Friday, January 12, 2007

A New Dad and Larceny

The temperature difference tonight between Anchorage and Grand Forks is 43 degrees. As I write this it's a balmy 26 here and a brutal -17 in GF. And while a tie isn't anything to warm the hearts of the frigid residents they'll surely be basking in the warmth of a Gopher defeat since thats typically the next best thing in Grand Forks.

Coming back from being behind 3-1 though should give the Seawolves something to gird themselves with against the bitter cold. Merit Waldrop apparently headed back to Anchorage this week for the birth of his son. Then he went back to GF and scored his second goal of the season to tie tonight's game. Very nice. It can be a stressful life with an impending birth and perhaps that was keeping Merit's hands wrapped around the stick too tightly. I was only able to listen to the game on the radio (never a real disappointment though with Kurt's good call) but it sounded to me like Merit had a helluva good game. Goaltending was certainly a big part of the game as both Law and Lam had their share of big saves to keep their teams in the game.

Gotta characterize this one as a point stolen on the road I suppose but it certainly increases the pressure on both teams to come out tomorrow night and fight hard for the other two points available. I'm wondering why GCI didn't have this game on TV or the web. Anyone know? Do we get shut out tomorrow too? If so ... does anyone know if it's possible someplace like the Peanut Farm would be able to get it? I sure would like to see it on TV.


Anonymous said...

I called GCI and they said it was a technical problem with the satellite, something about low signal. Malanise had a link to a web video of the game that was quite good. It comes from the N. D. website. No game tomorrow night on GCI tomorrow night either.

Although a win would have been nice, coming from 2 down to tie gives us momentum for tomorrow.


Chris said...

Yeah, there is a UND video web feed at

not quite as good at UAA's feed...

Mala In Se

Donald said...

The UND video feed is a Microsoft product. Unfortunately in this circumstance Microsoft's complete and utter failure to provide a product to view that sort of content on a Macintosh leaves me out in the cold.

I wonder why Microsoft wouldn't provide a product for Macs? Could it be they're Satan?

I'm calling the Peanut Farm tomorrow. A low satellite signal one day can be a perfectly acceptable signal 24 hours later.

Will said...

Several individuals on the USCHO Forum apparently were able to watch the game including Suze. So maybe they were all watching on the Sioux feed. It would be nice if the Peanut Farm can get the signal and I would be there to watch. One point is better than no points and point totals are getting tight for the bottom half of the league. The guys need a big win and two points tonight. If you find out the Peanut Farm will show the game let us know.

neil said...

I called the Peanut Farm and talked to some ditzy gal there. She said that they could "probably" get it. I am thinking about checking it out. Anybody else thinking about it?

Anonymous said...

GCI is playing UAF hockey on channel #1 but those idiots can't put on some UAA?


Anonymous said...

GCI has UAF on the menu, but it is not on.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen any comments from Coach Shyiak in the paper. Is he upset with the ADN. This is a big game tonight. Great comeback yesterday to get a point. Much needed as some upsets closed the gap in the league standings. Sounded like Lawson played very well.

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