Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Visit From A Mean Chick

The big excitement in UAA fanland this week (and by "big excitement" I mean "minor difference") is a pending visit from USCHO's little darling. The blogger and USCHO poster named MeanEgirl is coming to Anchorage (on her first ever plane trip) to watch MTU get swept by UAA. I can't rag on her (much) because MEg is much beloved and revered. Not only is she loved by all she returns that love to all.

One of the aspects of posting on USCHO's fan forum is that there certainly is no Title IX compliance. It's almost exclusively guys. There have always been only a few women that post there. Some are jersey chasers. Some are socio-engaged princesses filling their social calendar's. The rest are basically just fans. MEg though encompasses all those facets.

She has long stalked Casey Borer and if you haven't seen the now famous video series documenting her fasciation with that road cone then click here for part 1 and here for part 2. Her antics are fodder for the USCHOers pretty much every weekend. MEg is ultra-nice to the point that it may be approaching "gag me with a spoon" levels though. Lemme 'splain what I mean by that ... um ... there are people in the world that just suck and aren't worthy of any sort of acknowldgement much less actual personal interaction. MEg wouldn't get that. She loves the world and the world loves her. She's the object of fantasies of many a mother's basement dwelling USCHO poster. She's sought out by the famous and infamous. So now you can see that all that niceness can be almost nauseating.

Most people would think the world would be better off if everyone were so inclined. But I have to disagree. The world needs hardcore assholes (like me) or else the rest of you (normal folks) wouldn't really be able to measure your own greatness. MEg doesn't even have a problem with hardcore assholes and the proof will be that she'll likely post something cute and reaffirming in the comments section of this entry.


Runninwiththedogs said...

RWD = antithesis of MEg. In that I am actually mean.

Also, someone came to my blog by searching for "i go internet nhl." SWEET.

LetsGoMavs said...

I think you're sucking up to MEg so she'll stalk you:)

Donald said...

Yeah. Everytime I call a chick nauseatingly nice it results in them stalking me. :rolleyes: :p

Chris said...

In a 100% unrelated post...

I'm finding these stories very curious.



If Simon Fraser (Vancouver and added D-1 Hockey) UBC (Vancouver), University of Alberta, UAF, and UAA could get one more school... that would make a new conference

Mala In Se

And MEg welcome to Anchorage.. wish i were there.

Chris said...

Sorry about that... the stories are about UBC, Simon, and UA trying to join the NCAA.

LetsGoMavs said...

Can't hurt to try...everyone needs a stalker:)

Boosh said...

By "mother's basement dwelling poster" you mean Dirty, right?

Donald said...

Canadian Schools entering the NCAA has been under discussion for some time. There are a couple of threads over at USCHO.

I think the consensus is that Basketball is the driving force. It's really a wait and see situation about how much UBC (and anyone else) are willing to spend to get compliant with all the NCAA's snarky rules to be D1 or D2 or a mix of those.

It'd be great if it happened. A new conference would be tough to get going but it sure would make sense for UAA and UAF to get into it. It's cool to hear that more than UBC are interested.

Maybe it would lead to other western U.S. schools adding hockey. How about UAA, UAF, UBC, Simon Fraser, Alberta, Washington, Oregon, and Stanford for a conference? Does Simon Fraser play hockey in the CIS?

It looks like the whole idea has a year from now to brew up. It'll be interesting to see what happens. Don't expect the NCAA to bend over backwards in any way to help make it happen.

Chris said...

Another Name That is being floated for Hockey is Eastern Washington.

That would be six, and get an auto-bid.

I would be for the jump as long as the NCAA kept the Alaska scheduling exception and we were in a small conference with fewer league games.

We could have wonderful schedules with teams from all over the place.

The BC recruiting grounds sure would get intense.

Donald said...

The schedule exemption is across all sports so it's not going anywhere.

Any six teams would be a good start as long as the programs are all stable.

Conference Name?

North Coast Hockey Conference!!!

MeanEgirl said...


Dirty said...

I don't live in the basement no more!!!

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