Saturday, January 13, 2007

UAA Wins Season Series 2-1-1

When life gives you lemons make lemonade ... right? I'm glad I didn't make the effort to go somewhere to watch the game tonight since it was over so early. I don't think it necessarily had to be over early but even just listening on the radio I could "see" that UAA just didn't have it (whatever "it" is) in them tonight. It goes that way sometimes and when it does just put the best spin on it and move on. Going 2-1-1 in a 4 game series any year in the WCHA is better than a poke in the eye with a stick ... right?

It sounded like a game that had quite a bit of piss and vinegar. With the (4 game 2 week) road trip over maybe that is a good sign. Part of the purpose of staying over in the lower 48 is to foster team unity. And the piss and vinegar that was apparent tonight seemed to me to stem in part from guys sticking up for each other. This year I've seen a team with a hundred and eighty degree turnaround in attitude from last season. And I think sticking up for one another is perhaps the final piece of the attitude puzzle. Because I just noticed doesn't mean that sort of thing wasn't happening earlier in the season. But to me at least tonight it was clearly in evidence. And a team that believes in and supports each other is the goal of any good coach.

There's not much to cheer about in terms of league points and the standings but the next 8 points are at home (thank god) and as crucial as the last two weekends were; the next two versus MTU and Minnesota will be defining in terms of any final chance to earn a home ice playoff spot.


Suze said...

See ya next weekend Donald. Hopefully we'll see the UAA team that will play consistent and get some desperately needed points at home.

Will said...

It wasn't a good game to listen to so I imagine it was worse watching the game. The guys have some fight in them that is for sure but penatlies, turnovers, breakdowns in the defense cost them the game. Next week at home will be another big series.
It was good to see that Curtis Glencross was called up by the Ducks and then to score a goal his first game. I hope he can stay up with the Ducks.

Jimjamesak said...

I've given up on home ice. We'd need to go on a hell of a run and still need help from other teams to pull it off, especially with Wisconsin and soon NoDak having games in hand on us.

Runninwiththedogs said...

Please, sweep Tech.


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