there was much going on with physical play.  I can't remember any hit from a UAA player that I'd add to a highlight reel of hits.  That's unusual for a team that usually prides themselves on playing a hard hitting game.

I anticipated tonight's game more anxiously than any game this season.  I'm responsible for the depth of my disappointment because of that.  Honestly, I go to college hockey for the enjoyment of watching some quality play.  A game like tonight though just fucks with my mind.  Is it just another Friday nightmare?  Well, it is that.  Can the guys once again find some resolve and character for tomorrow night?  I sure hope so.  But you know what?  I'm not going to count on it.  

I'm going to spend the rest of this season just trying to appreciate the positives.  I want to see the guys win but I don't know how much more heartache I can take.  Yes, it's depressing for me.  I'm sure no Seawolves fan reading this is happy about the outcome.  But I take no solace in knowing I'm not the only disappointed fan.

I really don't know what else to add.  And if you don't have anything good to say, it's best to say nothing.  So nothing more it is.

So anyway ... here's the boxscore.  Good luck tomorrow night my 'Wolves.  I sure hope for your own sakes that you put a good Saturday night together again and salvage some pride.


UAA Fan (not) in Florida said...

I'm just kinda curious what happened to haddad after first period? He won most, if not all of his faceoff's, beat a minny guy to puck at least once, but I never saw him again after that? Too bad Tuton had to score minny's first goal.. that sucked..

i have some bad things to say about the 'officiating' again, but I'll watch game again to try and justify that...

Anonymous said...

What's the deal 4 special teams goals and 2 goals one at the end (and we mean end) of a period and one less than a minute into the next period... nothing like burying yourself. Seriously we got aways to go.

Zzzz said...

Giving up a game tying goal with 0.2 seconds on the clock in the 1st was the KILLER...

Defense was HORRENDOUS tonight - although Backstrom played solidly. Otherwise we were completely ineffective starting the breakout and moving the puck up the ice. Darwitz got burned a few times and coughed up the puck at the blue line on an easy play that led to their #7...

Tomorrow's a new night - SATURDAY NIGHT. Hopefully Shyiak will "promote" Bryce, Trevor, and Curtis back into the lineup.

UAA Fan (not)in Florida said...

I'm a little, 'buzzed dialing' here, but this shit needs to stop. Sitting your more experienced players for the inexperienced has NOT worked a majority of the time. Even if they are being diceplened. Is this the only team in D1 hockey who has players not following rules? Umm NO. When those 'rules' are broken, getting banished for several games at a time? Umm, NO! Coach, the hard ass approach isn't fucking working. Put your best/most experienced players on the ice, or these frosh are going to be someone else's Soph's or JR's. Trust me when I don't say that lightly, I have been a huge Shyiak supporter this whole time, but D's 6 year plan, might just end up a 5 year plan. Oh, and BTW, get a different S.T's, coach, it's definately NOT working out. Maybe get Mr. Chad Johnson to coach the GT's again.

Sure these underclassmen have got some chops, but so do the upperclassmen, that with the experience, should make it an easy choice.

Please, poke holes in this at will, everyone, I'd love to be told I'm wrong.

Aside from that, I will always love this team, through thick and thin, and I still believe they can make some noise. I desire them to make some FUCKING noise, go and kick some gopher ass tomorrow.

Once again, I'm going to ask what happened to Haddad, disappeared after 1st??

Anonymous said...

Did the D play well tonight? ill agree no..but when a team gives up four special teams goals its tough in a way to say that..everyone made mistakes and all the D had a rough game..even backstrom..So to call out a few players is not the idea here..lafranchise and darwitz were both even tonight in a 7 goal game..i think a couple others might have been as will be intersting to see what shyiak does with the line up tomorrow..if the seawolves stay out of the box they can play with anyone and its been proven before..

Anonymous said...

Shyiak will make the changes for tonites game.
We never win friday, let's win the usual saturday and get on with the season.
Clark 13 goals, we need a hat trick.
Season is far from over.
Hopefully ice willl be better tonite.
It would be nice if the referees stayed out of the game.
Be positive guys, 1 win you are back in the hunt.
Naslund, spencer and wilkes great effort.
There are postive, need a big effort from the seniors tonite.


-30- said...

To be fair, and as I've said here before, the story is told with +/-. Period. Before we go bashing the freshman and singling out some D for last night's debacle, look at that stat for last night and the season. The tale of the tape. Like it or not, +/- don't lie.

All I get is terrible streaming video, but it appears Shyiak is not matching lines as much as he did last year. Can you comment on that, Donald? Are we using last change to our home advantage or just rolling 'em out?

Anonymous said...

Forwards struggled maintaining any sort of posession. Too many Minnesota break-outs. Absolutely no discipline in regards to penalties yet again. Not enough hitting from anyone. Replace Hunt for Baldwin tonite. The shortie on the pp was the killer.

Anonymous said...

God knows I live and die with this team. I bleed yellow and gold. I try to attend every game. But it's heartbreaking to watch these guys make the same mistakes, yet nothing really gets fixed. There is no consistency. How in the world can we lose so bad on Fridays, yet come back, and play like a completely different team and get a tie or a W on Saturdays?! So whatever the coach is trying to do, it's not working. Play Bryce, play your upperclassmen. I didn't drive 35 min away to come and watch our boys get slaughtered every Friday night. That's not what puts people in the stands. If we keep losing big on Fridays, something's gotta give. Sorry to say, but this has gone on for far too long. There is no reason why this team should be sitting near the bottom of the league. They have the talent, grit, but there's no determination, no spark. Where's the leadership, where's the coaching?! Stop benching your best players, stop being an ass, and start coaching. That's what you're getting paid to do! Shyiak and the rest of the coaching staff are not getting it done. Bottom line. Good luck tonight Seawolves!

Anonymous said...

According to the official box score, the last penalty that was taken in the first period was by Gellert at 18:02. I remember thinking there would still be 2 seconds of PP for UM to start the second period.

When the goal was scored with .2 seconds on the clock, both the penalty clock and the game clock read the SAME, and they shouldn't have. If the on ice officials for UAA (who are a joke) would not have screwed up, that goal never would have counted. Watch the replay.

Anonymous said...

The WCHA refs that come here to referee our games do a piss poor job every game. Something needs to be done about it. But that still does not excuse the fact that we do not come out and play to our highest level. Fridays suck! So do something about it coach! It's getting tiresome watching this trend of yours. I know the players have what it takes. Lead them, teach them and show them the way to start winning games. Or at least not give up even when we're down by 2/3 goals. Play solid 60 minutes of hockey every game. Last night we gave up in the second period! The second period! Plenty of time to throw some pucks on goal! We couldn't even do that! Get those damn pucks to the net! Stay on your man. Move your feet. Don't stand tripod. The rules of hockey are simple. It's getting the team to work together that we have a problem with. And it starts with coaching. Get a new game plan, or hire someone else. I do agree with some of the other posters on this board. Shyiak is not doing his job.

Anonymous said...

Johnnys let in 16 goals in the last 3 games. Why in the hell do you leave him in to get slaughtered. When Lawson "Left" he won 6 games the next year. I mean you bury your team and both goalies for what. Its crazy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah get a new game plan for sure. There is absolutely no doubt why you see 1500 people in attendance.

Donald Dunlop said...

I specifically watched the line matchups last night to make a mental note though by the 3rd I wasn't paying close attention. Overall, I'd say that Shyiak was responsible with the last change. I don't think the Gophers managed to get their #1 out without being countered by our #1.

Personnel questions are aplenty from last night. Vidmar was reported ready to go. I'm assuming we'll see him tonight ala Lunden's "slow" introduction last weekend. And just like you guys, I'm wondering where Hunt and Leinweber are.

As to using +/- from last night to make a judgement; I'd cry foul in this particular circumstance. First, Nils Backstrom was excellent all night. Kane Lafranchise also played very very well. After that, I'm just going to remain mute except to say that +/- doesn't tell the story.

Will said...

So what is up with not playing Bryce? Is he now our #3 goalie when for the first half of the season he was spliting games with Jonny 0 and now he isn't good enough to play? Do we need a free Bryce club started. Discipline is one thing but sitting a good player for how many games now, you have to start asking the coach who is hurting the team now by not playing Bryce. Seems we went though this before of sitting player and not playing them just when we need them. It sure doesn't help our program. So Jonny O is in the net the rest of the season no matter if he lets in 7 goals last night and as someone else pointed out 13 in the last 3 games. May be someone that has more information can explain why Jonny O was still in the net in the net after the 4th or 5th goal allowed last night?

Anonymous said...

not sure, why people sit out, coaches make these decisions.

-30- said...

Donald, I didn't make myself clear. I was defending Backstrom and Lafranchise, who were 0 and +1 respectively. I'd say that over the course of a season +/- does tell the story. With our number 1 line's +/- a combined -23, I'd argue that with home-ice last change Shyiak might have a checking line out against their #1. I recall last year he did that quite effectively down the home stretch with Wiles, Haddad, and Portwood. Don't ask Clark and Grant to check. It's not what they do.

Anonymous said...

Johnnie O clearly needs a lot of help to be an effective goaltender. He has shown he can't stop a breakway of any sort. I think his save rate on those is probably 10%. He is not a shut down goalie at all. He seldom makes the game saving save or saves. I can't say Bryce is much better, but heck we haven't seen him since what, Novemeber?

Anonymous said...

shyiak will make adjustments tonite, we will win the usual saturday nite game. Than we will be off to st. clould.
all the best seawolves.
there are fans who still believe.

Wolfman said...

Donald, can you post this link on your website? It is the GOOD GCI link for the game....



wolfman said...

wolfman said...

OK...looks like it is dropping off the last part of the link. last part is /uaa_hockey/playerpage.html

Anonymous said...

Shyiak has to start rewarding his more productive and consistent players...quit throwing them on 2nd and 3rd lines.
Good luck tonite boys!

akhockeyfanatic said...

We've still gotta believe but it is heart wrenching to see this team play on Fridays. Best of luck tonight boys. Your loyal fans will be there cheering.

Anonymous said...

great win tonite, to bad the fans do not believe in this team, players playing there heart out, grant and haddad hurt.
clarkie on fire, josh playing injured, johnny was great in goal.
what a team effort. bring on st. cloud. 6 wcha games left, plus govenors cup. 3 more times to see this talented bunch at home.
again congrats seawolves.

s cu

Suze said...

Any news on Grant? Does he have a concussion? And what happened to Haddad last night? We need those guys back, but players stepped up tonight and played great.

Get well Tommy and Nick, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Most the people came tonight because of Minnesota being in town. Our issues run much more than just wins and losses. Yes winning helps but we have to be alot beter in every aspect of the program to start building.

Anonymous said...

That is why fans come because of the competition, great it was nice to beat minnesota, und, denver, minnesota state and colorado.
Some day after these seniors are gone, we will thank them and there teamates for improving our program.
MOre wins to come, st. cloud, minnesota state, fairbanks and than minnesota-dulth.
This has been a intersting season.
The game saturday nite, was the most exciting of the year.
These players are playing with a lot of heart.
Winning does not solve the political problems from the past.
The players that came to uaa came to play in the best league in college hockey. Anchorage shoud be proud of there accomplishments this year.
A 7th place finish and a winning the playoff round would be great for the program.

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