Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Remember The Alamo

171 years ago, 187 Texans got their asses handed to them in San Antonio, Texas by 6,000 Mexicans led by a strutting peacock called Santa Anna. 84 days ago, 20 Seawolves got their asses handed to them in Houghton, Michigan by some Huskies. There's really nothing in common in the two events other than the "asses handed to them" part. I use the reference though because less than 3 months after the ass-kicking at San Antonio; General Sam Houston (with the rallying cry of "Remember The Alamo") turned the tables and got some serious payback by trouncing Santa Anna in a return engagement and winning independence for Texas.

MTU absolutely embarrassed the Seawolves back on October 27th ... 9-0. Here's how I characterized it the evening it happened: I said,

"Tonight the UAA Seawolves got ..
... owned.
... their hats handed to them.
... their lunch eaten.
... pounded.
... trounced.
... atomic-wedgied.
... embarrassed.
... humiliated.
... wholloped.
... thrashed.
... raped.
... pillaged.
... slaughtered."
It was all those things and more. And just like the Texans didn't forget the humiliating slaughter at The Alamo; the UAA Seawolves should use October 27th, 2006 as the same sort of rallying cry this coming weekend. It was the kind of defeat that you hope a team puts out of their minds. Why dwell on that when there's another tough opponent the next weekend. The Seawolves did seem to put the defeat behind them. I'm sure nobody has thought much about that game in the time since it's passed. I know I haven't.

But it's high time to remember it now. There shouldn't be a player on the UAA squad that doesn't think about how badly they got beaten. From goaltender to forward, from A to Z. Everyone needs to put that defeat in their mind and draw upon it as motivation for this weekend. I'd imagine the coaches and players might say they aren't thinking about it if the press asks. Go ahead. Pretend you aren't thinking about it. But damnit ... keep it in mind. Turn it into motivation and use that motivation to create two resounding victories so that everyone forgets October 27th, 2006.

Yeah. Remember The Alamo because I know I'd like to forget it.

4 points is available again this weekend. Get less than 4 points and home-ice is just a dream we had yesterday. I believe the players know the sort of effort that it will take to get that job done. 100% effort for 100% of the two games. Nothing less will do.


Suze said...

Donald, we are planning on getting together with MEg and Dustin at the Peanut Farm tomorrow night before the game.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen a comment from Coach Shyiak in the print for a couple of weeks. Is there fallout between the ADN and the hockey coach. Good luck to the wolves tonight. Is Lawson playing or Oltius.

Donald said...

Is that tomorrow as in Friday? Or Tomorrow as in Saturday. I've been out of town for a couple of days.

Suze said...

Saturday night Donald. See ya tonight. I think I have two tickets for ya for Saturday.

Suze said...

There is no love lost between UAA and the ADN. The paper has made comments that messages to Shyiak have not been returned.

Anonymous said...

What is the problem. You can't have the head coach of the hockey program not talking to the press. It is nice to see Charlie back skating. I hope he can return soon.

Suze said...

Donald, tonight at the Peanut Farm. 4:30. It'll be the only time we get to chat, since your seats were upgraded! ;)

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