Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Freshman Batting Averages

Back on November 19th I made a post regarding the impact of Freshmen in the WCHA. I've used the same method to calculate the latest numbers (number of games played and number of points scored). First, lets take a look at the numbers back then.
1. St. Cloud (.674)
2. Minnesota (.651)
3. UAA (.580)
4. Denver (.470)
5. CC (.354)
6. MSU-M (.346)
7. MTU (.333)
8. UMD (.309)
9. UND (.307)
10. Wisconsin (.277)
Now the latest numbers:
1. St. Cloud (.708)
2. Denver (.560)
3. Minnesota (.539)
4. UAA (.391)
5. CC (.384)
6. MTU (.333)
7. MSU-M (.303)
8. Wisconsin (.300)
9. UND (.239)
10. UMD (.219)
St. Cloud's freshman continue to perform above and beyond the rest of the league with 2 freshmen (Lasch and Nodl) contributing 86 percent to that .708 average. DU's freshman have really picked up the pace since November when they'd scored 32 points in 67 games. Minnesota's freshmen dropped their output a fair amount but not nearly as large as the drop UAA has seen. Wisconsin has improved slightly as has UND. MTU interestingly has an identical freshman batting average while Mankato has dropped a bit. UMD has also dropped off a fair amount. All in all it's sort of interesting. Interpret as you wish.


Runninwiththedogs said...

I'm unsurprised to see our freshmen at the bottom, considering our bench is often shortened in the 3rd period, so those freshmen aren't on the ice much. Hey, sometimes they might only play a few shifts a game. So they're not really playing regular shifts the way some of the rest of these guys are (St. Cloud, UMTC, etc.)

Anonymous said...

5 applicants for the position of head hockey coach. Troy Ward with a wagon full of experience at all levels from the NHL down to Junior including college at DU and wisco and Frank Bretti with almost 10 years of NCAA coaching including UAA for Coach Christiansen. 3 we dont know about also. WOW

Donald said...

There's more than a few exceptions buried in the numbers. I could have counted just forwards or just forwards with a certain number of games. But the original intent was to show any differences between reality and what the so-called recruiting "experts" were saying about who's class was "best".

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