Monday, January 29, 2007

Linkages: The Joe Cocker Edition

UAA Athletic Director Steve Cobb is expected to release information on Tuesday regarding the Shyiak "job opening". Why am I writing this late tonight in advance of that announcement? I'm impatient and didn't want some of the things I have to say to be overshadowed by that news.

So let me link to some friends of the UAA program that graciously shared their views about the whole matter. Any regular readers here will already know that I'm enamored with the musings of RunninWiththeDog's UMD blog. Last week I sent emails to several bloggers asking them to "help a brudda out" and RWD was the first to share an opinion (with her usual irreverence). Nicely done "Run". You're officially "The Shit" in my book.

Up the road a bit from Duluth is Dave Shyiak's former stomping ground. New blogger and NMU Student Newspaper editor Kyle Whitney has also got Dave's (and UAA's) back with his views about the situation. I've been reading Kyle's blog from time to time and the kid probably has a future writing about sports when he's done with school. I wish I'd figured out what I wanted to be way back when I thought computers would be a good career. Rock on Kyle. You're "The Shit" too. And let Matt Butcher know that Josh Lunden is doing well would ya?

Lastly, are my heroes at College Hockey News. Adam Wodon has a look at the situation with some exclusive information. Read the whole article. Adam got Troy Ward's comments and reasoning while crafting a comprehensive article that gets to the root of the matter. It is exactly the sort of article (notice I never call anything that I write here an "article"?) that separates CHN from the fluff and hoohaw that USCHO's latest Wisconsin-based WCHA writer (Eric Schmoldt) spewed recently when he inferred/asserted that Troy Ward was a "qualified" applicant. Jess Myers at INCH ought to buy Adam Wodon a couple of beers the next time they come across one another (wanna guess where Jess lives? ... um could it be um ... Wisconsin?). Dropping to his knees while saying "I'm not worthy" wouldn't be a bad idea either. His most recent mention of the matter was "pretty thin" as he too asserted that Ward was "qualified".

Ron at the College Hockey News blog (like me) has a nice pat on the back for his "boss" Adam while wondering if
"making sure Anchorage doesn't erupt into a riot of epic proportions"
is a qualification for the job. Nicely put Ron. I'm not sure yet if you're also "The Shit" but Adam certainly is. No worries though ... you're stock is rising on "The Shit" ladder.

Here are some good excerpts from the only section of USCHO worth reading; the Fan Forum and this thread discussing all this junk.
Dirty -- Cobb better sit by the phone as he'll be getting a call from the Dahlie Llama. Oh wait, it said qualified.

ecbrevik -- I'd think it would be considered something of a professional no-no for another coach to go after Shyiak's job.

AlaskaRox -- I'd take Coach Shyiak over 10,000 Coach Hill's any day of the week!

Puck Swami -- This way, by doing it now, after Cobb's seen what a good coach Shyiak is, it probably makes Shyiak's case for residency stronger.

scsutommyboy -- come on, nobody in their right mind would apply for this job when they know their employer would be pissed as hell at them and the fans would hate him.

Dirty -- If I was a player and some guy came in and "stole" the coaching job from Shyiak, I'd tell him to stick it where the sun don't shine.

UAA Fan in Florida -- UAA IS NOT LOOKING FOR A NEW COACH !!!DO NOT APPLY IF YOU KNOW WHATS GOOD FOR YOU!!! We'll find out where you live, and send mean postcards to you.

dggoddard -- Any serious candidate who applied would be risking getting blackballed in future gigs ...

dude -- Why anybody would apply is beyond me. They should realize that by applying they are going to scorned upon. This would be a pretty lame way to try and land a job. I think the rest of the hockey community would not look kindly on this.

dggoddard -- Wait til UAA does the background check on Ward and calls Mike Eaves...
UAA: What can you tell us about Troy Ward.
Eaves: I fired the guy and we immediately won the National Championship the next season.
UAA: Thank you very much for your time.
aparch -- Who would want to be known as the guy hated by all for taking Shyiak's job? Coach "I got a guy deported?" Mr. "A legal loophole got me this job."

con1977 -- He (Ward) was fired because he was perpetually sniffing around for another job.

dggoddard -- In a profession where, on average, around three jobs open up each year, you don't want to have too many enemies.

Wolfman -- I would just like to say that I hope Coach Shyiak is not forced out of UAA. He has done such a great job for our program, best thing to happen to UAA hockey in a long time. Hang in there Coach, we are all behind you.

Wisconsin Wildcat -- Man, this whole deal sucks. I don't think I can stress how much respect and admiration I had for Shyiak during his days at NMU. I too think it's below the belt to apply for the man's job knowing that he's in a position where it's hard to defend himself.
And what has Doyle Woody had to say about this situation in his blog? Um ... Squat. Too busy planning for the big ADN/Aces weekend I guess. Hooray for the Aces in making a Co-Marketing agreement with the ADN ... good marketing is important to the success of any business. Shame on the ADN for doing so ... is that what "journalism" has come to? Is Doyle's blog becoming a traveshamockery? It's called "Woody on Hockey" ... should be "Woody on Aces" or would that more appropriately be "Aces on Woody"? I used to think he was "The Shit". I'm not too sure anymore.


Anonymous said...

Just in case you hadn't noticed, Woody has been worthless for years now. Always complaining about a program and never trying to help it out. Then when there are positives maybe a peep about it and that is it, he is UAA Hockey Enemy number 1 in the city!!!

Goon said...

the biggest joke at USCHO is the Bracketology they have every week.

dude said...

I've ridden Woody's ass (that doesn't sound good does it?) for years. He is an arogant ass. I really feel like he dislikes UAA hockey and could care a less about the program. I am glad he is covering his "beloved" Aces. At least I can read the UAA game recaps these days and not get pissed because Woody tells us how bad the Wolves are, time and time again.

Donald said...

I think the ADN is just as much to blame. Unfortunately in the internet era Newspapers face a lot of challenges in the making money department.

The comarketing agreement with the Aces is a result of those sorts of pressures. This sort of thing will creep more and more into media until we get back to the point that media is once again just a pawn of business (it was that way in the 50's when TV productions were virtually ALL at the behest/direction of big business).

I used to think Doyle was a fan. But this year I haven't seen him at a single UAA game. The ADN doesn't send anyone on roadtrips anymore which is a pretty shitty thing to do. That's why when they're on the road Hinkleman writes "Coach Shyiak didn't return a phone call". Why the hell should he?

It's ADN's loss IMO. Alternative media (school websites and blogs like this) will pass newspapers by if they don't wake up.

Anonymous said...

very true about the state of the media today, but in Woody's defense i think that he was at at least one game this year. I recall seeing him don't remember when but i want to say it was the Nye Classic.

Anonymous said...

I saw him at a couple of games when I sat in the balcony above the press area. He awas obviously listening to the Aces game on his headset and he was absent for long periods of time throughout the game, probably no different than when he covered the Seawolves full-time.

Anonymous said...

It's over, Shyiak is staying, as it should be.

Kudo's to Doc Cobb.


Donald said...

I'd imagine there'll be some sort of interview or something on KTUU tonight as they've been following the issue pretty closely.

One thing I do know ... if I look for a release on the "main" Seawolf page then their sure to publish on the hockey page. If I look for a release on the hockey page then they'll publish it on the main page. LOL.

Anyway good to see it called closed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Don, yep, had to dig for that one, lol.

We'll be watching. Glad this came out before the weekend, now they can get down to business with no fog. Will be good to see Charlie back also. See ya soon.

Gator G

Anonymous said...

It's so great that Shyiak is staying. Hoepfully he is with us for years to come!

Chris said...

It isnt really over.

If you read the release Shyiak is continuing to work on his temp permit.

In other words the University thinks someone who applied is qualified for the job.

If I remember correctly Shyiak has one year left on his permit. Then we get to do this again.

Runninwiththedogs said...

I rule.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

chris, Coach Shyiak is on his temp permit WHILE HE IS AWAITING HIS PERMANENT RESIDENCY. UAA is on top of this one.

444 said...

What I don't get is why anybody would want to cover minor league over college hockey. I could see the NHL but the Ace's come on get a clue, especially since the Wolves are playing quality hockey this year.

Anonymous said...

hey where is the recruit update??? You promised!!!

Jimjamesak said...

I get no love for my "Crazier than Tyler Hirsch after drinking 100 Red Bulls" comment?

BTW, updated my blog if wanna a laugh.

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